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Learn Microsoft Azure from Mumbai and Enjoy the Cloud Career

Microsoft Azure which was formerly known as Windows Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. It has been delivering number of cloud services which includes compute, analytics, storage & networking. Pursue a career oriented course in cloud technology from the best Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Mumbai.

Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

Azure at its core is a public cloud computing platform—with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.

Usage of Microsoft Azure:

It provides simple and reliable data storage on huge scale. It has the ability to scale on demand.Hence, Microsoft guarantees the best in terms of safety for all operations and data on the Azure Cloud. Applications that run easily, unaffectedly and scale from 10 to 10 million users can be created without any additional coding by using Azure.

The main benefits of Microsoft Azure:


Microsoft Azure certification increases candidate’s chances of getting hired by employers as it is considered as a significant skill in the job market. Build a career which is creating optimum amount of job opportunities and dominating the world of cloud technology by joining the best Microsoft azure classroom training in Mumbai.

The opportunities for Microsoft Azure certified aspirants have enormously multiplied in recent years, owing to the growing demand:

  1. As per reports from Microsoft, over 1,000 new customers sign up to Azure daily. That’s 365,000 new companies adopting MS Azure every year.
  2. MS Azure is being used by over 57% of Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Through Azure, Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue has increased by 104%, with an annual run rate of $6.3 billion in revenue.
  4. Microsoft Azure has received official accreditation from the UK government.
  5. There is even a Microsoft Azure Government offering, backed by the US Government.

The major 6 reasons to get a Microsoft Azure certification are as follows:


Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help an organization meet the business challenges. It is the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using favorite tools and frameworks.

The 10 industry segment where Microsoft Azure platform is used and Azure certifiers get placement:


The 10 most renowned companies who are using Microsoft Azure cloud platform and also hiring Azure certifiers are as follows:


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This summer training in Noida for MTA is a technical path that shapes your career in the way everyone wants.

Getting training from real-life companies is always an ideal option rather than getting training from any academic institute. Because of the reason that in real life companies you will get the right and the needed exposure that is required to work in the co-operate world.

Acquire skills that you want on the time that is the best fit for you!!!

With Microsoft learning, you can learn what you want. Get this opportunity now and reach your certification goals. It is your turn to decide what you want to learn, how and when you want to learn the things.

Summer training Noida for MTA is available in stages named fundamental, associate and expert. So you can learn as per your knowledge.

Decide the skill you want to learn

First of all, you have to decide the skills that you want to learn. Do you want to become an administrator or do you want to become a functional consultant, you can get the course according to the skill set you want to have. Not just that, you also have the option to pinpoint the resources that you want to have in your specific course to enhance your skillset. You can learn with your own pace and convenience as per your schedule.

Pick the one from an expensive range of learning paths

MTA courses offer an extensive range of learning paths. No matter whether you are at entry-level to a skill or whether you want to extend the skill set you already have, you will always get the right learning path for you with Microsoft technology associate. Even if there is any gap in your skills and you want to refresh your skills then MTA is again the right learning path for you.


Learn the way you want

You can learn as per your speed, Microsoft know that everyone has different speed of learning and everyone has different requirements when it comes to learning. Learn the way you want, listen to the same lecture the times you want, choose the schedule that is convenient for you and just gets ready to enhance your skillset.

Some of the silent features of MTA summer training in Noida!!!

Summer training in India is an organized and well-structured set of skills that anyone needs to boost their career in IT. The course makes students ready for the industrial standard.

· Get 3 to 4 hours of training each day.

· The course duration is just 2 to 3 weeks. It means you can have a great IT career by spending just 2 to 3 weeks of yours.

· The content of the course meets the standard of the industry. It also includes the practical sessions which make you learn a lot.

· Multiple courses are there to choose from.


You have to pay a little registration fee to book your seat. At last, it is time to choose the path that takes you to higher success. Skill up you with your time and your pace and complete all your dreams to get success in life.  

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