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6 Technical Troubleshooting Steps To Fix 500 Internal Server Error

Here, we are going to discuss this server issue with effective solutions that will help you to fix it in no time.

When you want to access a website, sometimes, you can get stuck with the webpage internal server error. This server issue may arise with different names, such as “500 Server Time out Error”, “500 Internal Server Error”, “Server Request Timeout- Error 500”, etc. As a result, you won’t able to access that specific website or webpage due to some internal problems with the server.. 

Significant Reasons Behind Internal Server Error

A lot of major reasons can be responsible for this 500 internal server error. Here, we are going to talk about them to warn you at the initial stage of this annoying issue.

• A browser cache full of unnecessary items creates a client-side issue and shows 500 internal server error.

• The client-side error may occur due to the malware issue or for device compatibility problem.

• Wrong server-side PHP coding or scripting language error sometimes prevents access to the websites.

• Server side configuration file .htaccess error is another reason behind the server side 500 timeout error.

Resolve 500 Server Timeout Error with a Few Simple Steps

Press the F5 function key from the keyboard and perform the refresh operation on that current page. If the problem still persists, then try to perform the following steps to overcome this Internal server issue effectively. However, both the server side as well as the client side setup modification is required to fix it.

In the case of the Client Side:

Clear Cookies

1. Open the browser window by clicking on the browser icon.

2. Now, click on the Customize and Control button from the right corner of the address bar.

3. Choose More Tools from the menu and click on the Clear browsing data from the sub-menu.

4. Here, you can see the list of items which you have searched on the internet. You can remove them by selecting one by one or clear all the data by clicking on the All Data and hitting the Remove button.

5. Once done, close the browser window and relaunch the browser window to check whether the 500 Server error appears on the screen or not.

Remove Malware

1. Double-click on the Antivirus software icon and launch the System security window.

2. Click on the Scan tab or click on the Scan for Virus option.

3. Now, confirm it by tapping the YES button from the resultant dialog box.

4. It will start to run automatically and identify the virus infected files and disinfect the malware.

Upgrade Windows OS

1. Type “settings” in the Cortana serach box and open the Settings window by pressing the Enter key.

2. Now, go to the System & Security menu from the list of the menu items and click on the Check For Updates button from that section.

3. Click on the YES button to confirm the Windows update process and wait until the process is done.

4. When done, reboot the system and try to launch a webpage to check whether the internal server error 500 appears on the screen or not.




For Server Side:

Increasing Timeout Values

1. Type “regedit” in the search box and hit the Enter key to open the Registry Editor window.

2. Now, locate the folder Control by following the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control”.

3. Now, right-click on that key and select the value New from the pop-up menu and click on the DWORD value(32-bit).

4. Next, add the new value in the New Value #1 field from the right side.

5. Then, rename the new value with ServicesPipeTimeout and right-click on that value.

6. Choose the Modify option and open the Edit DWORD Value window.

7. Change the Base value to Decimal and type the tie value in the Value Data field in milliseconds.

8. Finally, click the OK button to confirm the service to start and close the active windows.

9. When done, reboot the system and check whether the “500 Internal Server Timeout error” "service unavailable"  message appears on the screen or not.

Edit the .htaccess File

1. Sign in the cPanel and choose the File Manager from the Files menu tab.

2. Choose the Document Root for: and select the domain name.

3. Now, tick on the Show Hidden Files (dotfiles) checkbox and open the File Manager in the new tab by clicking the GO button.

4. Locate the .htaccess file from the list of files appearing on the screen and right-click on it.

5. Click on the Code Edit option from the pop-up menu. Here, you are asked to encode. So, click on the Edit button to continue with it.

6. After that, edit that file from the editor window and click on the Save Changes button from the right corner of the same window.

7. After applying the new changes, hit the Close button and exit from the window.

8. Finally, launch the web browser window and write down the correct URL to check whether the same problem persists or not.

Modify Access Permission

1. Right-click on the folder for which you need to modify the access permission and click the Properties from the menu.

2. After that, click on the Security tab and hit the Edit button from that Security window.

3. Now, choose the user name to give access permission. You can choose multiple users. Now, place a tick on the Access option.

4. Finally, click the OK button to apply it and hit the Ok button again to close the window.

5. Restart the system when it is done and check whether the 500 error persists or not.

Wrapping up

In the above article, we have discussed the significant reasons behind the Internal Server Error 500 with effective solutions. So, we hope this article will be beneficial to overcome this server issue immediately without any hassles.

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