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Tips for Creating a High-Converting Facebook Post

Most people fall short when it comes to how to create a high-converting post, and the reason for that has to do with some simple principles that are available for all and can be quite easily implemented.

Most people fall short when it comes to how to create a high-converting post, and the reason for that has to do with some simple principles that are available for all and can be quite easily implemented.


The obsession with getting as much "juice" as you can from a new Facebook post often leads to very disappointing results, so let's discuss what you should take into account in order to avoid falling into that trap.

Tip #1 Keep things short

According to a report by Fast Company, the ideal length of a Facebook post is 40 characters . Posts with fewer than 80 characters earn 66% more engagement than longer posts, and that has to do with the reason why people spend time on social media . Let's explain how it works.

How many people are there to read endless posts? Very few, probably close to none. People scan through so many posts and tap only the things that catch their eyes in a few seconds, or even less.

Also, according to the same report, headlines perform the best when they're around five words long. Keep things as short as you can and always think about compelling titles that will stand out and draw people's attention.

Tip #2 Expose your products in action

When people see a particular product for the first time, they generally have several questions about it. How does it look in reality (i.e., does it look the same as in the pictures)? How does it perform?

Is it high-quality? Your post should address these questions, and your audience should get answers without going through a lot of searches online.

Showing your products in life humanizes your offerings, and it helps potential customers to visualize themselves using and interacting with your product after they make the purchase. Paid ads, such as video or banner ads(like on marketing platforms such as Bannerbit.com) follow the same principles, so why shouldn't you do the same?

Tip #3 Show how real people use your products

It's incredible to see how someone reacts to pictures of other peoples using a particular product. It gives a sense of genuineness, and potential customers will begin picturing themselves wearing or using your products.

Put your products in different postures, funny or challenging, so that people will be able to see what they are buying in action. Whatever could be appealing to your audience, even wearing (if relevant) or using your products in some way or another, will showcase some of the different ways it could be used, while also stimulate visualization.

Pictures (and videos as well) with your products will create a closer bond between your potential customers and what they consider to buy. If your Facebook posts include detail-oriented pictures, as described above, you'll definitely be one step ahead in your Facebook marketing journey.

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Social Media management has frowned its initial steps of development. The ease to access social media is giving rise to the implementation of new technological moves.

The social media marketing is one such advanced step to hit the sales, anticipating the actual requirement of the targeted audience with further avoidance of false attempts in business.

Social media consulting services offer great reliability in sorting the levels for the requirement of the business as well as the customer.

The tools designed specially to generate and access quality leads info, deals with various dropbacks of searches such as organic search, inorganic search, event data, social media leads. The leads generated from social media is considered as one of the best forms of leads for generating the quality sale value.

What Do You Understand by Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of identifying and nurturing a promising customer over the span of time.

Generally, the customers are targeted through various marketing mediums with the practice to define a set of pros to them and eventually turn them consumer of the product or paying customer.

Job applications, claim of credit card, products in the interest of one are some prevailed terms used as the process involving lead generation mode.

Ways to Produce Quality Leads Through Social Media:

With the advent of technology, the organizations are employing new medium for propagating the skills of marketing. One such is social media marketing which bolsters the organization and business to accommodate the means of social media in generating the quality leads through the streamlined process.

Software like, Lead Squared, Get Response, Oracle Eloqua are some famous names in the domain of marketing, commonly used by the business development executives to manage the recordset of leads.

Social media is the prominent term, overlapping the modes of working. Social media marketing allows the one to draft the technology in favor of integrating business values.

The marketer keenly observes the moves of targeted customers and cultivate them in order to draw value, escalating the revenue of the business.

If you as an organization are planning to consider the moves of extracting quality leads from social media. Following are time-tested keys, that could be helpful for moving with the step to draft cent-percentage value:

• Analyze the Value of Media Channel:
Today, there are ‘n’ numbers of digital social media channels. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the type of channel needed by your organization for completing the purpose of marketing.

Facebook stills rules the digital belvedere in true form by targeting each sector of business, lying in all domains. Also, LinkedIn fulfills the requirement of targeting the B2B customers whereas, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others target the ground of hitting the local ground of customers.

Thus, it is prominent to identify the need for the type of lead and its associated social media platform to driving the maximum value.

• Anticipate the Need of Customers:
One can extract the quality from the lead if the organization follows the moves as directed by
social media consulting services.

It is essential for an organization to anticipate the obligation of the customer, in order to plan the progressive strategy of the marketing process.

One can easily understand their needs through conducting timely surveys, polls and discussion forums.

• Social Media Advertisements:
The organization can easily estimate the value of the potential customer if he/she redirects to the organization’s landing page in any of the forms.

The team of digital marketing can post advertisements pertaining to the product on various platforms, which can be further helpful in getting an attractive range of customers.

Therefore, it safe to assume the interest of an individual for continuing the process of further lead cultivation.

• Value-Generic Contests:
Organizing the value-based contests on social media page bolsters in gleaming among the sights of the customers.

Contests should be engaging in nature with a lucrative set of rewards. The limelight generated through social media contest series aids in recognizing the qualifying leads.

• Geo-Targeted Leads:
When one switches to any mode of social media platform, the channel asks for some prerequisites like access to the location.

Thus, the in-house team of marketing or social media consulting services can provide value-based content pertaining to the location of specific customers inflating the rate of conversions.

In Conclusion:

Business is implementing medium of social media in day to day basis for continuous screening of potential leads.

These discussed strategies can bolster the factor in favor of conversions by targeting the mass of the targeted audience based on their interest.

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