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Everyone should be careful to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. But children need special protection. Because a large part of the skin damage caused by the sun already arises in childhood. Early damage is particularly dangerous because it has a long-lasting effect on the skin and significantly increases the risk of developing skin cancer. What you should pay attention to when sun protection for children, reveals this guide.

Sun-friendly clothes

The right clothing is just as important for effective sun protection. Children should always wear a cap or hat to protect the delicate areas of the face, neck and ears. The clothes should not be too tight, otherwise a heat accumulation threatens. Recommended is airy clothing that covers as much of the body as possible; ideal are long-sleeved blouses or shirts and long, wide-cut trousers. On hot summer days, parents should dress their children in bright clothes. Meanwhile, there are also fabrics with integrated UV protection, which should comply with the "UV standard 801".

Use sunscreen properly

In addition, children should be creamed with sunscreen. However, this should not be tempted to let the little ones play longer in the blazing sun. Experts also advise caution when using sun creams in babies under twelve months: The thin, sensitive baby skin absorbs more chemicals from the cream than adult skin. In addition, babies can not yet sweat properly to cool the body, and sunscreen makes the process even more difficult. 

Therefore, sunscreen should be applied to babies only fine and not the whole body. If the baby is older than twelve months, the use of sunscreen is no longer worrying. Nevertheless, parents should cream their children with lotion especially for children - this does not dry out the sensitive skin of children so much.

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Spring is definitely here, I hope not even the first sunburn. And the summer with even hotter temperatures is coming soon. We were on holiday in Italy last week and so much in the sun - the weather was great, which pleased us. It is all the more important - I noticed that again - enough to protect yourself from the sun. 


Even if the sun improves our well-being and is important for the formation of vitamin D; the UVA and UVB rays can cause DNA damage and therefore we should protect ourselves well when we are sweet. One says yes, even a sunburn is one too many. This post contains advertising *, because we were allowed to test the products of Eucerin for the mother and children and I would like to introduce them to you.




Of course, we were in our holidays a lot outside, on the terrace, in the woods, at the pool, visited small town and were once also at the sea. When the weather is fine, it's like this at home: the little one wants to get up early in the morning, only wants to eat outside at the garden table, and sometimes I have to convince him to come to the house. 

He wants to drive Bobbycar outdoors, cycling, play, excavating or helping with the spray can and the shovel in my garden. I too am out in the warm temperatures, the sun is good for me. In addition to working in the garden, we go for a walk or I go jogging and, of course, go to the outdoor pool. Since I can well put on the sun - I like the heat - but only if I am well protected. We just received a set to test Eucerin * before the holidays, so I'd like to introduce you to these products. This post contains advertising.


On the first day of our vacation, dad came to me in the evening miserable, he had burned his neck. Not well paid attention to how and where he creams with sunscreen. My son I protect well since birth (with SPF 50), without a hat, he does not leave me in the summer, even in the pool, he wears a hat with UVA protection for the swimsuit. During this holiday, it finally worked with the sunglasses. And yet we had some (funny) discussions because I had to cream his face, arms and legs. 

For example, he said, "Yes, I want sunburn," when I said he certainly did not want a sunburn. He does not know at 2.5 years what that is - fortunately never had one, because I have always taken good care. At least we had an example in the house, and I showed him that the skin is completely red and hurts. 

Reluctantly, he let himself be creamed. Sometimes it helped to talk to him about how he gets creamed in the day care center and that all the children are always creaming themselves when they're out. That was quite plausible for him. Only in the evening he said: "No sunscreen now, right?".



The protection of children's skin is especially important when it comes to sunscreen.

The following tips should be noted:

  • Always protect children with clothing, sunhat and glasses.
  • If possible, do not expose babies and children to direct sunlight (or as short as possible) and not between 11am and 3pm when the sun is shining brightest.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly, once a morning is not enough.
  • After bathing you should cream yourself again.
  • For small children and babies we recommend a sunscreen with mineral protection.
  • Eucerin Sunscreen review, blog, mom, sun protection factor 50, 30 test, sunscreen, kids, kids
  • With the children's spray, the child can cream himself without smudges.



  • Mineral sun lotion, without chemical sunscreen
  • Has a skin protection factor of 30 SPF
  • Designed for sensitive skin
  • fragrance-free
  • extra water resistant


The cream leaves no completely white skin and is pleasant to apply. I always use mineral lotion but I like it if the child does not look like it is painted white. The SPF could be higher, 30 for me is a minimum for a children's sunscreen. Leaves no sticky hands and holds well.

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Think for a moment how we treat our friends. We laugh with them, share good times, listen to them, and always try to be fair. We comfort them when things are going bad, and we would never interrupt them or allow ourselves to be distracted while they are talking to us. In the workplace, we treat our coworkers with respect...distracted while they are talking to us. In the workplace, we treat our coworkers with respect and would not dare tell them to shut up or accept a kind gesture without saying thank you. But how do we treat our spouses and children when we get home out of the view of people who admire us.

Happiness is how we treat our families

Last week I went to a banquet where the speaker spoke of the most crucial trait young people should strive to be successful in life. He said how we treat others in the workplace lays the foundation for success in life. If I were to add anything to what the speaker said that night, it would be that how we treat our families also lays the foundation for happiness in life.

For some people, it is easy to be kind to the people they work alongside. However, many successful people in the workplace are not always successful communicators in the home. A good example is a child that came quietly into the kitchen while his mother was cooking dinner. He startled her when he yelled the surprise. She became angry and scolded him for yelling and tracking mud into the house, and sent him to his room, even as he was trying to tell her something.

Later she felt terrible for yelling at her child and remembered he said he had a surprise for her. She went into his room, where he had fallen asleep on his bed. She gently woke him and asked him what the surprise he was trying to tell her about when he was in the kitchen was.

The child smiled and opened his hand to display a small crushed blue flower. “It’s for you, mom,” he said. “I found it in the grass, and I knew you would like it because it was blue.” The mother took her child in her arms and told him she was sorry for yelling at him. Children are so forgiving, and we should be glad because we sometimes fail to remember that they have feelings too.

Having a friend is a beautiful gift in life, and having a good relationship with our peers in the workplace is vital to our success. Jobs are relevant, but for most, jobs are what we do to provide for the needs of our families. If we don’t take care of the relationships we have at home, then we can lose our purpose in working so hard.

Children and spouses deserve the same respect we give to our coworkers and our friends. The essential things in life start at home. It is how we treat our families because long after the job is over, the relationship you build with your family will be there.

If we treat our children and spouses with respect we give our coworkers and share the best of ourselves with them as we do our friends, think about how relationships would grow and possibly heal.

Deana Landers
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