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When I hired Bed Bugs Control Service After Sleepless Nights For 3 Months!

In this story, there is a husband and wife who lived in a home for three months where they got the problem of bed bugs but they took it lightly and after sometime these bed bugs become a worse nigh

I prayed that today I get sound sleep as I popped a sleeping pill in my mouth and covered my body with a soft duvet. As I waited for the pills to do their magic and much-needed effect, tears rolled down my eyes. I reminisce about my nice and quiet life before the bed bugs ruined it for me and my husband. Being struggling for bed bugs for the last 3 months, I had completely lost all hope of ever getting rid of them. Now, my last hope was expert services of bed bugs control in Locust Valley NY, who promised to get rid of this nasty, brown, blood-sucking parasite for once and for all.

As my eyes shut down and my brain drowned into a deep slumber, I prayed fervently to get rid of this living nightmare when I open my eyes next. The aroma of freshly baked pancakes hit my nostrils and pulled me out of deep, dreamless slumber. As I stretched on my bed, I felt something weird. My foggy mind was still under the effect of a sleeping pill and it took me a few more minutes to open my eyes fully and take in my new surroundings.

Suddenly, the door opened with a loud screeching noise and my husband sauntered in with breakfast tray and frown lines on his face. Seeing him distressed, I remembered the last night event which led us here in a hotel suite in the first place. As soon as he placed the tray on the bed, I jumped out of the bed and took him into a bone-crushing hug. Taken by surprise he hugged me tightly before admonishing me to be careful as I am not alone now. As we broke the hug, he looked at me from head to toe and asked how am I feeling. “Famished”, I replied and plopped again on the bed to devour my scrumptious looking breakfast. Stuffing my mouth with Nutella pancakes, I asked him to join me and giving a soft chuckle, he sat beside me and took a bite of his egg benedict.

After a hearty breakfast, we finally addressed the elephant in the room.


Bed Bugs! Yes! They were the real villain of our otherwise peaceful life. Three months before, we shifted into a new neighborhood. Considering yourself lucky we thanked God million times for giving us such a nice house that too at such an economical rate. To say I was over the moon will be an understatement. I always dreamed of having a house with a pool, personal gym, study, huge library, and jacuzzi. All my dreams came true when my husband purchased this house for us. Only we were not aware of the fact that we will not get even one night of peace due to bed bugs. The home inspection officer warned us that there is a problem with bed bugs, but we considered it a minor issue and thought will get over it by spraying bed bugs sprays or calling bed bug control infestation company. We were so wrong; I want to laugh out aloud at out naivety and gullibility. Only if we would have taken that problem seriously, we would not have landed in such a worse and dire situation now. We tried everything from sprays to changing our bed covers to even changing our bed. But nothing worked. We even hired a one-bed bug company but even they were not able to fully control it. We started dreading sleeping on our bed. The bite of these brown, crawly creatures become familiar. Their weird zzzz sound was now our siren of warning. We read thousands of articles, watched many videos on how to get rid of them but nothing worked. The final blow was yesterday. We found out a week before that my husband and I were expecting. The night when we celebrated and tried to sleep peacefully dreaming of our happy future, the inevitable occurred. The bed bug bit me hard on my arm which made me fall on the floor with a loud thud. My loud wails broke the sleep of my husband. He was horrified when he saw me laying on the floor, crying inconsolably in pain. I had broken my arm due to my nasty fall and doctors could not even give me tranquilizers as I was pregnant. My husband and I decided to shift to the hotel until this issue was resolved. My gynecologist suggested to us a very famous & reliable bed bugs control service Locust Valley NY. We contacted them immediately and they promised to help us get rid of this parasite for once and for all. My husband decided to drop me off at my work, while he went home so that he can be present when the professionals arrive.

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Pigeons are stout-bodied birds that are pale gray in color, with black bars on each wing. When people talk about "pigeons," they are most commonly referring to the feral Rock Pigeon, which is the species most commonly found in urban areas.

