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Paid Advertisements : How To Generate Sales In Business

Increasing traffic and sales with subsequent methods are one of the main goals of promoting any site. Many large and small enterprises are using different techniques along with google penalty removal services plans for presenting their brand on top of SERPs. One of the most effective is known as Paid Advertisements, Pay-Per-Click advertising, or paid advertising.


Increasing traffic and sales with subsequent methods are one of the main goals of promoting any site. Many large and small enterprises are using different techniques along with google penalty removal services plans for presenting their brand on top of SERPs. One of the most effective is known as Paid Advertisements, Pay-Per-Click advertising, or paid advertising.

The advertising model of PPC is used for increasing the popularity of any business. Businessmen place paid advertisements of their products and services on another web source or special site intended for this. When a particular internet user clicks on that ad payment has to be provided for this to site owner.

PPC promotion is deservedly considered the fastest and easiest way to increase sales, which further affects the site ranking process. The advertiser pays for the link, so the conversion rate is more dependent on the quality of internal optimization. According to Search Engine Land, 75% of people say that search ads make it easier to find the information.

However, let's have a look at the following ways on how paid advertisements are used to generate sales:

Table of Content for paid advertisements:

  • Focus On Relevant Keywords
  • Write Content According to PPC
  • Optimize Lead Generation Form
  • Offer Discount Coupons to Visitors
  • Keep Tracking your Conversions

Focus On Relevant Keywords

When users search the information on Internet, they type words to find what they actually looking for. In return, search engines show data that is relevant to those specific words. These keywords play an important role while creating your ads. It is necessary to identify the best one for your business.

With the availability of a number of keyword research tools, a business owner can bid on right keyword. This is to attract the best quality leads. In addition, working on the relevant long-tail keywords for your PPC campaigns will give a positive result. Also, eliminating the negative keywords will help

A well-organized PPC campaign includes keywords like brand keywords, commercial keywords, broader, low-intent keywords, LSI keywords, plus competitive keywords. Along with this, keyword research should be relevant, popular and frequently searched terms in your niche. In order to refine and expand your campaigns, you definitely need an environment in which your keyword list is constantly growing and adapting.

Write Content According to PPC

High quality and relevant content is a long-term strategy in order to improve the quality of the landing page and boost search engine ranking. When users click or respond to your PPC ads, it means they want more information about your product or service.

They expect that after clicking on your ad, they will receive the answers to all their questions. Therefore, it is necessary to add more relevant and qualitative information about your product in detail. In addition, make sure your ad focused on a certain keyword or topic and contain all information including descriptions, specifications, features, and other essential detail.

While creating content for that particular product or service, make sure it is informative, engaging, interesting and expressive. Google Ads and Facebook Insights will help you to derive greater insights and obtain greater brand exposure. Posting detailed and informative content on such platforms could hypothetically make your brand appear more authoritative as well, or larger than life.

Optimize Lead Generation Form

The lead generation or contact us form is created for collecting important information about a web page visitor and convert them into valuable leads. Therefore, it is a primary focus to design such forms on your landing pages in order to approach your existing customers. With this detailed contact information, you can send notifications about your latest products and services to your customers. In addition, making your forms page more attractive with decorative detail or feature will create distractions for site visitors. For example, add a Captcha field to make your form more appealing.

Offer Discount Coupons to Visitors

After signing up on your lead generation form, you should reward your customers or offer some discount coupons on their first purchase. With the availability of lost of rewards and special offers, you can give something useful or relevant to your customers in the form of discount coupons or gifts.

Such well-designed giveaways give your visitors more pleasure and entice them to your brand in order to know about its other products and services. Placing your offers on prominent locations with customized graphics and text near your lead generation form will enable the visitors to click on the Call-to-Action button.

Organizing various seasonal sales, offering some discounts on actual price, free trial, free shipping, or contests on popular social media platforms will keep the customers engage towards your brand. Therefore, use these methods strategically and super-charge your PPC campaign by helping brands stands out against large competitors.

Keep Tracking your Conversions

This is a more powerful metrics when it comes to increasing business sales through PPC. So, keep tracking your conversions rates through conversion tools that are offered by different providers. Major PPC networks like Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising also have conversion tools that can effectively track your lead generation efforts. Tracking your conversion will give you a clear picture of your lead generation campaign and help to take your business on top of SERPs.

