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How a company ensured my safety by installing safety locks in my new apartment

I had recently moved into a new apartment for my master’s degree in biotechnology. The neighborhood was a relatively safe one but it was known to have frequent burglaries. I was terrified of being robbed so I wanted to ensure that I could do whatever that was needed to keep myself safe. After all, I was going to be living all alone and I needed protection. It was not safe for me to be living alone as a woman.

Hence, I contacted a company that was known to provide the safety locks in Newington. The company assigned me to their team member who was the most experienced in the field. He had been in the industry for about ten years! I was quite impressed. I set up a meeting with him and we discussed everything about the locks. He told me there were different types and models. The apartment I was in was a modern one so only a modern lock could be installed in the door. He definitely had a lot of useful information about the lock systems! I had so many questions regarding the installation process and the locks themselves, and he answered all of them patiently.

After browsing through the different locks, we decided on one that was the perfect one. It was going to be easy to operate for me and it was quite secure. I researched on my own too after he left and there was nothing but good reviews about the safety lock that we had decided upon.

The next day, the same person came in for the installation. He did not waste any time and came right on time! He was quite punctual. Moreover, he explained what he was doing with the installation in each step. I was curious to know how the whole process works and he did not seem annoyed at any of my questions. It was a great experience!


After the installation was complete, he explained to me how the locks worked and gave me his business card so that if I had any questions, I could contact him. A few weeks went by and everything went back to normal. Though there was a party at my university and I had to leave for a whole day. I had to manage the party; I wasn’t going to come home until midnight.

I was a bit worried but I had the locks installed so I wasn’t that anxious. When I arrived home, my neighbors told me that there had been a robbery in some of the apartments in the building! I was so stressed at hearing this I rushed to my apartment. Thankfully, there was nothing that had been stolen. The best safety locks in Newington had ensured that my apartment was completely safe.

The company I went with was certainly reliable. Their locks did in fact work and I encountered no problem whilst operating them. I could have a secure home and live independently after all. It is companies like these that should be highly valued. 

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Before I begin telling you what had happened which changed my life for good, here is one thing that I would really much like you all to learn and that is to always go for what you like nor what gives you money (in my case doing security system repair)

Six months back, I was a security in charge at one of the IT firms here in Catonsville VA and honestly speaking I used to hate my job so much that I was also not performing well at it, despite giving in my best effort. My boss was tired of my mistakes and so were my colleagues because at times, I used to get the little things wrong too. However, they did know that I used to put in my best effort.

Anyways, there were a number of problems associated to our building’s security system and I was given the final warning to get it fixed or else leave. Now I had requested them to let me take help from other security system repair service company in Catonsville CA so that I should get the job done properly and fix all the problems once and for all.

Little did I know that I was about to do a blunder for my whole department. I called in the company which was assigned to fix our problems and right from day one, they took over the tasks to perfection. Few of our cameras were out of line and then the locks needed some repairing, all was done just within 6 days and guess what they charged even lower than what the company used to pay the in house security system.

As by now you would know what was about to happen, the boss one day came up to our whole department and politely said “I’m sorry but we are going to down size. I mean we are outsourcing the security department to another company. As we are short on funds to run our own”. That was it and my co-workers started to hate me more.

I left the job with great depression and anger thinking that if not me then the other guys should have been saved because some of them do their best. However, deep inside I knew, introducing them to an outsourcing option was always a bad idea. Of course, they would have had security system repair service experts better than ours and the fact that they charged way too low, this was bound to happen.

Anyways I reached home with a heavy heart and I called up on my ex-wife, who after listening to all that I had to say said “You know we are divorced now and I thought that would release up the stress of not pursuing your music career. I was still confused till date that why did you still choose to be stuck with a useless job”

I hung up and thought to myself “really why am I doing something I don’t technically love? What has happened till date is over now and I need a good start”

Six months down the lane, I play piano at a local bar happily and have aims to play it on big stage someday.

I was in Ashburn at my aunt’s place for my summer vacation when I realized why padlocks are way too famous in Ashburn VA.

I was having the best time of life because my summer internship was over and all I did was just to chill and roam around on my favorite bicycle. I specifically loved to do bicycling in the evening every day.

I often visited waterfalls near Ashburn in the evening because I made some friends over there. That evening I went to the waterfall again and parked by bicycle in the usual place behind a tree. The evening was beautiful as I was relaxing while lying beside the waterfall. My friends were singing songs and the girl I had a crush on was playing guitar. We were so happy. We were laughing and singing. I had a plan to ask that girl out that day because my vacation was soon going to be over and I had to come back to my hometown. And I wanted to commit to that girl before coming back.

The weather was too perfect and I could see the beauty of Ashburn at every place and on every face. By the passing of time, I was getting more and more nervous as I had to talk to that girl. Anyways, I gathered my courage and planned to propose her and then take her to the bicycle ride under the full moon. The wind started blowing and I called that girl to the side. She was already giggling because she was expecting it already.

After having a private moment with her, I told her that I liked her and wanted her to be my girlfriend. The moments were too perfect when she nodded her head in yes and told me that she also always dreamt about me. We were too happy. Then I told her that it would be too amazing if we go on a bicycle ride on this beautiful night and spend some time under the sky with the beautiful wind blowing. She agreed.

We then came back and told our friends that we had to leave and spend some alone time in this beautiful weather. After some roasting and fun with our friends, I held her hand and took her to the place where my bicycle was parked.

That is the moment where the ruin of the night happened! My bicycle was not there! I looked here and there and it was nowhere to be seen. I could not imagine the theft of my favorite bicycle and that too on that beautiful night. The girl tried to calm me but I was going crazy and sat on the ground. Then suddenly, one of my friends came back with my bicycle. He went to a superstore nearby. I was too angry at him for taking my bicycle without telling me. And that is when he told that the bicycles of other people were padlocked so he could not take someone else’s. The same day I searched for the best padlocks in Ashburn VA and bought one for my bicycle so that no one can ruin my bicycle date again by using it without my consent or by stealing it!

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