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Why Prefer iOS Application Development for Your Business in 2019?

Mobile apps have become the lifeline of the business world. Every startup and established business is embracing mobile technology into their processes and looking ahead to a mobile-powered future.

In such a scenario, if you are someone still confused if you should go with Android or invest in iPhone app development in 2019, this article will be a good read for you.

Here, I will share some of the prime reasons why you should build an iPhone mobile app for your business. But before that, let’s have a look at some market statistics:-

  1. Apple’s app store had 2 million apps in 2018.
  2.  In Sept 2018, nearly 9.77% of the active mobile apps were business apps in the App Store.
  3.  The App store revenue recorded in Q3 2018 was almost 93% higher than that of Google Play Store.

Now as we have seen some of the interesting facts related to iPhone mobile apps, let’s look ahead to different reasons of developing an iPhone business app in 2019:-

Reach to Tech-Savvy Audience

Unlike Android, iPhone holds a sophisticated and tech-savvy user base. This makes the platform a good choice if you do not want to waste your efforts into targeting a wider audience, screening out the tech-savvy audience and then, target them. In simpler terms, the platform make it possible for the businesses to easily get in touch with the audience they want to cater and speed up their processes.

Better Market Reputation

Everyone knows that Apple follows a stringent regulations when it comes to submitting an app on the App Store. This brings a confidence among the users that if your business app is live in the App Store, that means it is great to go. An outcome of which is that they

Enhanced User Experience

Another reasons why business turn towards iOS application development is that the Apple store has set some guidelines regarding the app UI, performance, quality, and other such aspects. All the apps targeting App store have to follow these guidelines to get approved and enter the mobile market.

This approach encourages the developers and business owners to introduce only those elements into their app project that attracts their potential customers and offer them impressive user experience.

No Platform Fragmentation

Another factor that makes iPhone applications development win battle over Android is that the platform is not fragmented like Android. It is available only on a limited set of devices that are directly under the control of Apple, which means you need not struggle with determining what platforms to target and how to design an application that fits to the architecture of each device.

Faster Development

Apart from platform fragmentation, an iPhone mobile application development also ensures higher faster development with the involvement of short codes and faster emulators that saves time and efforts.

Higher App Performance and Quality

Unlike Android, an iOS mobile application gets developed faster which serves the iPhone mobile applications development companies with adequate time to turn towards quality assurance process.

Besides, the platform offers a list of guidelines to follow and faster and effective emulators which aids the developers to know what and how to deliver a bug-free, high-quality application with better performance.

Sky-High Revenue

Another reason that brings a major impact on the decision of choosing between iOS and Android for business app development is revenue generation. As already shared in the article, App store generates nearly 93% more revenue than the Google Play Store - majorly because of targeting a sophisticated tech-savvy user base.

So, if you are someone looking forward to making money from an app in 2019, iOS mobile applications development is undoubtedly the best choice to make.

Higher User Retention Rate

An iPhone mobile application targets a tech-savvy audience who are genuinely looking forward for the service that the app offers. Besides, the application delivers high-end customized, faster and secure experience to their audience, which prompts them to remain stick to the platform - an outcome of which is higher user retention rate.

So, in case you want to build a long-term relationship with your audience, discussing your app idea with iPhone mobile applications development companies is apt for you.

Robust Security

Be it data replication or theft, an iOS mobile application offers a better approach than Android in terms of delivering a seamless and secure experience. An iPhone mobile app development environment constitutes a vast range of high-end security tools and measures that help the business owners and developers to prevent data breaches and ensure higher and secure experience to their target audience. In simpler terms, iOS application development deliver a highly secure experience when compared to Android app development, which make it a better option when it comes to building a business mobile app.

Now as you are familiar with the prime reasons why iOS application development is considered as the first choice by businesses, what is your plan? Are you ready to integrate an iPhone app with your business processes? If so, consult the best iOS app development companies today itself.

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