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How Painting Affects Small Space To Look Spacious

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With so many people now living in apartments and studios small spaces can feel cramped and confining. You can consider having air conditioning and PAINT as a way to maximize your living space making your home feel like a sanctuary. You can fabricate a really exciting interior that reflects your personality and style, while designing the illusion of a larger space. There are some paint concepts to fool the eye and make your interior look more spacious than what they actually are.



We have some answers in case you are wondering how to make a small space look bigger. Most people yearn for spacious homes, while the reality is quite different, which doesn’t mean that you should start knocking down the walls of your building to create an airy and an open ambience.

While you try to make a room seem bigger just by painting, there are a couple of things you need to consider which includes the color of your paint. It is important to understand how various paint colors you choose tie together.

Light colors brighten up your room and make your walls appear wider, a few surfaces reflect light dispersing it through the room making it feel more spacious and there are certain color combinations that work well together and help open up your space.

Although the benefits of living in metropolitan cities are endless with access to chic shops and music avenues. Smaller than ideal spaces and huge rents are the major downside. Fortunately, there are many creative paint ideas to make your small room look way bigger.

Here are a few simple and easy painting tips that aid in enhancing the size of your space.


Brighter rooms look bigger. Although it is matter of fact that light colors aid in making your space seem bigger, bright colors do it too. Choose a clean color against the one that appears dirty or muddy. Brighter and lighter walls are more reflective and make a space feel more airy and open, which maximizes the effect created by natural light.

On the other hand dark colors tend to absorb light making a room feel heavier smaller and oppressive, which is mostly at a premium in smaller spaces.

You can choose soft tones of blue, green and off white for an optimum effect.


In case you are not willing to commit a dark hue; a clean white is a fantastic option. Ensure you pick shades with no undertones.

Walls of your room tend to appear further away adding depth to your walls, by painting the wall moldings and trim in off-whites and whites, making your space appear bigger. Painting your walls in glossy white reflects more light giving a contemporary look to your space.


Painting your trim ceiling and wall using various shades of the same color like light blue and grey, blends elements together creating a uniform color making your room appear bigger. You can go as statement or as neutral as you want, while the effects remain the same.

You can also try an icy blue and a light color pattern. While white adds warmth and cool blue aids in reflecting light making your space look larger.


Yes, it is true that painting one wall using a bold or a strong color creates an optical illusion of more air and space in the room, which can also fabricate a natural focal point enabling the arrangement of furniture and various other décor in your home easier. The key here is just painting one wall with a dark color rather than painting the entire room with it.


Color blocks and vertical stripes are the traditional tips when it comes to silhouettes streamlining, but you can try varied combinations with horizontal stripes. Choose a single wall or two to stripeand observe them elongate instantly. Additionally, using stripes or contrasting colors create an illusion of depth.


Although it sounds counter-intuitive, smaller spaces surprisingly open up by painting your walls black.

Your ceiling will seem extra high when you paint your ceiling using a lighter color.


The paint quality you choose is very important. Substandard paints have a chalkier feel and look, which will eventually make your room look smaller. Choosing a paint that has some shine to it works well in bringing some extra air into your space. Do not paint the whole space glossy;just ensure the paint you pick has a certain amount of shine in it – precise enough to reflect light.

You can also try station or eggshell on your walls and a high or a semi-gloss on the moldings and trim. Circumvent colors like dark purple, red or anything that has a tinge of brown or grey. Although these colors create a cozier feeling, they will not reflect light or make the space appear bigger.


Strategic painting is one of the simplest and the easiest ways to open up your home with minimal investment and effort. You can do a paint job totally solo or by bribing your friends who are artistically inclined. Even if you possess the square footage you need, these tricks will definitely help you make your room appear bigger.


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It’s the wish of every person to live a happy and healthier life. To achieve this goal, you have to adopt sustainable ways to live your life. Furthermore, you should be using sustainable products for everything you do even for designing. Fortunately, there are many breakthroughs in interior design to move toward greener living. One of the essential breakthroughs is in sustainable plywood. All thanks to advanced engineering.

It is important to note that the best sustainable plywood is frequently used in our houses and the following blog will tell why it is a perfect choice?


What is Plywood?

