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WordPress has become the choice for businesses and blog owners. The simplicity and great features that come with WordPress have added fame to it. There is no doubt that it is loaded with some exciting features but sadly, it is not sufficient for a thriving business site. In this competing world

WordPress has become the choice for businesses and blog owners. The simplicity and great features that come with WordPress have added fame to it. There is no doubt that it is loaded with some exciting features but sadly, it is not sufficient for a thriving business site. In this competing world, to derive the best from your business you need to do something extra in WordPress. Yes, you need to add plug-ins in addition that will smoothen certain processes for your visitors and for you. These third-party plug-ins take WordPress from a blogging platform to a system that manages business content. Plug-ins are available for SEO, anti-spam, content sharing, commenting, bookmarking and image optimization.

Plug-ins are codes which need to be activated once so that they automatically drive in themselves into your website. Wordpress Plug-ins can be directly added to your WordPress site from the WordPress dashboard. Choose “plug-ins” in the sidebar and then click on new. From here you can search for a plug-in by name, type or category. Install the plug-in and activate it to get started. I am going to list a few WordPress plug-ins for your business blogs.


Akismet simplifies your job by checking every comment that your blog receives. Spam messages are marked and gathered in a separate folder. This folder can be deleted with a single click on a button. This plug-in is reliable and saves you a considerable amount of time. Akismet comes at a low price of just $5 a month. If you are looking for free alternatives you can look around for options like Disqus and the like.


If you own a website or running an online business, you must be well aware of the importance of social media marketing. Posting an update, thumbnail, link, videos and others on Facebook page and other sites do drive some traffic to your site. Using Wordbooker you can perform all this when you are posting a new blog. This plug-in is perfect for marketing. The interface of this plug-in is clumsy but is home to plenty of options. One option is it allows you to pick the desired Facebook page you want the blog to be published. This applies to website owners who have multiple Facebook pages.

Premium Slider

This plug-in has heaps of features and is designed to be flexible. The image scrolling plug-in enables images to be scrolled which give your site a professional look. Premium Slider comes at a reasonable cost and it is worth paying for the plug-in because of its features. There is a free version of this plug-in available by the name “Easing Slider” which does not have some features.

BackupBuddy (Premium)

BackupBuddy in your WordPress site acts like a backup. BackupBuddy provides a complete solution by backing up, restoring and migrating WordPress sites with less difficulty. This plug-in is capable of installing, restoring within a single click and migrating from one server or domain to another within fractions of a second. If you are looking for a plug-in that saves you some time, BackupBuddy best fits your needs.


Just merely being a website owner is not sufficient. You need to know all the statistics related to your website. If you like to have first-hand information about your website choose this plug-in. This does real-time website analytics and tracks your visitors. This plug-in is embedded with some extraordinary features like Visitor Segmentation, Real-Time Analytics, Video Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Mobile Version and more.


This plug-in is home to a whole list of various bookmarking and social networking sites from which you can choose to post your articles. It has a bar which has the icons of various sites. If the readers like your content they are liberal to share it to many other bookmarking and social networking sites. If you have a special interest towards some sites and like to have your contents shared only among those you can list those sites on the control panel.


This plug-in is an open standard which enables visitors to validate themselves on your website without having the need to create passwords. OpenID enables visitors to comment or register on WordPress blogs. This plug-in greatly helps the visitors and makes them comfortable.


This plug-in is the best way to build a dynamic community and enhance user engagement. Livefyre is one of the comment platforms which aim to replace outdated and old comments. The traditional systems are replaced with interactive and innovative real-time conversations. This plug-in will help you to interact well with your visitors thereby increasing your business.

Login LockDown

This is a security plug-in that provides added security to your website. This plug-in records all the timestamps and IP addresses of every login and login attempts. When there is a huge number of login attempts that are failed within a short time, this plug-in automatically disables the login function for that particular range.

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Does every android user know how essential an application store is? Without it, mobile users find it complex to download their desired application on their device. At present, there are numerous application stores available but we only knew Google Playstore. It is because it is commonly and widely used app store by all mobile users. Even though Playstore is a reliable application store but it does not provide all kind of apps to users. That’s why many people are searching for an alternative platform.

If you are one who needs a reliable and alternative app store than 9apps is the best choice. It is a popular android application store in the market. It is presently accessible for all Android devices. It is a great alternative to another app store. This app store comes with a lot of apps and games freely. To get more information about 9apps 2017 then read this article.

Why need 9apps on your device?

If you need to get a unique and better app downloading experience than make use of 9apps. It is a third party store where you effortlessly acquire any sort of apps with distinctive features. You can purchase even paid apps and games for free from 9apps. Therefore, you no need to spend out a single penny.

9apps has plenty of applications plus games at free of cost. It comes with matchless feature and acts as a superior app downloader tool to its user. An individual can acquire any kind of apps from 9apps freely without registration. It is measured to be a well famous and accepted app store for machine users. Abundant mobile users all over the world are using this platform due to its classified features and provisions. This platform will bring about all your possible needs and necessities. It provides all kind of facility to mobile as well as Windows users. You may acquire almost all sorts of applications which are obtainable in the Google Playstore very effortlessly.

What are the features of 9apps?

9apps is a safe app store to download on your device. All the apps and games in it are free from virus and malware. So you no need to worry about any security issues. It comes with numerous features which are mentioned below:

 Unlimited app download

 Secure application store

 Free of cost

 Have a good download manager

 Simple User interface

 Has all kind of apps and games

 High download speed

Where to get 9apps?

This platform is considered as the best application store for downloading apps and games freely. It was developed in China by Alibaba business group. It has become a trendy third-party app which provides high-quality apps for all OS version. Since itself an app store, an individual cannot able to acquire this tool from Playstore. This means one needs to get and set up the apk file of this best substitute separately onto their device. After that one can utilize it like a Playstore. To use this store, one no needs to have knowledge. Getting 9apps to install 2016 is so trouble-free and unproblematic. 

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