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Take a #10yearchallenge to yourself

Now, these days, a very popular tag line is taking a #10yearchallenge. It is very popular as much Mr. modi. you can also say that it is viral in election day in India.

In India, 2019 comes with lots of things like Kumbh Mela-2019, Elections, etc. In 2019, our main focus on "Kumbh Mela" noooo. 

Our main focus on  Elections, mr. modi will be again PM of India?

Oops sorry, I take another point. As my topic, #10yearchallenge. Are we really ready for taking it, a 10-year challenge to own self . 

In my opinion, no we are not ready because lots of things we forget and we lost what was happening in last 10years.

I Just wanted to tell you only one thing take a #10yearchallenge in yourself. I will tell you what things we forget and lost in the last 10 years.

It is my first blog @vigyaa.Hope it will not give you #10yearchallenge 😅.

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Digital transformation has been a major discussion topic this due to several reasons. It is integral for the success of businesses and also for their daily tasks and functioning. Companies from all over the world are expected to spend about $1.7 trillion on digital advancements this year, which will be about 42 percent more than the amount spent in 2017.

At least 40 percent businesses are expected to have digital leadership teams by the end of this year, as opposed to one-man unit of digital transformation. However, shifting to this culture of digital transformation isn’t as easy as it seems. Companies of all types and sizes, including supply chain, financial services, retail, energy etc., struggle to succeed in digital initiatives and take a lot of financial risks during the process. Even then some companies fail in their digital transformation efforts which they can improve by sharing their lessons learned in life.

So now the question is, how can you or your company create the right conditions for succeeding in digital transformation initiatives? The answer is given below.

Here are a few tips you can follow to make you digital transformation efforts work:

• Building a team

Digital transformation requires team work and cannot be done by a person on his own. Brainstorming, drafting a plan, improvising it, implementing it in the right way, there are many things that need to be done to make your company succeed in digital transformation. It’s also going to make your company more cost-effective and agile.

To succeed in digital transformation, you have to bring innovation in your company’s culture, because without innovation, digital transformation initiatives are most likely to fail.

Shifting your employees’ mindset is important in this case and requires stakeholders’ engagement across multiple departments. By doing so, strategic planning process is carried out in a better way. The business leaders and stakeholders should work together to generate ideas of digital change and they should ensure that company’s values are in line with the outcomes of the finalized idea. They should also make sure that all the potential risks are mitigated and the cost to be incurred is minimized.

An important step of digital transformation process is listing down the objectives for main stakeholders and gaining buy-in via third party validation. By taking multiple opinions, you will have a better understanding of what you’re about to do and it will increase the chances of digital transformation success for your company.

• Make sure all your technical components are ready

When you’re shifting your company’s culture and your employees’ mindset, it is important to get your technological systems ready. You have make your technological systems less complex to prepare them for chance. To optimize the digital transformation that you’re about to bring in your company, it is important to establish a proper network of business leaders who work together on digital transformation initiatives. You also have to work on improving operational efficiency and eliminating manual customization work. For most of the companies, reducing technical complexities is one of those tasks that aren’t as easy as they look.

Moreover, to improve operational efficiency you have to make many alterations in your company. These alterations may include retaining the employees who fit in, salvaging the values that remain relevant, and all other structural or operational changes are necessary to improve your company’s efficiency. By doing so, you’ll reduce maintenance costs and the overall budget for digital innovation. It is basically your company’s ability to adapt to the continuous digital transformation that will decide if your company is ready to become a market leader and succeed digitally.

• Digital Innovations require thorough planning

To bring digital innovations in any type of company culture, it is important to map out a plan. Digital change may not seem much important, but in today’s time where companies have become increasingly competitive, digital innovations have become an essential part of standing out and staying ahead.

Once you’ve decided to bring digital change in your company, the very step is drafting ideas. When your idea is finalized, the next and most important step is initial strategic planning. If you go wrong here, you’ve already failed. So you need to carefully list down your company’s values and goals and then build a proper strategy which is in line with your company’s values. Once that is done, you can start working on reducing technical complexities and implementation of the plan.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of succeeding in digital transformation efforts and become an industry leader.

Dreams Through Time will take you to the future and to the past. Spend time in twenty seventy-seven New Orleans and eleven ninety-two Hungary. This story is an exciting adventure with sexy vampires, medieval feasts, flying cars, teleportation and best of all time portals that give two lovers separated by time the chance to meet. Here's what it's about:

For months Ariana Chauvenski has been dealing with strange, realistic dreams of a vampire she believes is her true life mate, Lord Bryce of Aragon, who exists in a time a thousand years removed from her own, twenty seventy-seven. While the dreams are deliciously intimate and sweet, they've left her bereft and exhausted. She's desperate to understand these nightly dreams and shares her problem with a girlfriend who Googles Lord Bryce of Aragon and discovers a Hungarian Lord with that name lived over a thousand years ago. Ariana is shocked when she finds out Bryce was born in the very year he claimed in one of her dreams. She contacts one of his decedents and learns he owns an ancient castle in the Carpathian mountains where she knows Bryce once lived. It operates now as a bed and breakfast. Ariana makes immediate plans to travel there, hoping she can find answers to her troubling dreams.

Once Ariana arrives at the Aragon castle deep in the Carpathian mountains, she hunts for clues and finds a portrait of the man of her dreams along with a headboard that has a beautiful waterfall carved into it. Ariana thinks the headboard must have belonged to Bryce because in every one of Ariana's dreams, she meets Bryce at a pristine waterfall in a forest. Could Bryce have had dreams of her too?

Ariana believes the waterfall is near the castle and goes to hunt for it, but she finds far more than she bargained for when she goes spelunking in a cave behind the fall. Within the cave is a time portal that takes her back to the year eleven ninety-two. There she meets her dream lover, Bryce, along with a feral vampire who attempts to kidnap her, but Bryce thwarts him. When Ariana realizes her savior is Bryce, she believes her prayers to find her life mate have been answered. Then reality sets in. Can she remain with Bryce in his time or will she wake up one day back in her own? She knows she and Bryce are destined to be life mates and Bryce knows this too. Both fear losing each other and to make matters worse the feral vampire who tried to abduct her is terrorizing Bryce's people and wants Ariana for his life mate. Bryce, who is a feral hunter, appointed by the Empirical Vampire Tribunal, searches for the feral relentlessly and one night uses Ariana to bait him. Ariana, Bryce and his men chase the feral vampire into the cave behind the fall. Bryce and Ariana pass through the time portal and land in the year twenty seventy-seven. What they don't know is if the feral vampire went through the time portal as well, but Bryce is determined to find him, be it in Ariana's time or his own.

They also face the plaguing question: where in time will they live together? Ariana grieves over the prospect of never seeing her family again and Bryce fears he'll never find a place in a world with flying cars, holographic computers and teleportation devices. Can there be a happily ever after for Ariana and Bryce or will time or perhaps a feral vampire end up separating them forever?

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