Wrapping Up!

As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of pay-per-click advertising is that it attracts those people who are looking for exactly what you offer. Therefore, it is highly likely that your product will be bought.

Setting up a PPC campaign is just the first step. It is important to remember that SEO Company in Australia plays an important role in lead generation through paid advertisements.

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Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle, One of the best SEO company in Australia providing SEO services.

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Website security is a priority, be it a profitable e-commerce site or a non-profit website of an organization. Cyber-criminals are roaming everywhere, waiting for an opportunity to grab sensitive data from websites for fulfilling their desires.

It doesn't matter whether the site they hack, is profitable or non-profitable; what matters to these fraudsters is that they can make gains by hacking any site.

Though charitable organizations with non-profit websites sell products and services for a good cause, these sites do include donation pages, social media links, financial transactions, etc. in their webpages, which are exposed to risk by hackers.

Hence this information must be in a coded form (encrypted form) for securing customer and financial data on these websites.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) being a security protocol used for securing the information on the internet by using encryption technology. SSL certificate is an extra level of protection mainly used for securing websites.

SSL certificate, when installed on a website, encrypts all the sensitive data like card information, bank account number, and social security numbers, etc. which is communicated between servers and browsers.

Hackers find it challenging to penetrate encrypted (coded) information, and hence they abandon sites having SSL certificates.

How to get Free SSL Certificate?

Many companies must be unaware of server security coming free of cost. Many non-profit Certificate Authorities provide free SSL certificates for securing business.

Free SSL Certificate helps non-profit organizations secure their websites for free, by providing SSL certificates free of cost.

If your business is registered as a non-profit organization, you can apply for free SSL to these Certificate Authorities for your server security.

They will verify your organization details and other criteria before issuing free SSL for your non-profit website.

What is HTTPS?

In today's digital era, HTTPS is a symbol of trust, authenticity, and security.

HTTPS and SSL certificate are intertwined with each other because, when an SSL certificate is installed on a website, its URL changes from "http://" to https:// i.e., from a non-secured website to a secured one.

 A green padlock also appears in the address bar. In short, HTTPS gives your customers a secure encrypted network.


 Chrome browser has started labelling all "http" sites as non-secure, and Google has started rating "https" sites higher in SEO rankings.

Your non-profit website will have a SERP boost when SSL is installed on each page of your site.

How does SSL work?

When a browser connects itself to an SSL secured website, it first checks the authenticity of the SSL certificate. Hence it communicates with the web server by sending a message. In return, the server sends a digital acknowledgement for the same.

Now all the data transmitted between the browser and server will be in an encrypted format, and hence will be safe from prying eyes.


 The SSL process works as follows:

• A browser tries to connect to a website (i.e. a web server) protected with SSL. The browser asks a web server to recognize itself.

• The web server transmits its SSL certificate copy to the browser.

• The browser assures whether SSL certificate is authenticated or not. If so, it sends back a message to the webserver.

• The web server sends a digitally signed acceptance and asks for an encrypted session.

• Now, encrypted data is shared between the browser and the webserver.

How to know if a website is secure or not?

When a website shows the trust signals which are visible on the installation of SSL certificate, i.e., Https in URL and green padlock in the address bar, it is a proof that the site is a secured one.

Even Chrome browser shows "Not Secure" in the URL with a red triangle on HTTP sites.

It's a warning that this site is not secured, so don't trust sites starting with HTTP, because they can be very easily compromised, and cyber thieves can steal your confidential data.

Is SSL Really Important?

Before we come to an answer, let's check the importance of an SSL certificate from the owner as well as the customer's point of view.

For Business Owner:

• Do you want your site to be hacked?

• Do you wish for financial damages by web fraudsters?

• Do you wish your customer data is stolen?

• Do you wish your business to end before it starts?

For Customer who visits your site:

• Do you wish to enter your sensitive information on non-secured sites?

• Do you wish your information is misused by hackers?

In both cases, the answer to all questions is a big NO. Hence, it's proven that SSL security is essential for your website. 

You will miss out on network traffic and SEO rankings if your site does not have an SSL certificate.

Keep your website safe from cyber thieves by installing SSL security.

How to secure your website?

Installation of free SSL for your website is easy, but the hosting provider of your non-profit website must offer free SSL certificates. 

