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Celebrate your 50th Birthday in Style by Ordering Sumptuous Food for the Party

50th birthday is definitely a special occasion as you reach a golden age after putting in years of hard work slogging for your family. This special birthday requires meticulous planning to make it a memorable night and you must spare sufficient time to plan the event and make it a success. Take few days off from work and sit down with your family members to chalk out an entertaining program for your special guests. When it comes to choosing the venue, you can plan the celebrations at home or hire a banquet hall for the event depending on your budget. Choose a popular theme for your 50th birthday as it will increase the fun quotient and give the guests an opportunity to dress up accordingly for the event.


 Good food is a prerequisite for any event and you must hire a professional caterer for the birthday catering in Melbourne. Organize a food sampling session with multiple caterers in advance and shortlist the one who meets your expectations in terms of taste, quality and presentation. Preparing a guest list for your 50th birthday is another crucial task and you must not miss out on your friends and acquaintances who are eagerly looking forward to celebrate the special occasion with you. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes while finalizing the food and beverage menu with the caterer and do not miss out on special meals for vegetarians. Have a special menu for children as they are going to be an important part of the celebrations.

If you are planning your 50th birthday party at a resort then it is important to check out the food quality by paying a visit in advance and if you are not satisfied with the menu and presentation then consider hiring a private caterer for the event. A professional catering company would organize birthday party catering in Melbourne as per your standards and design a personalized menu to suit your event. The caterer will also clean up the venue after the party is over. You can also ask the caterer to arrange for decoration and music for the event as your 50th birthday party would be incomplete without music and dance.

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Your 50th birthday is going to be a special event for the entire family so take their inputs on over all planning of the event and ask for their valuable suggestions about the food to be served in the party. When it comes to selection of wines for the party, ask your guests to suggest their favorite drink and make sure you have enough stock to last the evening as everyone would be in a mood indulge a little extra. Last but not the least make sure that the caterer serves fresh food and not the stored or packaged food for the event.     

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Catering is the heart of any event. It is a sure-shot way of absolutely WOWing your guests. Hence, it should always be at the top of your party planner. You can probably handle it for a small office gathering or reunion. But when it comes to even the smallest of sizable events, calculating how many months you have to feed and then preparing the food accordingly without wasting anything is a mammoth task.

That is why catering services are so important. But these days there are way too many catering options out there. Choosing the right one for your particular occasion can quickly become a headache. That is why we have compiled a list of all the different kinds of catering options for you to choose from.


Wedding services

All of us know about this. We have all been to a wedding. So it shouldn't come to you as a surprise that an excellent wedding catering service will make your special day even more special. Wedding catering includes multiple courses that include lunch, dinner, and even breakfasts. You are at complete liberty of designing your menu; giving you full control over everything.

Cocktail services

This can serve as that extra touch that makes your event a lot more memorable. A sure shot way to impress your attendees. On top of that, some catering services even offer an "any call cocktail" service, that is sure to keep the party going.

Buffet Catering:

This "all you can eat" service is a very safe bet to keep your guests satisfied. They have the complete freedom of eating whatever they want and how much they want. For this reason, this has become one of the most preferred choices among people.

Take-Away Catering

At first, the words "Take-Away Catering" can seem a bit out of place but rest assured it is a very popular and well-reviewed system. Companies or shops that offer these kinds of services meticulously craft their menus for every occasion. This is a hassle-free method of feeding your guest, especially when you have a very hectic schedule.

Concession Catering

This type of catering is typically found in significant events like sports events, rally events, etc. Their menus are specifically geared toward pleasing the general masses. Serving items like hot dogs, hamburgers, chili cheese fries, and ice cream. Everyone can find something they like from these menus.

Corporate Catering

Corporate catering services, as the name suggests, provide catering services for corporate events. Generally providing items like chips, sandwiches, and other snacking items for small corporate events. But don't be surprised to see them at any of the big events too. They are perfectly capable of serving a big crowd.

Food Truck Catering

Seems like an odd choice, right? But trust us, this is perfect for small outdoor events. You can even hire multiple food trucks to spice up that menu a bit further. They generally don't require too much manpower and can serve some of the most gourmet dishes. They can genuinely be an eyebrow-raiser for your guests.

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