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Hatim TV Series Cast Original Names with Photographs

Hatim TV Series Cast Original Names with Photographs details given here. The first episode of Hatim TV Series was premiered on December 26, 2003 and the last episode was aired on November 12, 2004. This TV series had completed 47 episodes on Star Plus. Sagar Films Private Limited had produced this TV serial.

Hatim TV Series Cast Original Names with Photographs details given here. The first episode of Hatim TV Series was premiered on December 26, 2003 and the last episode was aired on November 12, 2004. This TV series had completed 47 episodes on Star Plus. Sagar Films Private Limited had produced this TV serial. It was one of the most popular TV series on Star Plus. We have provided all characters real names (original names) with photographs. So, let's read.

Fast Facts about Hatim TV Series
  • First premiered on December 26, 2003
  • Last premiered on November 12, 2004
  • Total number of episodes: 47
  • Production Location: Baroda, Gujarat (India)
  • Original Channel: Star Plus
  • Production Company: Sagar Films Private Limited

Hatim TV Series Cast Original Names with Photographs

hatim_aka_rahil_azamHatim original name is Rahil Azam

jasmine_aka_pooja_rawalJasmine original name is Pooja Rawal

hobo_aka_kiku_shardaHobo original name is Kiku Sharda

dajjal_aka_nirmal_pandeyDajjal original name is Nirmal Pandey

Evil-Najjomi-original-name-is-Vijay-GanjuEvil Najjomi original name is Vijay Ganju

Sunayna-original-name-is-Aditi-Pratap Sunayna original name is Aditi Pratap

Vishal original name is Romit Raaj
Badshah of Yemen original name is Ravi Khanvilkar
Queen of Paristan original name is Reshma
King of Paristan original name is Tom Alter
Queen of Yemen original name is Neha Bam
Zalima original name is Jaya Bhattacharya
Battila original name is Rushali
Queen Nadira original name is Usha Bachani
Azlaf original name is Kumar Hegde
Rubina original name is Kishwar Merchant
Mallika-e-Hayat original name is Manasi Verma
Pasha original name is Tej Sapru
Shakila original name is Shilpa Shinde
Maya original name is Amrapali Gupta

We expect that the information on Hatim TV Series Cast Original Names with Photographs will be useful to all the fans of this amazing and interesting TV series.

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