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Things to do in Lucknow

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and the design center point of Northern India. The horizon is swarmed with structures that grandstand an entrancing scope of antiquated styles, a large portion of which go back to Mughal or British standard. The city itself is popular for some parts of its rich culture, from music, verse, and weaving to innovation, fund and pharmaceuticals. From those rich roots, we've uncovered the main 10 sights and activities in Lucknow.

Shopping in Hazrat Ganj

Hazaratganj is a noteworthy shopping locale in the core of Lucknow. It was first settled in 1810 by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan, who had obtained the position of royalty with the assistance of the British in January 1798. Named after Hazrat Ali, the fourth caliph, this market has a few paths that were generally bohemian, frequented by specialists and benefactors of music, scents and verse. All through the ages, this market was a most loved of British authorities, Nawabs, and zamindars alike for restful strolls through the focal point of town. Today, Hazratganj is a bustling region where you'll locate a high centralization of Lucknow's nearby bazaars. Customers may leave with a customary white Chikan (a sort of hand weaving utilizing cutwork and shadow work), or a fresh out of the plastic new kurta or saree

Sightseeing The Bara Imambara

The Bara Imambara was worked in the year 1784 by Asaf-ud-Daula, the fourth Nawab of Awadh. Made as a major aspect of a starvation alleviation program, it marks one of the prior endeavors in Lucknow to mirror the structure of a Mughal complex. This is one of only a handful couple of structures in Lucknow totally without European components. The building is a piece of the Asaf-ud-Daula Imambara Complex, which contains a mosque, a few patios and portals, and a 'bawali' or step-well that was once utilized as a mid year royal residence. The focal lobby of Bara Imambara is said to be the biggest curved corridor on the planet: more than 15 meters tall, the curve astoundingly spreads crosswise over 800 square meters yet requires no roof bolster shafts or columns, standing relentless right up 'til the present time. The Bara Imambara is additionally outstanding for a second engineering wonder, the mind boggling labyrinth of Bhulbhulaiya. Its tangled sections are interconnected crosswise over 489 indistinguishable entryways, and on the off chance that you achieve the best effectively, you'll be remunerated with a stunning all encompassing perspective on the city. Legend holds that incredible fortunes are covered up away in mystery passages of this labyrinth, so keep your eyes stripped in transit up.

Crossing the majestic rumi darwaja

The Rumi Darwaza of Lucknow is a standout amongst the most noteworthy structures in all of India. It was worked in the year 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud-daula, under the 'Sustenance for Work' program he started to enable the city's populace to traverse a fierce starvation. Finished in that equivalent year, the portal stands 60 feet tall and was designed according to intricately enriching entryway styles found in Constantinople (which is Istanbul today), embellished with wonderfully cut blossoms and plans. Like the Bara Imambara's curve (which stands toward the West of Rumi Darwaza), this structure has no other beneficial fittings of wood or iron to help the structure from outside, yet it stays enduring right up 'til today. Over the working, there's a pinnacle space that once held an enormous lamp to illuminate the pinnacle around evening time. This is a particularly fabulous case of Awadhi engineering and definitely justified even despite a visit.

Heritage Walk

The Lucknow Heritage Walk is a fun guided experience to figure out the genuine Lucknow underneath your feet. In the wake of orchestrating your walk time by means of cell phone or through their site, you'll meet your English-talking guide at the beginning stage outside Tila Wali Masjid. From that point, you'll pursue them first around the mosque, at that point to the Bara Imambara, and afterward dive into an intriguing labyrinth of back streets in Chowk area. En route you'll get the chance to test numerous neighborhood snack like thandai (produced using milk, cardamom, almonds, fennel, saffron and perhaps cannabis), while getting looks into shops selling notable old coins, where Gandhi remained on his visit to Lucknow, and substantially more.

Lips-smacking food in Chowk

Chowk is a market which starts from gol darwaja in Lucknow and it is a place where the world famous tunday kebab are served. With the signature tunday kebab in the streets it has ben a world famous street but there are several other places to eat in chowk where you can dwell in and have some of the best eateries of your life whether it is in a form of desert or nahari everything is delicious and cheap in the small lanes of chowk.

To know more about the world famous food in lucknow, do check out the best places to eat in lucknow.

Author : Kislay from Slippery Legs

Bio Intro :- Hello, I am Kislay a 20 year old guy living his Maths hons. student life while Travelling in India. Currently trying to figure out how much I can live my passion of Travelling while being a college student in India. I’m a big Trekking enthusiast and fond of travelling solo.

If you want to know more about me visit my website Slippery Legs.

