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Take a #10yearchallenge to yourself

Now, these days, a very popular tag line is taking a #10yearchallenge. It is very popular as much Mr. modi. you can also say that it is viral in election day in India.

In India, 2019 comes with lots of things like Kumbh Mela-2019, Elections, etc. In 2019, our main focus on "Kumbh Mela" noooo. 

Our main focus on  Elections, mr. modi will be again PM of India?

Oops sorry, I take another point. As my topic, #10yearchallenge. Are we really ready for taking it, a 10-year challenge to own self . 

In my opinion, no we are not ready because lots of things we forget and we lost what was happening in last 10years.

I Just wanted to tell you only one thing take a #10yearchallenge in yourself. I will tell you what things we forget and lost in the last 10 years.

It is my first blog @vigyaa.Hope it will not give you #10yearchallenge 😅.

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It was only recently we moved to a place called ‘Madippakkam’ in Chennai. It was on a Sunday I met him first time. On that day morning, my mom was cleaning fish in the back yard. I also joined for a pep talk. Then we heard a sound


On turning back, we saw a cat. It was a beautiful cat; but was very thin. It was limping. It might have fought with some other tom cats and got injured. It started eating the remains of the fish. My mom shooed it off and it ran away. Once the cat is gone, the crows started disturbing my mom.

Poor cat was sitting a little far and was looking at my mother with hope. It couldn’t control its hunger and It came back again to my mom. My mother was trying scare if off; it but I felt little sympathy.

I said to my mother “What’s the problem if the cat eat the remains of fish? Anyway, it is not useful for anybody. Let it eat“.

“If you start feeding it, it never leaves the house” my mom said.

But, she obliged and allowed the cat. The cat ate all the remains of the fish happily.

Cats were my weakness since childhood. I like their straight forward attitude. They are not like dogs. Cats will never show their bravery in front of their masters. Dogs will show their cowardliness, if their master is not around. If their masters are around, the dog becomes very brave. But cats are not like that. They are cool headed. But when the situation demanded, I have seen cat fighting with four dogs all alone.

After my lunch, when I stepped outside, I saw it sleeping peacefully behind the washing stone. It seemed it had a good meal after so many days. When it saw me, it got up to run away. Maybe, it felt that, I am not dangerous, it just looked at me for a while and then it laid back there again.

I went and patted on its back. It got up and brushed its tail on my legs to show its gratitude and love. Then I got a call from the man who was the earlier tenant the house before me. I took the call. He called for discussing about the land line connection in the house.

Before ending our conversation, he said one more thing.

“There is a cat around. It was living in the house. Not inside the house, but inside the motor shed. If it comes, please give something to it. My son liked it a lot. We left it in the old house because we were moving to a flat in Delhi. Else, we would have taken it along.”

‘So, that is why this cat is hanging around this house’ I thought. For the cat, this house belongs to it. Before I hung up, I asked

“What’s its name?”

“Its real name is Garfield, but my son call it as “Chakku” he said.

And thus, Chakku became a member in our family. Initially, my mother didn’t like him. She was under the impression that, it will steal food and may put its head in utensils. But he never did anything like that. He will eat only whatever we give to it. Chakku never went other houses in the neighbourhood.

Even when we went for a week’s vacation to our native place, he never went to other houses. It will catch rats or weeds within our compound and stay in the motor shed. If Chakku cannot find rats or weeds in our compound, he will go to the big open ground which is opposite to our house and hunt for weeds and rats.

When we come back after the vacation, he will tell a lot of complaints. And then, he will show a lot of affection to us, so that we will not leave him behind next time; but we did.

Normally, tom cats will not stay in a house for ever. But Chakku was different. When he realized that, we also like him, he started showing some authority in the house. Then onwards, whenever my mother cleans the fish, if any crows come around, Chakku will scold the crows in his own language. He will make a special sound when the crows come nearby. He will show his teethe in a rage.

He will rest, only after the crows are left. If we go outside to the compound during night, he will be there with us as body guard until we are back inside our house.

One day Chakku was attacked by another big tom cat. He was limping for the whole week and it was my mother who was applying ointment on its injured leg. The change in my mother’s attitude towards Chakku was a surprise for me.

I got married around at that time. During the week of my marriage, Chakku never came out of the motor shed. Maybe because it noticed too many people in my house; he just refused to come out. During that week, my mom was giving food to Chakku in the motor shed.

After my marriage, I and my wife left for our one week long honeymoon. When we came back, Chakku was not in house.

When I enquired, my mom said,

“Maybe because, it couldn’t see you around; it is not coming home for the last one week. And of course, being a tom cat, I am not expecting it to stay in a single house for long”.

I couldn’t accept that. ‘Something happened to Chakku?’ I wondered. Next day morning, when I was brushing my teeth, I saw that, Chakku was coming by jumping our compound wall. And just behind him, there is another pussy cat.

The other cat was not as beautiful as that of Chakku; and it was grey in color. When it saw me, it tried to run away. Chakku tried to pacify it in its own language. And at last, it came near to me.

I called my mom

“Mom, see this, Chakku has brought another cat.”

Mom came and looked. Then she started laughing aloud.

I asked my mom “why are you laughing so much?”

Mom said “your cat is just like you. You got married and brought your wife to your home. And like that, he also brought its pair to home.”

I too burst into laughter.

“Now, it will start breeding here. Let me scare it away” even before I can stop, my mom sprinkled water on the cat.

That pussy cat ran away. For next two days, Chakku didn’t come home. Third day he came again with the pussy cat. This time, I didn’t allow my mother to scare them away. Later my mom also obliged. Chakku started living with the other cat in the same motor shed. We found a name for the new comer, “Chinnu”.

