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Why Should You Consider Hair Integration Systems?

Hair integration system is an effective hair replacement solution for people for are suffering from hair thinning or patchy hair loss. It allows them to retain their natural hair while adding lost volume to the hair. This form of hair restoration system is quite popular, primarily because the results are almost immediate.


What Is A Hair Integration System?

A hair integration system is a non-surgical procedure in which your existing hair is blended with real hair and attached to a custom unit. The unit is designed using an ultra-fine, soft mesh that complements your hair in the most natural way. It is an excellent option for people who don't have to go through hair transplant surgery and not a big fan of wearing wigs.

The integration is formed by sewing strand of your natural hair or synthetic hair into a sheer polyester or nylon honeycomb cap. Afterward, your natural hair is passed through the net system to blend in with incorporated hair, resulting in an even-looking hairstyle. The hair integration methods provided added length, volume, and body to your hair.

Hair integration system is specially designed for women who are suffering from thinning hair or experiencing partial hair loss and wish to enhance their overall appearance. They have become quite a solution for people who want to find an effective solution for patchy or thinning hair.

They can add hair in your crown area, adding necessary volume on top of the head while using your existing hair to its optimum potential.

Benefits of Choosing Hair Integration Systems

Below are some of the excellent benefits of choosing hair integration systems:

It Blends into your Existing Hair

Apart from certain patch spots here and there, if you have a lot of hair on your head, then hair integration is the ideal choice for you. A notable thing about this procedure is that it takes full advantage of your existing hair. Rather than cutting or covering your hair, hair integration blends the required hair for patchy sides into your natural hair, amping up the volume.

You Don't have to Wear a Full Coverage Piece

While there is a need for a custom-made unit, it is less cumbersome as compared to full-coverage hairpieces. It makes it a lot easier to maintain. A majority of the time, you will not even notice that you have something on once you get used to the piece.

You Receive Quick Coverage Almost Immediately

There many hair loss solutions that need you to wait weeks and even months before you can see the results kick in. However, with hair integration, you do not have to wait at all to see the results. Once it is placed on your hair, you can enjoy your full head of hair right away.

How to Choose the Right Material for your Hair Integration System?

Typically you will not get the right hair material that suits your hair in advance, and you will have to put in some work. Below are specific tips that will help you with the same -

Identify Your Hair Loss

Before you begin looking for the hair material, determine the kind of hair loss you are experiencing. If you have losing hair in a diffused pattern, then you are at the beginning stage of hair loss. At this stage, you can opt for a smaller base or iterable base. If you are suffering from a progressive hair loss, then you will need a medium to a large base. At an advanced stage, hair loss is the most noticeable. If you have reached this stage, then you would need the most extensive base you could find.

The Right Base Type

Locate the area of the hair loss, as it will help in determining the type of base you should obtain. For instance, if your hair is thinning at the part, then a long and skinny base if your ideal option. On the other hand, if the thinning is at the crown, then you need a wider base.

Hair Type, Length and Color

There are synthetic, human, and heat friendly hair options available for you to choose based on your preference and budget. The length of the hair will be decided based on the look that you are trying to create with the integration. And as for the colour, the hairpiece you choose should complement your existing hair as consistently as possible.

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