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Design Custom Boxes and Get Branded Packaging

Custom boxes are used for branding of items. These boxes are exclusively designed according to the requirement of the product. They can be decorated with printing.

The demand for customized packaging has been increased over the past few years, and now it has become a necessity of the brands as well as the retailers to have their own customized packaging solutions. The reason why the demand has increased is that it is the most appropriate type of packaging that can hold the items of different size, shapes, volume, and nature perfectly well. But that is not the only reason; the brands prefer these casings because they are much economical than the regular boxes. Getting a regular type of packaging and molding it according to the products’ requirement is costly as well as much hectic than getting the cheap boxes that are exclusively designed for a specific item. A perfectly baked cake will look tastier when it is packed in an appropriate, product-oriented packaging instead of an ordinary box that might spoil the shape and the taste of the cake. A number of advantages are there that can be availed for such boxes. Following are some of the key features associated with them.


Customization of the package

The most significant advantage of these containers is that they come with a lot of customization opportunities. Since these boxes are used for the items that are not similar to each other because of their size and nature, they come in different sizes and designs to perfectly handle the items of various types. The customers can choose the dimensions of these custom boxes according to the requirement of the product.

Further customization options include the addition of a die-cut window to give the product an ample amount of display, double layering of the walls or the bottom to make the box extra protective for fragile items and the addition of attached or detachable top cover.


Since designing a box are a tedious task, and most of the time, the clients get annoyed by it. To ease their burden and provide them a perfect design, many online packaging manufacturing companies offer free of cost design support to their clients that comes from highly skilled and professional designers.

The luxury of printing

Customization is not the only great thing about such cartons, but they can be equipped with the powerful tool of printing. Printing beautifies the packaging just like makeup does the humans. This luxury is available with a lot of customizations as well. The customers can pick their favorite color combination from pre-set groups, or they can also choose their desired color scheme for the packaging. Many leading brands use this commodity to make the packaging more related to them with the help of customized color scheme, font style, and exclusive design of the boxing. The lamination and the foiling is another option in the printing that enhances the attractiveness of the package as well as protects the container as well as the printed design from scratches and makes it water-resistant.


Choosing the right material

Different types of products demand casings that are manufactured with different types of material. Choosing the right type of material is another feature exclusively associated with the custom boxes. Usually, such cartons are made of cardboard stock or Kraft stock, but other sorts of materials can also be used for them. These materials include paper stock and bux board stock that the customers can choose according to their need and the type of product that is to be packed in them.

One thing that is common in all these types of materials is that they are completely organic and green packaging materials and are perfectly safe for the food items as well as other products. The most significant plus point of organic material is that it is perfectly safe for the natural environment as it can easily be reused, recycled as well as decomposed.

Additional sleeves and partitions

Another important feature that makes these boxes unique and significant for branding the items is the addition of sleeves, partition, and handles. This feature makes these casings spacious, handy, fashionable, and reliable. Sleeves are used inside the box to utilize its maximum space in an organized manner such as chocolate balls look much better when they are placed in a box that has dedicated slots in it instead of a box that has no slots, and the balls are rolling here and there, and ultimately they will lose their shape and taste.


The addition of a handle at the top or on the side of the container makes it easier for the retailer to display the item in a limited space as the handle can be used to hang the container. At the same time, it also makes it easier for the buyer to hold the package without any hassle. This is the reason why most of the food brands use to have a customized handle in their take away packages.

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Different types of packaging in unique appearance, shapes, colours, and various sizes help in getting more audience, creating a distinctive image of the brand and products.

Customization has made it easy for the companies to get various types of packaging that gives a unique appearance to every product in the most stylish and trendy manner. Cardboard is the miraculous material that is used to make packaging that is durable, stylish, trendy, premium quality, and sustainable. Competition among the brands has made it challenging for the companies to create distinction among the products. Paperboard packaging boxes are customizable in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs that represent the company and provide secure containment to the products. Paperboard is the most economical packaging solution that is available in the market.

Oh yes, it is a watch from the brand that has a very smooth box with a shiny glazed logo in the centre of the lid that has metallic prints on the sides. Are you talking about the brand that makes a box with magnetic closure and details under the box in a very stylish font?

Consumers use the description of packaging boxes to tell others about a particular product or brand. A well-developed business is mostly known by or told by the packaging of its products. Packaging works like the face of the company, just like the people are known and judged by their appearance or the way they look and represent, among others.


Custom packaging

Custom packaging gives the full control in the hands of the companies to create their packing boxes in every possible shape and size using the material of their choice that is capable of keeping the product safe and is attractive enough to grab the attention of the customers.

Types of packaging

Thanks to customization that we can play with the designs and dimensions of a packaging box, unlike the old times. There are various types of packaging that fulfil different purposes for different products and companies. With the advancement and increase in the competition among the brands, it has become challenging for the brands to come up with a different type of packaging that sparks excitement in the customers, and the same box is not able to give a unique feel to a different type of product.

Paper is the only material that gives a secure, durable, sustainable, and the most affordable packaging to the products of any kind.

1. Paperboard packaging

It is the thinnest and the lightest weight packaging material that is perfect for carrying single items like grocery items etc.

2. Corrugated cardboard packaging

It is the strongest of all the types of packaging boxes that are manufactured from paper. These boxes contain a middle fluted layer that increases the strength of the boxes, which is adjustable, the number of layers means stronger the box is.


3. Kraft paper packaging

Kraft paper is the most versatile packaging material made from paper. It has a default brown box because of a different way of manufacturing. Kraft paper is brown because it does not pass through the process of bleaching, which makes it chemical-free, perfect for food packaging.

Types of packaging boxes

All of these materials give amazing packaging boxes that create uniqueness in the brands.

• Round boxes

• Gable boxes

• Pillow boxes

• Magnetic closure boxes

• Boxes with lids

• Window cutout boxes

• Tray boxes

• Sliding/drawer boxes

• Compartment boxes



Different types of packaging boxes create a completely different vibe of the product and the brand because of their unique appearance. It provides an opportunity for companies. They can get their packaging boxes according to the type of the product to give an authentic appearance rather than using the same box. Various types of packaging paper make it easy to customize them according to the image of the product you want to depict in the market. Shapes & Sizes are not any issues because of customization techniques like a die-cutting technique that allows any shape to be formed and also because of the flexibility of the paperboard packaging.

Designing in the colours of your choice with images, patterns, illustrations, animations, company name or logo, and personalized information regarding the product is not possible with the latest laser printing, screen printing, and ink-jet printing. Additional embellishments like lamination, foiling, and embossing gives a polished look to the packaging boxes.


You can create different types of packaging for products because it increases the sales in ways like;

• Better presentation of the product

• Brand awareness

• Grab attention

• Create diversity among the brands

• Marketing of the products

• More secure and durable packaging according to the products

• Perfectly fitting boxes

You can get all types of packaging or food or any other product in wholesale as they offer the lowest possible rates without compromising the quality of the boxes. The cheapest packaging material can be enhanced with customization. It is not only attractive and functional but also responsible because of its sustainability.

It is a win-win situation for all!

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