These birds are about 12 to 14 inches long, with a wingspan between 25 to 28 inches. They are quite a nuisance and will feed on many different readily available foods, like seeds, fruits, plants, and discarded food. Pigeons are effective scavengers and will go to wherever the food is.

They always see them at the top of tall buildings or wandering around in the city center. While they may seem fairly harmless, they can be an extreme pest.

Not only can they ruin the aesthetics of a building with their fouling, but they can also be dangerous as this fouling often carries diseases such as Ornithosis (a viral disease that is similar to "flu") and Salmonella bacteria. In addition to this, a pigeon's feces also contain uric acids which are highly corrosive meaning that they can seriously deface and damage any structures over a period of time.

If pigeon proofing is not carried out, the chances of contracting a transmitted disease are high. Pigeons in great numbers can be a real pest, particularly in urban areas.

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This often results in further pest problems occurring within the building itself. They can sometimes cause drains and gutters to block which often leads to flooding. Any debris that they leave behind is often caught by the wind and collates in these areas, eventually causing a blockage.

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This is often an extremely humane process and rather than injuring the birds in any way, it simply prevents them from returning to their homing site and instead, forces them to look for a nesting spot elsewhere.

A bird net is made from extremely durable material that will withstand all weathers. This would be perfect to deter pigeons as it creates a complete barrier between the bird and its homing spot. Another method of effective pigeon proofing is by utilizing fine metal spike that run along window ledges, chimneys, signs, etc. As pigeons like to rest on flat edges, they are immediately put off from utilising any area that has these metal spikes.

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If you are suffering with a pigeon problem, all of these methods are effective but humane and will successfully solve your pest trouble. If you are unsure on which method you should use on your problem, there are professional pest control companies which will attend your premises and provide you with the best advice and product to resolve your problem. You can rest assured in the knowledge that the matter is being dealt with by professionals as they will also install the product for you.

There is this one incident that my husband and I always tell our friends that happened when we went to spend a vacation in Locust Valley with our friends. I always remember that strange and funny day because it makes me laugh every time even though it was really annoying and infuriating at that time.

So, all of us gathered at my then-boyfriend-now-husband’s home for a cool slumber party. We had to go on a road trip the very next day. So, we all ironed our clothes for the next day because we knew that we would be too drunk to prepare for the journey the next day.

My husband opened the door of the basement which was locked for too long but it was still not in a very bad condition. It was livable. So, our girls threw our clothes and makeup in the dressing room and went to the living room in our pajamas. Jessica wanted to take a little rest because she was having a migraine so we left her in the room and came out. The boys were already there. We decided to watch a movie. While we were watching the movie, suddenly Jessica came out screaming that she felt something crawling on the floor.

We all started laughing because Jessica had a record of making foolish scenes and it was not the first time. No one believed Jessica and she too thought that maybe she mistook the noise coming from the movie with the voice of something crawling on the floor. We continued watching the movie.

After watching the movie, we drank and danced and partied until 4 in the morning. We all were very tired and we had to go on the trip next evening so we decided to retire to our decided sleeping rooms. We were not very worried because everything was prepared beforehand so we were ready for a peaceful hangover.

At almost 3 at noon the next day, I made an effort to open my eyes. I was the first one to make such an effort. Everything was spinning around in front of my eyes. I anyhow rushed to the dressing room so that I can dress up and then wake everyone up. I flossed and wore my beautiful jacket but when I saw my image in the mirror, I was shocked to death. My jacket was nibbled from arms and the collar. I could not believe it. Right at that time, I saw something crawling on the floor. I was sure that it was a mouse. Suddenly I saw two more of them.

I cried and ran to wake my girls who were still too reluctant. So, I came back and saw their clothes too. Alyssa’s skirt was in rags and Jessica’s scarf was unrecognizable. The makeup was also bitten!

I ran upstairs to call my husband to see the sight of him, wearing a shirt with a hole on its chest, already on phone calling pest control service. He saw me and then my jacket and we had meaningful eye contact about the thought of the trip. We decided not to wake others up till the available pest controllers of Locust Valley NY arrived.

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