Plywood is also known as veneer ply. This may sound like a new concept but this connects back to Egypt in 1500BC. The first standardized sheet was introduced in America in 1928.

It consists of a thin sheet of wood (also called wood veneer) and adhesive. The layered sheet and adhesive are compressed together to develop a final product. For your information, the plywood is used in construction due to its strength and durability. It is also used in making furniture.

If you are planning to incorporate plywood in your kitchen to update its look, then you need to avail the kitchen design Cape Cod services from professional companies. The competent crew will do the designing according to the latest trends to give your kitchen the best look.

How Plywood is Sustainable?

Plywood is one of the sustainable kitchen materials. The sustainability of the plywood can be determined by the manufacturing process and the way wood is being sourced. Remember that the wood wastage in the plywood manufacturing process is very less as compared to traditional lumbar processing. In addition to this, one should check some standard certifications as well to ensure that the plywood is formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde has been used in adhesive but its use is significantly reduced since 1979.

Another great benefit of plywood is that it is affordable and this makes it ethical as well as budget-friendly. In addition to this, plywood sheets can be made from softwoods, bamboo, hardwoods, or by the combination of different woods. But the best practice to do is to choose it from locally sourced sustainably managed forests.

Plywood Manufacturers

Plywood is one of the best construction materials and used due to its aesthetics. For your information, Witlof is one of the pioneer companies that have created bespoke kitchen designs by finding new ways to use materials and latest technology. They are known for the use of plywood and contemporary cabinetry.


Moreover, Witlof is also having a sister company named Holte and they focus on creating a sustainable, affordable kitchen providing the best quality and environmentally responsible materials.

Next on the list is the Opendesk. The concept given by this company is simple but revolutionary. You just need to find a design on their website and then you will receive local quotes from local makers within your area. After selecting the maker, you will get your furniture ready in four weeks. Note that the company is using plywood as its primary materials.

Using Plywood in Kitchen

Starting from walls to utensils, plywood without any doubt is the versatile material used in the entire kitchen.


Plywood floors are one of the affordable alternatives to solid wood floors. You might use a parquet floor, plank floor, and more. Remember that these floors are not durable as compared to the solid wood floors but this can last for a lifetime with care and attention just like the solid wood floors.

Wondering, how to install plywood flooring? You need to hire the experts to get the job done. They will analyze your kitchen and will use the right techniques to install the floor.


It is important to note that finished plywood kitchen countertops can work better as a kitchen countertop. You need to ensure that the top is sealed well and you have to take proper care as you will do in case of solid wood tops.


Cabinet grade plywood is made from hardwood and it provides the properties of source wood along with patterns and colors. Note that the ash wood or Birch gives you a beautiful light color. Moreover, the option for the cabinets is endless ranging from contemporary to cottage panel to the decorative designs. You can select a wood look or add a paint finish that goes with your kitchen style.


You can use the structural plywood for the best plywood interior wall design. It can be used as a central element in building a home. You need to get AA grade plywood to get a suitable look. Remember that the interior plywood is not a structural element but it offers more strength and support as compared to the drywall. This makes it a good option to choose for cladding. Furthermore, the sealed plywood can be mounted on an existing wall for adding natural and warmth of wood.

Interior Styles Best for Plywood

Sustainable plywood is one of the best choices for the kitchen regardless of interior style. Plywood can be painted for covering the grain or stained to any color. This will retain the grain of the wood. Furthermore, the interior styles are ideal for lightness and freshness of plywood.

Following are some of the interior styles:


It is known for incorporating blond plywood furniture into interiors mostly with white dipped accents. You can go with simple style by incorporating light plywood cabinetry with black and white detail in kitchen utensils and finishes.


Contemporary interiors are all regarding experimenting with new designs. Note that the casual look of plywood can create a great contrast using a sleek subway tile backsplash and black marble countertop.


It is known for awe-inspiring wood structures because the majority of the houses consist of wood. The interiors are having minimalistic principles by keeping all necessary items in a kitchen. You need to use the plywood with clear grain and light tones with a Japanese-style plywood kitchen design.

Hope now you are aware that the plywood is a versatile building material. To get it installed in your house according to your choice, you need to connect with professional remodeling companies within your area.

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