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5 SEO Techniques That Can Work Wonders In 2019

Are you still using those old school SEO techniques that no longer work? This is a must read for you!


Running an online business is not easy as it's treacherous and changes in the blink of an eye. Search Engine Optimization is the key to get more traffic and better ranking for your websites/blogs. But SEO trends and techniques also keep changing. The techniques of 2018 were a front-runner at that time. But now they are old news. They can hurt the ranking of your business and also get you a penalty from Google.

As an SEO, you have to keep a close eye on the changing techniques to keep your business on the top. Keep reading new researches, and monitor other websites SEO to figure out any modification to the existing techniques.

As an SEO, you strive to get better rankings and organic traffic. And only following the latest trend will help you achieve that.

Thus, in this blog, we have compiled a list of five SEO techniques that will work wonders for you in 2019.

Here are the 5 SEO techniques to watch out in 2019

1. Voice Search

The experts believe that by 2020, more than 50% of online searches will be through voice search. In 2018, around 1 billion people voice searched their queries instead of typing that. And that is why; you need to make your website voice search optimized. Currently, the best voice search devices are Alexa, Siri, Crotona and Google’s Assistant. But these numbers will increase. Moreover, Voice searchers have different habits when it comes to asking questions. They ask more question-based queries.

Here are some ways to optimize your online business for voice search:

Use long tail keywords meaning a keyword that is 3+ words in length. For example: How to grow nails faster?

Use structured data as it increases the chances of your content to be read aloud to the users.

2. Infographic Submission

If you think infographics are not useful anymore, you are wrong. They are a great SEO tool and even after years of publishing them, they bring a lot of traffic. Infographics have a power of telling a gripping visual story which helps you stand out.

Here are some ways infographics helps your website’s SEO:

Traffic: If you design a relevant, informatics and alluring infographic, it will definitely bring more organic traffic.

It helps with link building: It's difficult to build organic backlinks and infographics helps a lot with it. People are looking for content or visual to share or re-blog and if you create impressive infographics it will stand out.

Long-life: A relevant infographic has a long life as it keeps getting re-blogged.

Try Canva Infographics maker for building a relevant and alluring infographic.

3. Use longer contents- blogs and articles with 2000+ word count

A recent report by Backlinko states that longer articles tend to get higher rankings in SERPS. But it's not feasible to write a 2000+ article due to various reasons. It requires a great topic, time and research which not everyone can do. But most importantly, some topics don’t have material, or the intended users want a short and crisp article.

So, if you want your content to be long, how do you do it? By using an old content and building something new out of it.

It means that you take one of your old but popular articles, and increase its length. You can do this by updating it, adding new and extra information. The existing signals of that article can help you with top rankings.

4. Build variety of high quality and organic backlinks

Backlinks are an important part of the SEO world. They still top the factors that Google use to rank a website. But the current scenario requires you to provide organic and high-quality links. You can't use any poor links as spamming them is easy. Moreover, blog comments and paid links don’t work and can even harm your website.

The only type of links that will work in your favor is organic and earned ones. They include links from high-quality content, outreach and influencer marketing. They are not only effective but safe too.

Even that is not as easy as Google flags your website for manual review if your backlink portfolio has maximum high-quality links. If your review fails, you will get a penalty. So, what to do? Well, the answer is diversification. For every great link, create five more medium quality links.

It will help you get a variety of your backlinks from your site. These can include- Blogs, News sites, Forums and directories and so on.

5. Guest-Post Outreaching

Guest-post outreaching is the best and most effective SEO tip. Here’s why:

Brand building: If your brand gets featured in an influential blog, it will help it get noticed. It will especially help a new business to build a brand amongst target customers.

High-quality links: We all know how much Google appreciate the high-quality link. If you tie up with an influential blog, they will link back to you, and you will get some high-quality backlinks.

Fresh content: Content is always the king and with blogger outreach, you can get fresh content. After that, it is easy to do SEO on it.

If this sounds too overwhelming to you, you can hire some company for guest posting services too.

I hope these help you optimize your online business. Keep checking this space for more SEO techniques of 2019.

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