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Thanks, Goodness! My Electronic Door Saved Leo From Leaving Home

Kids are a responsibility as well as a blessing. Sometimes you feel that they have bound you from doing certain things that you could freely do before and sometimes you find the whole world in their twinkling eyes. I got married to Jennifer 5 years ago and we started our life in a peaceful corner of Woodbridge. I get nostalgic whenever I think of marriage. Jennifer is beautiful and we are happy with each other.

Right after marriage, the first interest of Jennifer was to redecorate our villa. I didn’t object and tried to help her as much as I can. It was kind of annoying for me at that time because we were newly wedded and she was indulged in home decoration. But it what could more be expected from an interior decorator. I let her do whatever she wanted. When she was done with home remodeling after a month I got to see a pleasing change in my home.

Light curtains instead of shades, beautiful use of bold paint colors, new doors which according to her provide infallible electronic door safety in Woodbridge. I was unaware at that time these doors will greatly help us in the future. We celebrated 2 anniversaries in this home and life seemed to be perfect. Both of us were progressing in careers. We used to take holidays at the end of the year and go on vacation. Next year we got Leo in our lives and a new phase of life started.

Jennifer and I were overwhelmingly happy and our dimensions in life took a turn. Previously we were motivated and wanted to work for our lavish lifestyle. Now Leo was our center of attention. We wanted to do everything for him just like many other parents in this world. We planned many things for his future. Days and months started to pass and Leo was growing. When he started crawling Jennifer and I used to be in standby position all the time. He happened to be a very naughty kid and loved to explore home. He used to crawl in the whole house and we decided to get a nanny for him. We were still thinking about hiring a maid or nanny when Leo tried to escape from home.

It was a fine afternoon and he was quietly playing in the lounge when I had to go out to get a few things from the departmental store. I shouted from the lounge and announced that I was leaving. I thought Jennifer would have heard but she was busy on a phone call. I opened the main door and stepped outside. Doors used to shut down automatically but it took few seconds that Leo reached the door. I was completely unaware that he was behind me. He tried to follow me but thanks to Jennifer that she installed an electric door. Our electric doors are heavy and he couldn’t resist the closing force of the door. A moment later a loud cry was heard when I was about to cross the yard. I ran towards the main door and Jennifer ran from the kitchen towards the door. We reached the main gate together and found Leo crying. Thankfully he was fine probably he cried because he failed in his strive to escape from home.

We were still worrisome so got to see the CCTV videos. We were astonished to see that he was silently following me towards the door and I was completely unaware. I realized the importance of the latest electronic door safety in Woodbridge. If there were no electric doors Leo would have definitely reached the main road. We became more careful and decided to automate windows as well because there is a wide balcony in front of our windows installed in the upper portion of our home. I was feeling very guilty because Leo could have got injured. His hand could have injured by the heavy electronic door.

Electronic Door

We have to take care of him all the time. Now we are going to celebrate his third birthday and it is easier to deal with him now. He responds to what we say. He answers to what we tell him to do. At least he is not stubborn and accepts what he is told. Things are getting better with every passing day. I cannot forget that day when he was going to go out unknowingly. Technology is condemned by many philosophers and thinkers. They say the world’s advancement has dragged us far from peace and tranquility. It has turned into all-time working robots but now I view it differently. No one invents something new with destructive intentions behind. Technology and gadgets are not our enemies. Our way of using them makes them evil for us. I admire technology and one of its gifts in the form of home automation, electronic doors, and cameras that help me in keeping my kid safe and sound. 

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I was having the best time of life because my summer internship was over and all I did was just to chill and roam around on my favorite bicycle. I specifically loved to do bicycling in the evening every day.

I often visited waterfalls near Ashburn in the evening because I made some friends over there. That evening I went to the waterfall again and parked by bicycle in the usual place behind a tree. The evening was beautiful as I was relaxing while lying beside the waterfall. My friends were singing songs and the girl I had a crush on was playing guitar. We were so happy. We were laughing and singing. I had a plan to ask that girl out that day because my vacation was soon going to be over and I had to come back to my hometown. And I wanted to commit to that girl before coming back.

The weather was too perfect and I could see the beauty of Ashburn at every place and on every face. By the passing of time, I was getting more and more nervous as I had to talk to that girl. Anyways, I gathered my courage and planned to propose her and then take her to the bicycle ride under the full moon. The wind started blowing and I called that girl to the side. She was already giggling because she was expecting it already.

After having a private moment with her, I told her that I liked her and wanted her to be my girlfriend. The moments were too perfect when she nodded her head in yes and told me that she also always dreamt about me. We were too happy. Then I told her that it would be too amazing if we go on a bicycle ride on this beautiful night and spend some time under the sky with the beautiful wind blowing. She agreed.

We then came back and told our friends that we had to leave and spend some alone time in this beautiful weather. After some roasting and fun with our friends, I held her hand and took her to the place where my bicycle was parked.

That is the moment where the ruin of the night happened! My bicycle was not there! I looked here and there and it was nowhere to be seen. I could not imagine the theft of my favorite bicycle and that too on that beautiful night. The girl tried to calm me but I was going crazy and sat on the ground. Then suddenly, one of my friends came back with my bicycle. He went to a superstore nearby. I was too angry at him for taking my bicycle without telling me. And that is when he told that the bicycles of other people were padlocked so he could not take someone else’s. The same day I searched for the best padlocks in Ashburn VA and bought one for my bicycle so that no one can ruin my bicycle date again by using it without my consent or by stealing it!

It was graduation day and I was very excited to be finally done with my degree. Due to all that excitement, I was unable to sleep at all last night. Consequently, I woke up very late. I got dressed up in a hurry and was rushing to get out of the house. It was a long journey away and I was already a few minutes behind. After getting everything packed and ready I got to my car. When I was trying to find the keys in my pockets, I could not find them!

I was pretty sure I had the keys in my jacket but I remembered that my friend had borrowed the jacket from me last night. I called her to confirm where the keys were and she did have them. Unfortunately, she was out of the city for the day because of a family vacation. I was completely clueless as to what to do. I contacted a company to help me retrieve my car keys. They responded highly quickly and wasted no time.

The company’s repairmen got to know about my whole situation. They brought me a car ignition key in Annapolis MD. The keys could help ignite the car. The same keys could be used to open my car doors as well. I did not want to take the risk again so I asked them if they could make a copy of the keys. They said they would have the duplicate keys made by the end of the day.


The repairmen were professional and polite with every step. I was really glad I had found this company. I could go to my graduation as planned and then when I went home, I got a call from the company. They remained true to their word. The autokey duplication in Annapolis MD was a great success. I was surprised they were so fast in duplicating the keys because companies usually take days to do it. However, this company made no delays and got the job done in a timely manner.

After this, I was never worried about losing my car keys again because I had a duplicate. I made sure to save the duplicate in a secure location because I did not want it to get stolen. This way I could live my life tension free. Finding this company was a great experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone who has suddenly lost their keys or misplaced them.

Losing the keys is no minor thing. It can lead to even your car getting stolen so if you are ever facing such a situation, make sure to act quick. Find a company like this online. I found it via online searches and because this company had good reviews. It was important to search for a reliable company! I recommended this company to my friends as well and their experience was good too.

All our group of friends made this company our go-to for whenever someone had lost their car keys. 

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