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When it comes to describing why some people cheat, it is certainly not a black and white answer. So based on my current level of awareness and intelligence; I will do my best to give some answers to this question.

Three Experiences

I believe that in order to understand or at least try to understand why some people cheat; we need to look at three experiences. What I mean here is that there is the experience of the person who cheats, there is the experience of the person who has been cheated on and there is also the literal experience that is seen by others.

The literal experience

So let’s start off with the literal experience. Here judgments are made and one person is typically seen as a victim and the other is seen as the perpetrator. One person is classed as good and the other as bad.

There is usually questions asked, as to why the person has cheated, but these are rarely deep questions. It is also unlikely that any questions would be asked; as to why the other person has been cheated on.

The Person Who Cheats

This person has one of two options as to how they go about dealing with the conflict and pain that has been created by their actions.

They can feel a sense of regret and remorse within. Beating themselves up mentally and emotionally for the choice they have made. This will also cause incredible guilt and even shame.

It is also possible for the person to feel justified in their actions. Perhaps the person’s needs were not being met in the relationship or feel that it is not possible for the relationship to meet there needs. It could be that their partner cheated before and now they feel as though they are getting their own back.

Justification is usually a defence mechanism the ego mind uses to protect itself. It does not take much thought to see that one can justify pretty much anything.

The above options could also go in cycles and alternate; based on different internal and external factors. One could feel guilty for their actions one moment and justified for their actions in the next.

The Person Who Has Been Cheated On

Here the person is likely to feel betrayed and betrayal at the deepest level of their being. The term heartbroken comes to mind here, with a feeling that the heart has been ripped out and now all that resides there is emptiness.

One can feel as though their life is over and that they have nothing to live for any more. This can also create feelings of being powerless and of having no control.

The Two Experiences

As we look at the two main experiences it becomes clear to see that they are each having a subjective experience.

So now let’s look at this from a deeper level and see what might cause a person to cheat and also what might be going on for the other person who is being cheated on.

The Person Who Cheats

So what is going on in the mind of the person who cheats? There is of course general views on why women would cheat and why men cheat. These include mans need to procreate with as many women as possible for ‘evolutionary reasons’. And women are often viewed as being ‘emotional creatures’ that have no control.


The evolutionary answer is obviously legitimate and carries some truth. However, by using this as an answer; it says that men have no control of their actions and are therefore not responsible either. They are at the whim off there body because of evolution. And for someone who is a conscious human being and not an animal; this answer will not suffice.

What this answer does not take into account is that both men and women are usually motivated at an emotional level. And what causes this motivation is the desire to have ones needs fulfilled. And these needs that are calling out to be met are to do with the here and now or the past that has not been processed.


These needs could be classed as ‘higher’ and more evolved needs or ‘lower’ and less evolved needs. Depending on how conscious and evolved one is, will define what their primary needs are and whether their ‘lower’ needs have been met. They are classed as lower, not because they are less important than the higher needs but because they exist lower in the body and are to do with ones survival.

Inner child

These lower needs typically create conflict when ones inner child carries trauma. And this causes these needs to be unmet. The needs that I am talking about consist of being: accepted, validated, nurtured, loved and approved. Although these needs are years old, they still need to be acknowledged and validated. If they are not looked, they will control one’s life. Ones behaviour is then likely to be reactive and unconscious as a result.

The reason for this is that unless the original trauma has been validated, observed and processed or at least observed; the inner child will take over and continue to create the same inner and outer conflict. One will lose their self of self. And from this place of merging with the inner child, these needs can never be met, they are insatiable. One will continue to play out the same patterns and stories of the past.

Playing Out The Past

By cheating on another person there might also be a sense of revenge, and revenge that is really meant for an original caregiver. Here the unprocessed past is now being projected onto the present person in one’s life


So whether someone will cheat will partly depend on how conscious they are and on their relationship to their inner child. Because if one is operating purely from the body, ones awareness will be extremely limited and one will be completely unaware of what consequences might occur from their actions. All that is on their mind is the fulfilment of their current needs or impulses. The ability of the heart to empathise is basically out of use or has been bypassed.

Emotional Creatures

I believe that describing women as emotional creatures or as being from another planet just creates more confusion. When in reality, women just like men, have masculine and feminine traits within. If they are over emotional and act in irresponsible ways; it shows that they also have inner child work to do.

The Person Who Has Been Cheated On

It is natural for the person to feel like a victim and that all of the feelings that they are experiencing are being caused by the person who cheated on them. And all that happens during this time needs to be honoured, validated and grieved.

