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Everyone should be careful to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. But children need special protection. Because a large part of the skin damage caused by the sun already arises in childhood. Early damage is particularly dangerous because it has a long-lasting effect on the skin and significantly increases the risk of developing skin cancer. What you should pay attention to when sun protection for children, reveals this guide.

Sun-friendly clothes

The right clothing is just as important for effective sun protection. Children should always wear a cap or hat to protect the delicate areas of the face, neck and ears. The clothes should not be too tight, otherwise a heat accumulation threatens. Recommended is airy clothing that covers as much of the body as possible; ideal are long-sleeved blouses or shirts and long, wide-cut trousers. On hot summer days, parents should dress their children in bright clothes. Meanwhile, there are also fabrics with integrated UV protection, which should comply with the "UV standard 801".

Use sunscreen properly

In addition, children should be creamed with sunscreen. However, this should not be tempted to let the little ones play longer in the blazing sun. Experts also advise caution when using sun creams in babies under twelve months: The thin, sensitive baby skin absorbs more chemicals from the cream than adult skin. In addition, babies can not yet sweat properly to cool the body, and sunscreen makes the process even more difficult. 

Therefore, sunscreen should be applied to babies only fine and not the whole body. If the baby is older than twelve months, the use of sunscreen is no longer worrying. Nevertheless, parents should cream their children with lotion especially for children - this does not dry out the sensitive skin of children so much.

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Spring is definitely here, I hope not even the first sunburn. And the summer with even hotter temperatures is coming soon. We were on holiday in Italy last week and so much in the sun - the weather was great, which pleased us. It is all the more important - I noticed that again - enough to protect yourself from the sun. 


Even if the sun improves our well-being and is important for the formation of vitamin D; the UVA and UVB rays can cause DNA damage and therefore we should protect ourselves well when we are sweet. One says yes, even a sunburn is one too many. This post contains advertising *, because we were allowed to test the products of Eucerin for the mother and children and I would like to introduce them to you.




Of course, we were in our holidays a lot outside, on the terrace, in the woods, at the pool, visited small town and were once also at the sea. When the weather is fine, it's like this at home: the little one wants to get up early in the morning, only wants to eat outside at the garden table, and sometimes I have to convince him to come to the house. 

He wants to drive Bobbycar outdoors, cycling, play, excavating or helping with the spray can and the shovel in my garden. I too am out in the warm temperatures, the sun is good for me. In addition to working in the garden, we go for a walk or I go jogging and, of course, go to the outdoor pool. Since I can well put on the sun - I like the heat - but only if I am well protected. We just received a set to test Eucerin * before the holidays, so I'd like to introduce you to these products. This post contains advertising.


On the first day of our vacation, dad came to me in the evening miserable, he had burned his neck. Not well paid attention to how and where he creams with sunscreen. My son I protect well since birth (with SPF 50), without a hat, he does not leave me in the summer, even in the pool, he wears a hat with UVA protection for the swimsuit. During this holiday, it finally worked with the sunglasses. And yet we had some (funny) discussions because I had to cream his face, arms and legs. 

For example, he said, "Yes, I want sunburn," when I said he certainly did not want a sunburn. He does not know at 2.5 years what that is - fortunately never had one, because I have always taken good care. At least we had an example in the house, and I showed him that the skin is completely red and hurts. 

Reluctantly, he let himself be creamed. Sometimes it helped to talk to him about how he gets creamed in the day care center and that all the children are always creaming themselves when they're out. That was quite plausible for him. Only in the evening he said: "No sunscreen now, right?".



The protection of children's skin is especially important when it comes to sunscreen.

The following tips should be noted:

  • Always protect children with clothing, sunhat and glasses.
  • If possible, do not expose babies and children to direct sunlight (or as short as possible) and not between 11am and 3pm when the sun is shining brightest.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly, once a morning is not enough.
  • After bathing you should cream yourself again.
  • For small children and babies we recommend a sunscreen with mineral protection.
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  • With the children's spray, the child can cream himself without smudges.



