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The Best Thing I learned from Water Damage in Spring Field, VA

A grandfather Russel Crowe telling a story of World War to his grandson.

“What happened next?”

William; a kid, seven years of age, asked this question from his grandfather Russel Crowe. William had been listening to bedtime stories about the inception of the universe for quite a long time. Fort William, these were only stories but the perspective of Russel was somewhat different. Russel went thoughtful for a moment on this question as if he was having some serious notion running in his mind about the cruel realities of life. Russel didn’t intend to pollute little soul of William with harsh truths of life. He just by-passed that notion with a fatherly smile and intended to resume the story.

“The great battle had ended” Russel responded in extremely affectionate tone as William was listening with keen interest. He continued, “Clans of many Species had been wiped out entirely by defending the mighty Earth. Those Clans were the strongest of all times.” “Had those Clans no weapon grandpa?” William asked filled with curiosity. “Weapons? Those Clans were themselves considered as the deadliest weapons. But fate wasn’t on our side that time” Russel spoke by squeezing his eyes and eyebrows to emphasis on the might of those Clans. “Do those clans still live?” asked William as he seemed deterred with Russel’s reply, “And where do they live?”

“Extremely brave flying lions, mountainous fire-spitting dinosaurs, huge-feathered phoenix, black rhinos with big pointy horn on their head, extremely powerful white elephants, gracious dark wolves; bravest amongst all of them, mighty oceans of earth, mountains, deserts, air, and gravity were the strongest weapons of Earth” Russel was explaining these things as warriors to William by making symbols with his hands and making his voice louder after short intervals. William was listening all this with who blinks the first notion.

“And yet mighty Earth lost the great war” Russel continued. “Desserts were left helpless in Sahara. Oceans were beaten at utmost in Atlantic. Air was hit the most at Antarctica even an entire brigade of Ozone Soldiers was wiped out completely at Antarctica making a hole in ozone shield around the earth at Antarctica. Water Damage in Spring Filed, VA, was huge. Lions were stripped of their feathers.”

Russel took a pause for a moment and looked at the changing expressions of William. Russel thought William would go to sleep but it seemed he was completely out of sleep by then. “Take your milk William” entered Sarah, William’s mother, into the room with a glass of milk. “Drink your milk and then we would resume the story” Russel imposed a condition on William to which he drank an entire glass in a single breath and placed the glass on a side table to listen to the story again. Russel resumed the story by laughing a bit as he wiped milky mustaches grown on Willian’s face after drinking the milk.

“Where were we?” Russel asked William to which he at once responded, “You said Earth lost the great war and everyone was beaten grandpa” “Ah the great war!” sighed Russel. “You know William, brave warriors either win or they die. They can’t be defeated.” Russel resumed the story with this phrase and continued, “Whenever they are defeated, it means they have been deceived.” “Was Earth deceived grandpa?” asked William to which Russel responded way like, “Yes my son it was deceived.” “By whom?” asked Willian at once as his curiosity was at peaks.

“Mountains William. Earth was deceived by mountains. They exploded and started spitting fire on their own warriors as an enemy was hitting Earth with huge asteroids. Those giant stones were falling in every corner of the earth. On Deserts, oceans, forests, lakes, warriors and other living species” replied Russel. “Why did they do that grandpa?” asked William with curiosity.

“Their pride compelled them to betray their own people. There is no doubt that they are the giant beasts on earth. They thought they would be having a key role in the great war. They considered themselves superior amongst all of the lords fighting for the earth. But they were assigned the task to protect the weaker species and forests during the war by stopping huge asteroids falling from the sky. Because only they had the power to stop those big stones. When they were assigned this task, they felt insulted. They wanted to lead from the front in search of glory and big name but they were unable to see the glory due to their pride in the task they were assigned. Perhaps it was the most glorious task.” spoke Russel as he intended to conclude the story.


“Forests were wiped wherever those asteroids fell and all the species in it. Birds, Animals, Dinosaurs, many other species went extinct after the battle. Their clans were extremely beaten by the stones falling from the sky. There spread Water in Basements in Springfield, VA, where the most fragile specie; humans were under protection by the wolfs. It happened because big stones were falling in oceans, it was water everywhere. Forests were gone. Air was extremely polluted, Famines, Lack of drinking water and Smoke were everywhere. Dead bodies of extinct species under the lava spat by Mountains. More like a resurrection day William” concluded Russel.

“You know William what [W]ould happen next?”

Russel asked a question to which he clearly knew that William won’t be able to respond and yet he asked anyway. “There would be destruction like that once again on Earth and William; this time Humans would betray the Earth in the great war of survival”

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Everyone knows that construction is a dangerous industry, and accidents happen on a regular basis on construction sites across the United States and the State of New York. Construction accidents are particularly common in the New York City area for a variety of reasons, all of which put workers at the risk of serious - or even fatal - injuries.

Construction Accident Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that construction leads all other industries in fatal accidents, making it the deadliest industry in the U.S. The BLS also reports that locally, construction is also the deadliest job in New York City, based on the number of injuries and fatalities. Consider the following reported in a recent year:

● There were 87 fatal work injuries reported in New York City

● The most fatalities (20) happened due to construction accidents, which is in line with reports from previous years

● 55 percent of construction fatalities were in the building construction industry

● The leading cause of workplace fatalities was falls, which are common construction accidents

The New York City Buildings Department reports all of the current projects underway, and you only need to glance at the report to know that building construction is ongoing in every part of NYC at any given time. For this reason, the frequency of construction accidents is a concern for New Yorkers, especially those working in the industry.

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Any of these accidents can cause serious injuries that might need extensive medical treatment, or that might even be life-altering or fatal. Even a nonfatal construction injury can result in overwhelming losses, including medical expenses, lost income, permanent impairments or disabilities, and more.

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If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a New York City construction accident, you should discuss your legal rights with an experienced attorney in NYC as soon as possible.

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