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Diabetes management: Tips to Control Diabetes

The more blood sugar level is stable the healthier you are. You can control diabetes diseases by just changing the daily routines.

The more blood sugar level is stable the healthier you are. You can control diabetes diseases by just changing the daily routines. The greatest numbers of people who have diabetes are between 40 to 59 years of age. Diabetes caused 4 million deaths. In diabetes keeping your blood sugar level within the range is difficult and challenging. We do several activities and many eat many foods which can change the blood sugar level in the body. Here are some primary causes that change your blood sugar level.



As you know, a healthy diet makes the whole body fit and agile. Beside this, it also helps us to fulfil the requirements of the body. If you have diabetes, you should know which food directly affect the blood sugar level.

Blood sugar level also depends on which type of food and which combination of food do you eat.

• Learn about the portion of the diet

The first step in food management in diabetes is to count the intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is the foods which have a big impact on your sugar level in blood.

Learn what proportion size is appropriate for each type of food. Simply make the meal planning by making a chart of portion and food that you eat often. You can use a measuring cup or a scale to ensure the proper portion size and accurate carbohydrate count.

• Make your meal well balanced

If possible, you should make your meal by mixing of starches, fruits, and vegetables. In diabetes, some carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits and whole grain are much better than others. These foods contain fewer carbohydrates and contain a handsome amount of fibre that helps to keep your blood sugar level more stable.



Physical exercise whether aerobic or anaerobic is an important part of your diabetes management plan. You need to know that when you exercise, the muscles of the body use glucose for energy. Regular exercise also helps you to use insulin more efficiently.

The factors lower your blood sugar levels. The more arduous you exercise the longer effects it has. Even light physical activities like gardening or housework can improve your blood sugar level.

• Consult the doctor about an exercise plan

Ask your doctor about what type of exercise is suitable for you. In general, most adults should exercise 30 minutes most of the days in a week. If you were inactive for a long time, your doctor may check your overall health before advising you.

• Stay hydrated

Drink enough water or other liquids while exercising, because dehydration affects the blood sugar level directly.

• Keep a schedule

Talk to your doctor about the best time for you to exercise so that your workout routine is coordinated with your meal and medication schedule.



Diabetes medications such as insulin are designed to lower the blood sugar level in your body. You may use it if the diet and exercise aren’t working sufficiently. You can buy metformin online and keep in mind that medications you take along with insulin can also affect the sugar level.

• Store Insulin properly

Insulin or diabetic medications should be stored between 36°F and 46°F. If unused insulin stored properly, then these medicines will be good until the expiration date listed on insulin.

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Most of the people prefer a drink with a dinner. It is very common, when people gathered for the celebration, then people always prefer alcohol. There is a different range of alcohol available, but it would be good to have a drink which will be healthy and safe for the body. Thus the best option is the wine. Wine is the center of happiness; it relaxes the mind and brings the smile to faces. Here are top surprising health benefits of drinking wine and they are:

1. It Boosts the Immune System


If you want to boost your immune system, then you can drink a glass of wine every day. One glass will be perfect to boost the immune system; the excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to the negative effects that will defeat the whole reason for drinking wine to boost the immune system. No other drink is better than wine, so if you want a healthy alcohol drink then go with a wine. If you want to give a gift to your dear one, then you can look for the online wine delivery option.

2. It Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease


Heart disease is the very common problem among the people. So, in the battle against the heart disease, it will be always better to take all the precautions which are well worthy of it. Wine helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Red wine contained the procyanidins - phenols that will neutralize the free radicals, and it is effective in preventing the cardiovascular or heart diseases. If you want to reduce the risk of heart diseases, then prefer red wine.

3. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes


It has proven that the drinkers wine has almost 30 percent less risk of having type 2 diabetes as compared to nondrinkers of wine. It is studied in the reputed university that drinking a wine (in a limited unit) will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. If you want to be healthy and lower the risk of diabetes, then you must have to prefer the wine rather than any other drink.

4. Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer


If you consume the wine moderately then it will cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent. Usually, people prefer red wine because it has the properties that will cut the risk of colon cancer. It is really surprising that consuming the wine will protect our body from major health diseases. If you are consuming any other alcoholic drink, then it will be better to replace it with wine.

5. Promotes Longevity


If you are a regular alcoholic drinker, then you are impacting your negatively because alcohol affects a body a lot. If you are a wine drinker, then you will have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than any other drinkers like beer or spirits drinkers. The wine promotes longevity. So, if you want to give the best wishes to your beloved one who drinks wine, then you can buy gift online for him.

6. It can sharpen your Mind


The regular drinker of alcohol will have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline. There are ingredients in wine that will promote better help. Moreover, the flavanols in wine protect the body’s cell that supports the healthy body vessels. And it has a psychological benefit that can improve the blood flow to the brain and can sharpen the mind. If you want to sharpen your mind, then stop drinking other alcoholic drink, instead of any other drink, you can prefer the wine because it has many health benefits.

These are the surprising health benefits if drinking wine. If you are thinking that wine will affect your body negatively, then do not worry, you can consume the wine, but in a limited quantity only because the excessive amount of anything will have a negative effect.

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