  • Mineral sun lotion, without chemical sunscreen
  • Has a skin protection factor of 30 SPF
  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • fragrance-free
  • extra water resistant


The cream leaves no completely white skin and is pleasant to apply. I always use mineral lotion but I like it if the child does not look like it is painted white. The SPF could be higher, 30 for me is a minimum for a children's sunscreen. Leaves no sticky hands and holds well.

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It's really hot outside right now - and sometimes the question is, what are we going to do now to offer the kids something despite the heat? We have some tips for you, maybe you can use them with your little ones.

Water fun in the pool

We have a pool in the garden, but it is not very big, about 3 meters in diameter, in our eyes absolutely sufficient for a fun or quiet cooling. Surely you can not swim in it, but in order to "dive" for an object, or "water dances" or just to relax, it is definitely enough.

One should not forget that also in the water to the sun protection must be thought. That means, as in the outdoor swimming pool: do not forget to apply creams. In the best case, the pool is in the shade or is protected by a larger parasol. Ours is in the sun - we hold the children in strong heat and sun to regular water breaks, so that they can then stay in the shade. Sometimes they do not see it directly, but with some persuasion and an ice cream or drinking break, it works.

Water fun without pool

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Not everyone is in possession of a pool, has no garden or simply lacks the money for the purchase. Alternatively - as with us earlier - a small pool of water or an old bathtub can be set up and filled or even just a bucket of water, where it quickly sets the fun, namely, if you use small syringes and injected each other wet.


Or fills bombs and plays catching, at some point they are sure to break and depending on how cold the water is, in some the screaming is certainly great.

Do you have gradients on the property? Then try a waterslide. A tarpaulin is laid out, at best a slightly longer one, filling a bucket of water and sliding down with or without a butt-end slide. Or build a shower or a sprinkler, where you can also refresh yourself wonderfully. However, this is more likely if you can take the water from a well or rainwater collection tank. Tap water is too expensive.

To eat and drink

You should always encourage the children to drink. Of course, they only do it when they are thirsty, and then it is already too late. There is then already a lack of fluid in the body. For example, 10-year-olds should drink around 1.2 liters a day. In case of heat, sports or illness this need increases. Outdoors, the glasses or cups should always be capped, as there is a risk that bees or wasps will fly in. The safest are lockable plastic water bottles.

Our favorite drinks are:

  • water diluted with water
  • Springs of any kind
  • sometimes cold tea (fruit tea, slightly sweetened)
  • water

To eat at noon in such a heat often nothing hot, but rather fruit, pudding and cold dishes, cereals with fruit, yogurt, milk and other things, which falls into our hands.

What you can do with children when it's really hot

Summer is finally here, and that's right! In the meantime, if it's too hot outside for you, we have collected a lot of ideas for "cool" activities with big and small children - whether at home or on vacation.

If the outside temperature is more than 30 degrees Celsius and the sun is burning, you should do the same to the inhabitants of southern countries: stay inside during the day. Unfortunately, it is rarely as pleasantly cool in Central European apartments as in a Moroccan riad or Spanish patio.

Our hot-tip game tip: Turn on the fan and spray each other with a water atomizer - the wind adds a great deal of "glorious cool" factor and the spray is so fine that the floor does not get really wet (and slippery).

Funny for smaller children are also soap bubbles, tissue paper snippets or light cloths that can fly in the vortex of the fan; the elderly may try to keep folded aircraft in the air with the help of the fan.


Summer Idea Number one: bathing, splashing and swimming

On the beach and the sea you have to do without - or at least wait until it finally goes on vacation? Well, it would be too hot for your little ones anyway.

Even on the smallest balcony fits a wash basin for prattling. With watering can, pots and scooping tools, little children are busy for hours. And if it is too hot even there, just sit in the bathtub with your child.


Tip for shower-only users: An inflatable paddling pool can be squeezed into the lowest bath.