Many WordPress hosting companies (BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGround, etc.) provide free SSL along with hosting plans. 

Many WP plugins like SSL Zen or Auto-Install Free SSL are also available which can be installed and activated on your site. 

However, if you are a non-technical person, then it is better to contact customer support of your SSL provider. On the contrary, you can continue with self-installation of SSL certificate.

Why should you care about SSL Certificates?

• Your non-profit website needs to be a verified identity for donors to trust your site with donations or for customers who purchase your site products. Hence identity verification of the website is essential, which is fulfilled by the installation of SSL.

• The first step for issuance of an SSL certificate involves verification of the website. The verification process is conducted by CA, who checks the legitimacy of the site and organization, including employees before issuing the SSL certificate.

• SSL protects all the information transmitted between the website and browser with robust 256-bit encryption. This encrypted data can be decrypted only by the receiver leaving alone the hackers.

• It's a myth if trustees of your non-profit organization feel that SSL is essential only if monetary transactions take place. The reason is that all the best browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. have started labelling all "Http" sites as not secure. To prevent this warning from being displayed on the address bar, and to save your online image from being damaged by this warning, SSL security is a must.

• Many times, fake users trap customers by making identical fake sites and tricking them for their money. This is called phishing, and SSL security is a kick to such phishing scams since it involves a verification process. So, users are aware that SSL secured sites are genuine ones that can be trusted with financial dealings.

• Further, SSL is compulsory as per PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance if you are accepting online finances for donations or other online purchases.

• Since trust and SSL security go hand in hand, your non-profit website is expected to have more visitors, more traffic, and more finances for a noble cause, than your competitors.

• Even Google has declared that HTTPS sites will have a better ranking in SEO than HTTP sites. The motto is to encrypt the whole web and provide a secure web environment for all customers. So, go for HTTPS for your non-profit website, and keep it on the top of SEO ranks for better visibility and better traffic.

Wrapping Up:

Though anti-virus software and firewalls protect your site against fraudsters, an SSL certificate is another secure layer of encryption security. 

It not only protects your non-profit website but also attracts visitors and network traffic by displaying reliability and authenticity.


Whether you are in the midst of starting a new business or working towards improving someone else’s, SEO can be difficult to navigate. This is why we took some of the most effective and valuable techniques to date and summarized them into one article. Here are some simple tips for improving your on-site and off-site SEO to increase your website conversions.

1.Content is King

Without relevant & quality content, your website will never rank on the first page of Google. Google’s #1 priority is to provide the best contextual information to its users - in order to compete with millions of other websites, your content must be exceptional. Your writing team must know how to curate content so that Google bots and potential customers alike will find it beneficial and relevant to your audience’s search queries. Having an outstanding vocabulary, paired with creative diction is a must when it comes to copy. Quality content paired with advanced SEO techniques, assures that your rankings will improve substantially.

2. Loading Speed Matters

The average attention span of an adult is roughly 8 seconds. If those 8 seconds are spent staring at a blank page, chances are that your potential customers are going to return back their search results, giving you a very high bounce rate. To work around this issue, ensure that your web pages load quickly, while still maintaining the highest quality of images and features. There are many tools you can utilize to optimize your images to lower their file sizes.

3. White Hat SEO is the Only Option

When you use an SEO Toronto company that focuses more on Google’s algorithms than your user’s experience, your ranking and conversion rate may suffer. Google will always reward businesses that use legitimate ways of being known. Having an authentic website that reflects your business will give you the best results.

4. Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets appear at the top of the SERPs, so being featured increases your exposure, and drives more traffic to your site. By searching Google Search Console for rankings containing queries, you can pick out the top keywords with the highest volume of traffic that are relevant to your content. Optimize your page by providing a detailed but concise answer to the relevant query, and add any additional information to the page that the reader would find helpful. These changes will increase your chances of snatching that coveted Featured Snippet spot.

5. Utilizing Analytics

To find out the pages that are converting on your website, look into the vast amount of data provided by Google Analytics. This is where you can determine the keywords that are driving traffic using Search Console. Also, paid campaigns will reveal your top-converting keywords. Focus on the successful keywords and pages, as they will prove the efficacy of your SEO.

There are several ways to prove the value of investing in quality SEO, the sooner you start investing the better!

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