However, does another person really have the power to cause another person to feel rejected, abandoned, powerless and empty for example? Does ones wellbeing really rest upon another?

History Revisited

What I believe is actually occurring here is the past that has not been processed, is appearing once more. And that the reason these emotions and feelings are so intense is because old unprocessed wounds, relating to original caregivers, are being opened.

This will not be realised unless one has some kind of inner awareness. And all of the unprocessed feelings of rejection, abandonment, loss, betrayal, powerlessness, hopelessness and the emotions of anger, frustration and resentment that still exist from the original trauma in ones childhood; will now be projected onto the present partner.


It could also be said that if one has experienced intense abandonment and rejection as a child, it will make them vulnerable to experiencing them as an adult. There might even be an expectation that the partner will leave them, just like their caregivers/s did.

Self Sabotage

Feelings of low self worth are created through these early experiences of neglect and this can lead to self sabotage. Here one can unconsciously act in ways that will push the other person away and to go with another person. The reason for this that the ego mind came to associate the early experiences as being safe and now as a result of this; continues to create the same patterns in the present.


This shows how important it is for one to become conscious of their past and to process it. Because all that has not been looked at will influence ones present life. It will define what kind of people one will attract and on the quality of the relationships that one has.

Symbolic Relationships

A relationship can lead to the loss of one’s individual identity; however it does not remove the fact that one is having their own unique experience. And this experience is allowing one to become aware of all that needs to be processed for one to become a whole human being. The past that is unfinished and unprocessed is being brought up to the surface through the relationships that one has with others.

However, this involves looking at relationships symbolically, as opposed to literally. Observing what happens instead of getting emotionally trapped by what happens and the ‘drama’ of the experience.

Occurrences like enmeshment and dependency cause one to lose their sense of self. This is partly down to having boundaries that are nonexistent and this allows dysfunctional relationships to occur. This can lead to the illusion of being incomplete and empty and that one needs another to feel whole.

This is a common idea and belief in our society, but it is one that is both false and dysfunctional. And one that has the potential to create years of needless confusion and suffering. This shows that a new paradigm is required in our society, when it comes to the purpose of a relationship.

There has occurred and developed in the United States and many Western countries a parallel understanding and view of Christmas and Easter. Christmas has been co-opted by the commercial business sector with the object of making money. Christmas in its secular interpretation is concerned with children, laughing, and joyful exchange of gifts and a general atmosphere of love and happiness. This Christmas has been widely adopted by many faiths and many of the carols we hear have no connection with Christ. This general Christmas of good-will also involves Christmas trees and decorations and it is possible that these have pagan origins.

But there is a second Christmas, which is the real Christmas – this is celebrated by a thinner and thinner minority in our society. This minority concerns itself with the birth of Christ and God revealing himself in human form. It is a joy and wonder that God took on humanity and entered human history. The true meaning of Christmas is not the glitter and noise but the act of God in taking human form to bring about salvation and eternal life. The real purpose of Christmas and Christ is the repair of our broken natures, and, if you will, our sinful natures. The secular Christmas, we must recognize, has no truth and serves to mislead people from the true Christmas. The true Christmas is Christ offering to humanity new life and the conquest of death. The Christmas which is based on commerce and money certainly has little truth. Perhaps the reason the world does not recognize the Christian Christmas is because it does not recognize the problem and its solution in Christ. Christmas is God’s way of providing a way out from sin and death. It is certainly not the Christmas that has taken over our world.

I would also like to talk about the two Easters. The secular or commercial Easter has come to dominate the entire celebration and holiday. It involves sometimes the Easter bunny and sometimes an Easter egg-hunt. Once again, the festival has been co-opted by the business and commercial sector and that takeover is misleading to the real meaning of Easter and its significance. Easter completely and solely is concerned with the risen Christ and his conquest of death. It certainly has nothing to do with the things I just mentioned. Easter is the resurrection and the offer by Christ to share in his eternal life and love. In fact, it has come to the point when both in the commercial Christmas and commercial Easter, Jesus is left out of the picture. I have to say that I am in somewhat disagreement with these business takeovers of what are essentially religious festivals and events. A child which comes to think of Christmas as trees, decorations, and gifts is being misled and misinformed. The Easter bunny has little connection with the offer of eternal life and love in the risen Christ. I have no objection to these secular interpretations of these events, but I for one do not choose to agree with them or be convinced by them. I do not think the government or secular society is obligated to observe these religious festivals but it is my position that the true nature of these events should be made clear. In short, the commercial interpretation of these religious festivals is a lie. 

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