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WordPress has become the choice for businesses and blog owners. The simplicity and great features that come with WordPress have added fame to it. There is no doubt that it is loaded with some exciting features but sadly, it is not sufficient for a thriving business site. In this competing world

WordPress has become the choice for businesses and blog owners. The simplicity and great features that come with WordPress have added fame to it. There is no doubt that it is loaded with some exciting features but sadly, it is not sufficient for a thriving business site. In this competing world, to derive the best from your business you need to do something extra in WordPress. Yes, you need to add plug-ins in addition that will smoothen certain processes for your visitors and for you. These third-party plug-ins take WordPress from a blogging platform to a system that manages business content. Plug-ins are available for SEO, anti-spam, content sharing, commenting, bookmarking and image optimization.

Plug-ins are codes which need to be activated once so that they automatically drive in themselves into your website. Wordpress Plug-ins can be directly added to your WordPress site from the WordPress dashboard. Choose “plug-ins” in the sidebar and then click on new. From here you can search for a plug-in by name, type or category. Install the plug-in and activate it to get started. I am going to list a few WordPress plug-ins for your business blogs.


Akismet simplifies your job by checking every comment that your blog receives. Spam messages are marked and gathered in a separate folder. This folder can be deleted with a single click on a button. This plug-in is reliable and saves you a considerable amount of time. Akismet comes at a low price of just $5 a month. If you are looking for free alternatives you can look around for options like Disqus and the like.


If you own a website or running an online business, you must be well aware of the importance of social media marketing. Posting an update, thumbnail, link, videos and others on Facebook page and other sites do drive some traffic to your site. Using Wordbooker you can perform all this when you are posting a new blog. This plug-in is perfect for marketing. The interface of this plug-in is clumsy but is home to plenty of options. One option is it allows you to pick the desired Facebook page you want the blog to be published. This applies to website owners who have multiple Facebook pages.

Premium Slider

This plug-in has heaps of features and is designed to be flexible. The image scrolling plug-in enables images to be scrolled which give your site a professional look. Premium Slider comes at a reasonable cost and it is worth paying for the plug-in because of its features. There is a free version of this plug-in available by the name “Easing Slider” which does not have some features.

BackupBuddy (Premium)

BackupBuddy in your WordPress site acts like a backup. BackupBuddy provides a complete solution by backing up, restoring and migrating WordPress sites with less difficulty. This plug-in is capable of installing, restoring within a single click and migrating from one server or domain to another within fractions of a second. If you are looking for a plug-in that saves you some time, BackupBuddy best fits your needs.


Just merely being a website owner is not sufficient. You need to know all the statistics related to your website. If you like to have first-hand information about your website choose this plug-in. This does real-time website analytics and tracks your visitors. This plug-in is embedded with some extraordinary features like Visitor Segmentation, Real-Time Analytics, Video Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Mobile Version and more.


This plug-in is home to a whole list of various bookmarking and social networking sites from which you can choose to post your articles. It has a bar which has the icons of various sites. If the readers like your content they are liberal to share it to many other bookmarking and social networking sites. If you have a special interest towards some sites and like to have your contents shared only among those you can list those sites on the control panel.


This plug-in is an open standard which enables visitors to validate themselves on your website without having the need to create passwords. OpenID enables visitors to comment or register on WordPress blogs. This plug-in greatly helps the visitors and makes them comfortable.


This plug-in is the best way to build a dynamic community and enhance user engagement. Livefyre is one of the comment platforms which aim to replace outdated and old comments. The traditional systems are replaced with interactive and innovative real-time conversations. This plug-in will help you to interact well with your visitors thereby increasing your business.

Login LockDown

This is a security plug-in that provides added security to your website. This plug-in records all the timestamps and IP addresses of every login and login attempts. When there is a huge number of login attempts that are failed within a short time, this plug-in automatically disables the login function for that particular range.

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What are the benefits?

Otherwise, these are obtainable in the official website only. This is one of the amazing applications for users to grab videos, movies, TV shows, series and many more. These applications have video converter options also and as well as YouTube videos are easily downloaded by this app. It is one of the top android apps and plays an important role among other choices.

