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Easy Creative and Inexpensive Gift Wrap Boxes Ideas

Preparing gifts for our loved ones is an activity almost all of us involve in every now and then.

Preparing gifts for our loved ones is an activity almost all of us involved in every now and then. As difficult as it may sound to get quality gift boxes for your gifts, they can be creative, inexpensive and effective at the same time. When you have just the right skills with that creativity in your approach, you can design your very own gift Wrap Boxes very affordable.


Beautiful and inexpensive Wrap Gift Boxes are very much possible using nothing but every day available items. There is also no one right way of making these affordable gift boxes. Here are few of the best and most creative ideas for inexpensive gift packaging boxes:

Reusing a Gift Box with New Wrapping Paper

If you have an old gift box lying around in your store or under the bed, it can yet be reused again. Gift wrapping paper is available very cheaply in the market. You can get high-quality wrapping paper for about a dollar or not much more than that.

Make sure to glue your wrapping paper neatly on your old box. Use glue or any other paper adhesives for the entire surface of your box to ensure a flat stick. You can also use any custom gift cars on top of these boxes to make them look and feel even better.

Repurposed Gift Wrap Boxes

Gift Wrap Boxes are actually not much different than any other packaging boxes. If you have any other types of packaging boxes that are incorrect sizes, they can be used effectively for gift packaging. These boxes to be repurposed done even have to be accurate in size, using specific inserts, you can adjust your gift items accordingly.


Here again, you will need to purchase some inexpensive wrapping paper and wrap it nicely on your boxes. Any large enough boxes can be repurposed. Make sure to clean your boxes from the inside removing any leftovers from the prior packaged products.

Easy DIY Cardstock Wrap Gift Boxes

Given the right DIY crafting skills and a bit of creativity, you can design your very own Wrap Gift Boxes. You will need:

• A large sheet of cardstock materials in your required thickness grade

• A gift box template that you can easily find in the right sizes online

• Kraft knife or the pair of scissors

• Glue or other adhesives

• Bone folder for accurate folds

• Wrapping paper along with other embellishments of your choice

Make sure to cut out the correct and accurate box designs. Fold on the folding lines and glue the edges perfectly. That’s all it takes. Wrap your paper on top and your gift box is ready to be used on whatever occasions or event.

Turn That Old Shoe Box Into a Gift Wrap Box

Do you have a large shoe box tucked away somewhere? The thing with shoeboxes is that they are made from durable and rigid cardstock materials. If you have one in the right size, these can be used as perfect gift boxes as well. Make sure to have their lids at hand as well as they will come useful for closing the box accurately.

You can either flatten out the shoebox for gift-wrapping or wrap it in its current shape and state. Wrap on its lid as well on the outside making the whole box look in one design theme. These shoe boxes are actually perfect for larger gifts. You can also use paper, plastic or fabric inserts to fill up the extra space in these boxes if they are too big. Make sure to pack your gifts in these nice and snug. Least they will be able to move in their box, lesser chances they will have to get damaged.


A Gift Wrap Bag for Non-Fragile Gift Items

Why have a gift wrap box at all when you can make do with a bag? For non-fragile gift items like some small toys, balls, and other items, a wrapping paper bag is a perfect idea. This might just be the most inexpensive gift box idea on our list as well. All you need is some thick gift wrap paper in any color and design combination that you prefer. You can also get some chart paper or other thick paper for a second inner layer when required as well.

• Place the wrapping paper sheet and the second layer of paper on top of it flat on a surface.

• Place your gift item right in the middle of the sheets and then fold them with your hand.

• Put rubber bands in tight formation on the neck of the paper to make it look neat.

• Leave about 2 inches of wrapping paper out of the rubber bands and cut easy grip cutouts on two opposite sides

Now you should be able to grab this new bag created from nothing but gift wrap paper at the handles with your gifts inside.

Gift Wrap Box Made Out of Chart Paper

Chart paper is durable. When you get it in high thickness grades, it can be sturdy and rigid as well. If you wish to replace the retail box your gift items arrive in with a new gift box, chart paper can be just the material you are looking for.


Get a chart paper in your required color and cut out your box shape out if it. Get your gift items in their custom inserts like electronic items, decoration pieces etc. and place in the middle of your chart paper box. Finish up this box nicely with optional wrapping paper or custom hand-written messages.

Gift Wrapping a Retail Product Box

When you gift items arrive in nice feeling boxes of their own, you can use them as gift boxes as well. Just get some beautiful wrapping paper from the market and wrap it nicely on top of your gift product’s retail box.

Use external embellishments or gift cards along with this wrapping paper idea to make the gift look and feel better.

Cheap Gift Boxes from the Market

While packaging your gifts in beautiful Wrap Boxes, one idea that will always do well is getting cheap gift wrap boxes from gift shops. Gift shops these days sell very beautifully wrapped boxes that are available cheaply as well.

All you need to do is to pick the right designs for your gift boxes with wrapping paper on them. These will be made from inexpensive materials at their core. As long as they look good, that shouldn’t matter at all.

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