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What Should Be Included in a Used Car Purchase?

Given the fluctuating price of gasoline these days, it comes as no surprise to see people shopping the used car lots for their next vehicle.

Given the fluctuating price of gasoline these days, it comes as no surprise to see people shopping the used car lots for their next vehicle. While newer models of automobiles may offer more fuel-efficient alternatives, one may still find a pre-owned gem for a good price that also offers good gas mileage. It's important to note, however, that buying used as opposed to getting a new car isn't that much different. When you decide to walk onto that lot and speak with a salesperson about driving home a vehicle, you want to be sure you are getting everything to which you are entitled.

When buying a new car, very likely you receive information on manufacturer warranties and similar extras. Some warranties may still apply during the purchase of a pre-owned car - it will depend on the age of the car and the manufacturer, so be sure to ask. Other things one should expect while shopping for used cars include:

1) CARFAX and other papers confirming the car's history. You should everything about the car you plan to buy - who owned it, how many miles are on it, and whether or not it was involved in any accidents. You don't want to purchase a car and come to find some problems are connected to damage you didn't know about.

2) A clear payment schedule. Many used lots offer different options for purchase and financing. Before signing any commitment, know exactly what you will pay for the car, how much per payment and when it is due. Know who will receive the money as well.

3) Warranty information. Not every used car will come with the original manufacturer's warranty. In the case of an "as is" sale, you get what you see at face value. Still, a dealer must disclose the car's history. It is required by law by the dealership to provide a buyer's guide for every car on sale.

4) Everything in writing. Even if you know the dealership and friends have vouched for them, you should resist the urge to do any handshake spoken deals. That may come back to haunt you should the car not work for you. For everything involved in the purchase of your car, you need written confirmation.

Used Car Buying Service doesn't need to be a hassle. In order to protect yourself, however, make sure you come away with the proper paperwork.

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One thing’s for sure – Australians love their commercial vehicles, especially in Queensland. They’re everywhere! And even once they’ve retired from their working life, they are often transformed into campervans to continue their adventures.

It’s important to remember that having a commercial vehicle is very different in some respects from having a car. It requires different safety checks, different registration and different servicing and repairs.

Once you reach a certain size of commercial vehicle, it can also affect where you take it for servicing, as not all workshops are equipped for larger vehicles. And if it is a European model, you will need to take the vehicle to a specialist technician for best results.

It is extremely important to keep commercial vehicle services up-to-date, especially if you are relying on the vehicle for work. It is altogether more efficient and cost-effective to prevent rather than cure.

Commercial Vehicle Services

One of the biggest problems faced by owners of commercial vehicles in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, is unexpected breakdowns. It’s never going to be convenient and you can almost guarantee it will happen at the worst possible time.

Whatever business you’re in, a breakdown is likely to affect your customers and your income. It means you or your employee are unable to get to the customer for starters. What if it was an emergency? What if the vehicle was carrying an urgent delivery, or refrigerated goods? It’s a stressful situation for sure.

Then, to make matters worse, it will probably cost more to repair than it would have to prevent.

Another ‘biggie’ is safety. If you fail to properly maintain your commercial vehicle, and it is involved in an accident, you could face very serious consequences. Apart from the legal and insurance implications, there’s the safety of your employees to consider. You could also end up paying out a lot of money in Workcover.

Commercial Vehicles Brisbane

Remember, your commercial vehicle can be pulled over at any time by the police or safety inspectors. You could end up with a handful of defect notices and some hefty fines.

All this can be avoided by regularly using commercial vehicle services. Well maintained commercial vehicles run more efficiently and use less fuel – one of the biggest business costs. As they are less likely to break down, you will be able to keep your customers happy, too.

In most cases, it’s not the business owner is against regular servicing, it’s just difficult to fit it in. If you only have one vehicle, you know that vehicle will be off the road for a couple of hours. However, isn’t that better than being off the road for days? Or losing your licence?

If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, you may wish to consider a fleet management arrangement. Your mechanic will keep records of your vehicles and will be able to stagger servicing dates and repairs to suit you.

Innovative Technology

The good news is that commercial vehicle manufacturers are heavily investing in new innovative technology to make the vehicles more durable, reliable and eco-friendly, as well as comfortable to drive. Expect to see more hybrid vans over the next year or two.

Intelligent navigation will no doubt be welcomed by any tradie or delivery driver who has quite literally driven around in circles to find a destination! In addition, the GPS data is sent to the engine control system to select the most efficient rpm.

Of course, safety is also in the spotlight, as well as the prospect of autonomous driving. Increased digitalization will make it far easier to manage a fleet of commercial vehicles in Brisbane and Australia-wide.

Some of the best commercial vans come from Europe, with marques like Mercedes and Renault leading the way. Renault is Europe’s largest producer of light commercial vehicles, including the Kangoo, Trafic and Master.

European Commercial Vehicles

It is really important to use European commercial vehicle services, to keep your van in peak condition and ensure many years of trouble-free service. European vehicles are very advanced and should only be worked on by master technicians, trained on those particular marques.

If you’re in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, you’re well covered by SVS Autocare. These very experienced European master technicians – supported by the best customer service professionals – offer the region’s #1 service in after-market care. Sounds expensive, you may think, but the fact is, they generally charge less than the dealership, as their overheads are less.

Many commercial vehicle dealerships will tell you the vehicle must be returned to them for servicing, to maintain your warranty. This isn’t true. By law, you can take the vehicle to any registered mechanic for log book servicing.

But only choose mechanics who are trained on those vehicles and who use genuine parts and products. That way, your commercial vehicle will continue to be a reliable business asset.

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