All users can easily download this platform through the official website. This best mobile application blocks all annoying ads and it works super fasting at any of situation. And these are specific and different platforms when compared to other applications. This tool supports all kinds of media content for download from social media and another restricted site as well.

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What are the Features of this Application?

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How to install vidmate using PC?

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• Go to the official website.

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• Click the link.

• Tap to download.

• Before installing the application you must enable your device because without enabling the device does not allow unknown applications.

• After enabling go to the web page and check the download status.

• After downloading the app you will get the notification and open it.

• Later install the application.

• Now enjoy the world’s best entertainment application.

Therefore use this simple method and enjoy the application soon. These are some of the ideal solutions for all download issues. 

Most organizations, take the Forbes’ list of top 500 companies, for example, once started with shared hosting and gradually moved and upgraded their server towards a more advanced one. It takes money to evolve your idea to a business on track, tying down your hands into spending a bare minimum.

However, a lot of companies have, for decades, adhered to shared servers and never shed a tear in mourn of its performance. Meanwhile, there have been companies that continued advancing their tech with time and are blooming equally well. As a clan of professionals, we believe up-gradation becomes inevitable at one point in your business cycle.

Shared hosting brings in numerous advantages like cost reduction, reduced server management, etc., but may cripple in the presence of a notorious neighbor. Shared servers are just dedicated machines that house several tenants to share its resource. Things work pretty well on shared hosting, but only as long as the traffic is less to moderate.

There is another alternative though – A VPS hosting, that shall see our light in the later sections of this blog.

Notorious-neighbor effect

Shared servers host multiple tenants. Say, for example, you live in an apartment that has a common facility for water storage. A new neighbor moved into a flat that had been lying vacant for ages. This new neighbor has a habit of consuming excessive water, showers for hours, and drains all the water of the building, making water a scarce commodity and steering draughts.

The analogy is in regards to a shared server, wherein a traffic surge in any of the hundred (or more) tenants’ website can drain all resources of the server.


How secured could you be living in a building where an outlaw resides, too.

The scenario with Shared servers is tantamount to the one mentioned above. It would take only seconds for malware, Trojans from other websites to break into yours, given the fact that all sites rely on the same machine’s resource.

Sites hosted on such servers are more vulnerable to attack and can be compromised with, in a snap.


It only takes one of the webmasters in your server to misuse the HT access, inflicting damage to all the webpages hosted on the machine. Moreover, the maintenance of such machines poses unmatched challenges to the provider. Many providers are little concerned for these servers and tend to focus more on other profitable servers. Even a small technical glitch in a shared server can steer a mass site-outage.

How can VPS hosting help?

As long as your traffic is meagre, and your business is not solely dependent on your website, there is nothing bothering you. However, websites that attract big crowds are bound to run into problems starting day one.

A VPS bridges the gap between the shared and the more expensive dedicated server and is ideal for companies looking for a dedicated server-like alternatives at a somewhat lesser price.

Unlike shared hosting, a dedicated machine does not share its resources among several webmasters. It’s a no brainer that the latter will be more expensive, but can offer supreme security and performance. Running a dedicated machine may not always be economically viable, especially for small business that has only recently come into existence.

A VPS mimics a
dedicated server hosting environment by allocating an exclusive set of resources to a particular tenant. The difference being, the computing resource is only virtually separated among tenants through software or an array of codes.

Benefits you can draw from a VPS

Virtual servers converge profits from a shared server with that of a dedicated server, and in the process, provide an intermediate machine that is not only affordable but also delivers performance in close proximity to a dedicated server.

It is worth noting that a VPS is also shared hosting, but with doled out resources. Hence, if a shared hosting and a dedicated machine are two ends of a see-saw, VPS is the fulcrum amidst the two ends.

Disadvantages with a VPS

From a financial standpoint, virtual private servers cost a lot when compared to a shared. While the cost is not as high as the dedicated, it is still very high, and can be prohibitive for startups constrained with funds.

Each virtual environment has its own Operating system – which could be either Linux, windows, or any other OS. Different operating systems running on a single server create a heterogeneity that makes it difficult for the provider to manage.

Sum it up

Though a VPS creates an illusion of being a dedicated server, it is not the same. However, it is possible to do almost anything on a VPS that a web developer can do on a dedicated server.

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