Do you have a yard or garden, where the temperatures are reasonably bearable, then you can declare this area to the water playground (a meadow in the park is of course also). A garden hose with spray attachment, a few water guns from the toy store (which should be sold out, Amazon often provides the very next day) and self-filled depth charges are the basic equipment for a day full of "Aqua Fun".

Your imagination knows no bounds: homemade glitter-glibber , bodypainting with finger paints or ice cube massage - you'll probably find more "cool stuff".


On the way in the city it gets really unbearable on hot days - the children sweat and nölen, playgrounds lie in the sun and on the slide one burns up the A ... In many cities public fountains offer a splendid refreshment.


Experience report thoroughly before you let your offspring climb into these facilities:

How is the soil under water - overgrown with slippery algae, sharp-edged or with tripping hazards?

What is the water quality? (if it is not drinking water, infants should not bathe here)

How strong are the fountains, is there a risk of injury or are the facilities even endangered by playing children? (You have the duty of supervision! If your children break something while you are supervising them, the liability insurance does not cover the damage.)

Are there signs or prohibitions for the use of the fountain? Where many tourists are traveling, bathing children are often not so welcome.

Is the fountain in the shade? When playing in the sun, while they are pleasantly wet, children do not notice the heat and get a quick sunburn or sunstroke.


For reasons you should not let your kids play naked in such actions; instead of a bathing suit or bikini, T-shirts and shorts get better, which you then exchange for dry ones. After all, you use the fountain quite by accident and not specifically as an outdoor pool, right?


By the way, much cooler than bathing lakes are brooks - if you come to one (in the city area many small watercourses are unfortunately completely embedded in concrete or laid underground), then enjoy the ice-cold foot bath.


If you really want to take a good bath, the early morning hours or the time just before the closing time are ideal for a visit to the outdoor pool. If you jump into the pool first, you will enjoy cool temperatures, more space and shade on the sunbathing lawn; the soil is not yet so heated and the ozone pollution of the air is still low.

After work or a kindergarten visit you are best left with a visit to the outdoor pool, even if you really want to swim. At 6 pm, most of the outdoor guests are slowly packing up, the area is empty and you can enjoy the water until the end.

Tip: pack a light picnic and have dinner in the bathroom. Then you can put your clean, well-fed and well-made children directly to bed at home.


As soon as the days get longer and warmer it pulls people out into the open and the Germans favorite pastime is the barbecue. However popular barbecuing is, it is often enough reason for the neighbors to argue. Either because the smoke from the grill in the neighboring house pulls or because the party in the open air is simply too loud. But it is important to know what is actually allowed by the law and what is not. 

More generally, the principle of consideration is the highest principle, that means that everyone should take into account each other's needs. So it can not hurt to inform the neighbor about the barbecue and set up the barbecue so that the smoke does not blow into the house.

Especially when using a charcoal grill it almost inevitably leads to a strong odor nuisance of the neighbors, who do not have to accept this easily. The Land Immission Control Act protects them in North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg insofar as the smoke must not be allowed to enter their living and sleeping areas.

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The advantage is the residents of detached single-family homes or terraced houses, as long as the distance to the neighbors is large enough.

Your own garden is like your own territory in which everyone can freely develop and enjoy their free time as he likes, unless it affects the needs of his fellow human beings, in this case the neighbors. On the other hand, neighbors must bow to the events of occasional celebrations unless the harassment is excessive. 

The district court in Munich has also dealt with such disputes and made a truly Solomon's verdict, which reads: "A general barbecue ban is just as inadmissible as a general barbecue permit. The neighbor must tolerate occasional grilling in the summer time. However, if there are significant impairments, even a grill ban is possible.

Barbecue on the balcony

The fact is: If you live in an apartment building in close proximity, you must not necessarily grill as often on your balcony or terrace as you like. So if you do not want a nice barbecue ends unexpectedly in front of the Kadi, should check the legal situation in good time.

How often can you grill?

The decisions taken in various court decisions in recent years are quite different. As a result, only approximate guidelines and recommendations can be mentioned here that do not replace individual case decisions. Consideration of the neighbors is paramount.

