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Top 7 Ideas for taking care of your Christmas flower tree

Here are 7 ideas to take care of your Christmas tree so that its quality is preserved and the lifespan of the tree also increases so that you can also use it afterwards.


The Christmas tree is the most quintessential decorations for the Christmas. Some people decorate the tree outdoors while some indoors, so if you are planning to have an indoor Christmas tree you have to take some necessary steps that would keep the Christmas healthy, green and safe for the entire Christmas season. 

Thus we have top 7 ideas to take care of your Christmas tree so that its quality is preserved and the lifespan of the tree also increases so that you can also use it afterwards.

1. Check Freshness before buying

This is the most important thing to consider while buying a Christmas tree. You should check the freshness of tree before buying it and if possible you should get it from a reputed nursery. Also check the tree is not cut weeks before Christmas and go for the one which is newly cut from the tree. You can also get the tree cut by yourself with the permission of the land owner and get the perfect Christmas tree for decoration this Christmas. These trees are usually planted to support the local agriculture and are specially planted for this purpose.

2. Cut the tree when you get it home

If you have bought the tree from outside from some nursery the bottom of the trunk has to be cut off before displaying the tree at the home. If you are getting the tree cut by yourself from any private space, get the trunk cut their itself so that you don’t have to do it when you bring it at home. This is necessary because, after cutting the trunk the tree would be able to absorb the water well and thus it will stay fresh for a longer period of time.

3. Keep it in water

This is very important you keep the tree fresh and green for throughout the season. So when you chose the stand for keeping the tree make sure it can hold enough water like at least a gallon so that the trunk of the tree remains fully submerged in the water. This helps the tree get enough water and take as much water it can to keep itself healthy and green. These are fresh cut trees so they have to be soaked in water or else they wouldn’t stay fresh for longer period of time.

4. Don’t add Preservatives

There are so many misconceptions of keeping a Christmas tree healthy. People sat add bleach to the water or add preservative to water, but believe me there is no such additives that helps you keep the tree fresh and green. All you can provide it to stay green and fresh is clean and fresh water. These preservatives sometimes mar its growth and the green leaves fade away. Make Christmas flower Delivery online and greet your loved ones.

5. Put it on appropriate location

The location of the tree has to be carefully chosen to avoid any mishaps in future. If you have kids and senior citizens at home, it will be best if you keep the tree away from the place where there is high foot traffic and place it to the corner instead to avoid injuries or falls. Also these old trees are highly flammable so they should be kept away from house appliances, fireplace, heaters and potentially dangerous household fixtures. One more important thing before placing it to a proper location is cutting proper base of the tree so that it could balance well and you should also make sure the tree is straight to avoid any uncertainties.

6. Check dryness and right lights

This is equally important after buying the tree. You should timely check it dryness once you bring it home. If the tree becomes very dry then it is not advisable to keep it inside and it must be immediately removed as safety hazard. If you want to decorate the tree with lights, you should check the wires before use as to nay of the wire strands are not exposed and if it is replace it immediately. You should opt for smaller lights so that it produces lesser heat and doesn’t act as a threat. Send flowers online to your friends and relatives for Christmas.

7. Recycle your tree after the holiday

Don’t just get away with tree and re use it or re plant it if you find any possibilities that it will grow. There are people who gather these Christmas trees from various localities and use it for different purposes. Many communities have started to use or recycle the trees for mulch. You can also research online and know various uses of these Christmas trees. Even if you don’t find it reusable do not throw in lakes and other water bodies. Thus the most advisable way of disposing off these Christmas trees are, as garden wastes.

Thus a clean and green Christmas tree will help you spend Christmas Holidays and New Year in most festive and fun way. 

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