My wife doesn’t like cats. In fact she was scared of them. Chinnu was a little aggressive cat. One day she caught a small squirrel and ate it. After seeing that, my wife started hating Chinnu.

After few more months, we got a new member in our family, our son ‘Aakarsh’. Aakarsh was also fond cats, just like me. ‘It is in the genes’ I thought. Aakarsh became friendly with Chakku in his early days itself. Whenever Chakku comes near to Aakarsh, he will smile at it.

During those days, Chinnu also delivered – two kittens. After Chinnu delivered, she didn’t allow Chakku to come near to it for two months. Later they reunited. One day when I was standing near the gate, Chakku came near the gate chasing a rat. The rat escaped through a narrow gap below the gate. But, Chakku couldn’t go through the same gap. I opened the gate for Chakku. Exactly at that time, one bike came from nowhere, and it ran over Chakku. Chakku died on the spot.

I was very sad for two days. Aaakarsh was also searching for Chakku in all the places he knew. My mom consoled Aaakarsh.

A week after Chakku’s death, one stray dog jumped over our compound wall in night, and attacked the kittens. Dog killed one of the kittens and the other escaped somehow. Maybe, unable to bear the departure of Chakku and her kitten, Chinnu started drifting away from us. Later it stopped coming to our house. But the kitten didn’t leave us. We named it ‘Kini’.

Kini was very beautiful. She was golden yellow in color. Aakarsh liked it a lot. Kini also liked Aakarsh. Both were growing up fast. My son started walking soon and then started running. Kini was following him like a shadow.

Aakarsh will harm Kini sometimes. He was not aware that, it was painful for Kini. He will pull Kini’s tail some times. But Kini won’t do anything to Aaakarsh. When his disturbance becomes unbearable, Kini will scold him in its language.

In one of those days, Aaakarsh fell down and injured his leg. I brought Aakarsh inside house. Hearing Aaakarsh’s crying, Kini became very restless and it was running around the house. It was relieved only after Aakarsh stopped crying and went out again.

Another day, Kini caught a very big rat. Being proud of its achievement, it brought that half dead rat near to me. Then as if saying “See, I caught this one”, it brushed its tail on my leg. Then it took the rat and put in front of my mom and brushed its tail on mom’s leg. Like that, after showing everybody in the home, Kini ate that rat.

The days when we bought fish, it is festival for Kini. After eating all the remains of the fish, with full stomach, it will lay on the washing stone; happily. Just see that happiness, I used to buy fish.

The day after Diwali, I got up on hearing Kini’s continuous ‘Meow’ sound. It was crying aloud without stopping, looking under the steps which leads from kitchen to back yard. Initially, I thought that it may be a rat. But Kini likes catching and eating rats. I was curious. I took torch and show it under the steps and we found a viper under the steps. We somehow caught it and handed over to the zoo. And Kini became our favourite.

After few months, my wife got a job in a faraway place. As the distance was too long, it was taking too much time for her for the travel. Just for travelling, it took four hours a day. Even Aakarsh started missing his mother. As the company was good one, my wife was reluctant to resign from the job.

Then we decided to move near to her office. We tried a few independent houses for rent. But, only flats were available near to my wife’s work place. At last we decided to move to a flat. But then there is new problem. We cannot take Kini to the flat. They normally don’t allow pets in flats. It was difficult to move without Kini.

My mom said “why are you worrying so much? The cat came to our house on its own. So, it will go somewhere else, once we leave”..

I was still uncomfortable. The day, on which we were moving, we packed everything and were ready. Kini was very restless after seeing the fuss of packing. It might have thought that for the next three to four days, it has to depend on weeds and rats. Normally, if we go to our native place, we used to return only after three or four days.

When the truck came and loaded everything, Aaakarsh understood the situation.

He said “I want Kini”.

He ran away and brought Kini. After a little struggle and a promise that, we will come back and take Kini too, he agreed. We locked the gate and handed over the key to the house owner. Kini was still looking at me with restless eyes. I felt sad. When I turned back, even my wife was controlling her tears even though she didn’t like cats.

After reaching the new house, Aaakarsh was very adamant that he want Kini. To console him, we bought a fish tank for him. After getting the colourful fishes, he stopped worrying about Kini.

After a month, the neighbour of old house phoned me telling that the post master has handed over few letters which came in my old address. I went to my old house for collecting that. The house was still empty. New tenants haven’t come yet. The gate was locked. Just for checking, I took the key from the house owner and entered inside the compound.

Then moment I stepped inside, I heard a very weak sound ‘Meow’. I turned and looked. I almost cried. It was Kini. It was not our old Kini. Kini was very weak and very thin. It was so weak that, It was not even able to stand on its legs.

Still it came slowly and licked on my legs as though it was asking “At last, you came to fetch me…right?”

I took Kini in my hands. It was almost weightless. I understood everything. Kini was in the same house for the last one month expecting our return after the vacation. It didn’t go anywhere. It was waiting for us with hope. Enough of waiting I decided.

When I reached home with a bag which has movement inside, my wife was a little surprised. Kini got out from the bag slowly. On hearing the weak ‘meow’, aaakarsh also came running from the kitchen.

Aaakarsh couldn’t conceal his joy “Hai! Kini!” he said as if he was meeting his intimate friend after so many days.

My mom also came and looked at Kini. On seeing its state, even my mother struggled to control her tears.

My mom said, “You did the right thing son”.

My wife asked “Will there be any trouble from the other occupants of the flat?”

“Let them make trouble. I won’t leave Kini again. The poor animal waited for me for a month” I said.

Even though it was lent season, I bought fish on that day. Kini ate the fish happily. My wife was reading news paper sitting on the chair. Kini climbed on to her lap and it lay back there; as though it had all the rights in the world to do so.

On seeing my wife who hated cats; patting Kini, I couldn’t control my smile.

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