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What's new in Google Cloud's speech APIs

With 31 new WaveNet updates in Google Cloud's Text-TO-Speech APIs, Google has introduced some major changes in its features which would be definitely interesting to its users.



Speech processing has become an important part of Machine Learning. The demand for transforming human speech into text and text into speech is tremendously growing. And therefore, today you can see a lot of companies providing APIs for performing many AI tasks. Google understood this and so it has come up with the two new amazing updates now.

Specifications of Google's Cloud Speech APIs

Google has recently announced an update in its Cloud Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech APIs. It is really very interesting and as Google has added a major update with 31 new WaveNet and 24 new standard voices.

Apart from this Google has also reduced the price of its APIs. Many of us have already using Speech-to-Text products but the introduction of Text-To-Speech may change the overall strategy used till now by Digital Marketers. This service is now available in seven languages till now but would be extended to 21 languages further.

With this update, we can now even optimize audio playback for our devices. It may be seen as Google’s plan on its new Voice Algorithm update.

Another Cloud’s update which focuses on Speech-to-Text can be of more importance to the developers, where they have to support users on many channels at the same time. The beta version of this feature was introduced last year. But now it is available for everyone.

In addition to this, Google’s premium AI beta version for Video and phones were launched last year too. This is also available to all now.

With the introduction of the two new features (Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech), Google also announced the price cut of 33 percent for its standard and premium video model. So, if you are using Google’s data logging program then you get a 33 percent discounted rate from Google.

According to Google, it will only provide access to a limited number of its employees but even there is a discount on the price everyone cannot afford it or even opt for it.

The supported languages use state-o -the-art Neural Machine Translation. If you want to use it into your website then it can be very useful and it is also very responsive and easy to integrate.

Sometimes, the issue faced by developers is that they are not able to find the language source code. This can help them to find languages as its API automatically detects and identifies languages accurately.

The Translation APIs from the third party is always charged per character basis, but Google’s price is affordable and costs only $20 for a million characters.

For regular users, the premium video model is still free for the first 60 minutes. Even it is available at 25 percent cheaper without any need of opting for Google’s data logging program. 

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