Judgments about barbecues

According to the AG Bonn 1997, it is ok to put the grill on its own balcony or terrace once a month from April to September - if you have informed your neighbors at least 48 hours in advance.

More often - twice a month - you can barbecue according to the LG Aachen in the part of the garden furthest from all neighbors.

The LG Stuttgart 1996, however, admits in his decision Grill friends on the terrace three barbecues or six hours annually.

Barbecue in the garden

According to the Bavarian Supreme Court, however, the garden of a condominium estate may be barbecued in any case, even on charcoal and up to five times a year.

Other courts (AG Hamburg-Mitte, 40 C 229/1972, LG Dusseldorf, 25 T 435/90), however, prohibit the barbecue with an open charcoal grill on the balcony completely. In this case, however, an electric grill or a lava stone gas grill can be used.

The house rules and the barbecue

The last word, however, has the landlord: He may prohibit the barbecuing in principle in the lease and in case of non-compliance even cancel the lease in writing. (LG Essen 2002)

Often forgotten: the noise protection

Cozy barbeques have it that they take place outside. Especially in connection with a celebration and several guests there is often a noise annoyance - an aspect that is often neglected in connection with the barbecue.

Here, too, however, the neighbors have the right to sleep - after 22 o'clock it should be much quieter and the solemnity to be relocated inside.

The judgment of the Higher Regional Court of Oldenburg (13 U 53/02) grants more freedom for the grill friend here and considers it appropriate to grill outside four times a year until midnight.

Is it allowed to grill in your own garden?

Homeowners with their own garden can of course launch the grill. It does not matter if it's a charcoal grill, gas grill or electric grill. However, there is no permit that allows unrestricted barbecue in your own garden. Homeowners must also comply with rules. It is more complicated for tenants in housing estates.

Every year spring comes with the barbecue season and you really just want to throw on the splendid specimen and enjoy a hearty piece of steak, sausage or other grilled food. With the start of the season, many neighborhood disputes come on the table. Barbequing causes more dispute in Germany than many think. There are no definite guidelines for barbecues without stress. Even court rulings from recent years are always different.

With a bit of consideration and understanding for the neighbors, barbecues with friends and family can be a pleasurable experience.

Legal regulations

Only in two federal states are foundations in the jurisdiction. All other states are free of legal bases and set from case to case to old or new judgments. NRW and Brandenburg regulate the barbecue in the season. The Landesimmisionschutzgesetz prohibits barbecuing when uninvolved persons are bothered by it. Usually these are the neighbors.

 The harassment is increasingly caused by smoke from the charcoal grill. If this penetrates into the neighborhood to an increased extent or even moves into the living rooms and bedrooms, the neighbor can complain and it comes to a fine. It goes so far that the police can be turned on.

Hint: The best option to avoid such problems is to cultivate a good conversation with the neighbors. A friendly relationship protects the grill friends. And who wants to strengthen the contact with the neighbors further invites this simply for a barbecue.

Barbecues for homeowners

The easiest way homeowners have it in their own home. The neighbors must tolerate barbecues within the law. It is therefore not allowed to cause any noise disturbance in the evening hours after 10 pm and during the day the grill must not cause any damage. At best, the barbecue area on the property as far as possible (and necessary) created by the neighboring property. Then little smoke pulls to the neighbor and there are no real reasons to complain. With gas and electric grills smoke falls away.

Far away from the smoke there are still judgments in which it is required that one withholds the number of barbecues. In the past there was even talk of a maximum of grilling a year.

Barbecue for tenants on the balcony

Most difficult is usually only the barbecue on the balcony. In residential complexes you are wall to wall with the neighbors. If you throw a charcoal grill on the balcony, the tenants and neighbors are quickly in the smoke. This does not have to be tolerated. Most house rules ban the charcoal grill for this reason. 

Gas and electric grill is not always allowed. If barbecuing is generally forbidden by the lease or house rules you have to stick to it. If in the lease or the house rules but grilling is generally allowed - so theoretically even with charcoal - should still be placed on electric or gas grill in the sense of Neighborhood ratio.

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