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Knowing About NCLT India And Ways To Recovery From Bankruptcy

In this era, it is very important that you should have information about bankruptcy. In this article, you will get to know about NCLT India and ways to get your recovery from bankruptcy.

 Even though filing for bankruptcy has a negative connotation at least the ways in which the media promotes it, it may be the last resort option for many people under the grip of severe debs and the corporate debtors in India. Try to find out after going through the norms of NCLT India whether you are eligible to file for bankruptcy or not, and you must explore all the other forms of debt relief before choosing this option. One of the major consequences of bankruptcy is that it is going to affect your credit score and you must analyze what you need to file for bankruptcy so that you can make a sound decision. Although you have to accept the disadvantages of declaring insolvency, there are ways to bounce back after bankruptcy and all that you need is proper planning and commitment.

Even though life after insolvency is not going to be easy as you have to repair your credit score patiently, you can certainly hit the positive note after the liquidation of your assets. To know it better, the procedure does not make your credit history clean but takes away your debt obligations. The following steps highlight how you are going to deal with the aftermath of the bankruptcy declaration.

Proper budgeting

Life after bankruptcy usually implies that you are going to pay higher rates of interest than your previous loans. However, you need to go through proper budgeting and establish good reputation to avoid getting affected with the interest rates of the loans. If you are still not aware of the ideas of budgeting, you have to start with it immediately after filing for bankruptcy. For those individuals who have fewer clues of where the money goes every month, an observation period of three months can help them to track their finances. You can start tracking your financial expenses for three months to find out how much and where you spend. After the completion of three months, you will be able to differentiate between the necessary and luxurious expenses, and that requires long-term planning. With a proper financial plan, you can create boundaries to the money you are going to spend and know how to plan your expenses over a few years.

Checking the credit report

After the completion of the bankruptcy procedure, you must pull out your credit report to find out whether all the debts mentioned there are valid, and there must be no mention of unpaid debt as it can continue to affect your score. Make sure there is no negative or incorrect information that may have entered your report by mistake. However, it is not just checking the report once after the declaration of bankruptcy, but you should continue checking it every month. Apart from checking the errors, you have to ensure that the credit bureau is aware of your financially responsible behavior such as paying bills within time. It is not enough to do the things right as far as the credit report is concerned, but you need to make sure that the good financial activities reflect on the credit report.

Spending more cash

If you have been spending ruthlessly on credit cards before the declaration of bankruptcy, it is time to change your habit. Once you have dealt with the complexities of the company law appellate tribunal, you must try to re-establish your credit with responsible usage of your finances. When you spend cash, there is a better opportunity to watch your expenses and you can stay away from the habit of overspending.

Making timely payments

The history of payments makes up for about thirty-five percent of your credit score, so you must create consistency with timely payments instead of postponing the payment of your bills. For instance, if you have a home loan, you have to boost the cycle of payments every month on the first date. However, if you fail to stay in touch with the payment schedule for the home loans, you can set up a system of automatic payments through the bank to maintain the schedule.

Avoid high-interest loans

After the declaration of bankruptcy, you must stop going for the high-interest bank loans and stay away from those money lenders who offer high-interest products. Even if you are sure to afford the bills, the best option is to ask for money from a friend or family member instead of looking towards the retirement savings.

Saving with emergency fund

If you are really keen to save money for dealing with the unexpected financial emergencies, start saving money in a separate emergency fund and make sure it covers about three to six months of your living expenses, which can take a year or even longer to save. Some people fail to recover from bankruptcy as they are not aware of the tactics to come out of the whirling debts. It requires a lot of hard work, will power, patience, and discipline to bounce back from the negative effects that bankruptcy creates on your finances.

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As a Christian, I value all life from inception to the last dying seconds. That is the value God places on all humanity, regardless of race, sex, age or any other factors. In this essay, I would like to talk about the death penalty and why as a Christian I oppose it but with reservations on the issue.

The death penalty spells an end to life. The argument is that the full measure of vengeance by the people comes upon another who has taken a life and this deters other societal miscreants from doing the same. Admittedly, homicide is the most heinous of crimes. Yet as a citizen, as the whole person and as a Christian who sets and understands the eternal value God places on all human life LI oppose it. I do so not because I believe that it does not truly deter future murders—I do—and not because I believe that mistakes are made in the criminal justice process and thus the death penalty may be wrongly imposed—they are. I feel this way because every man or woman, be he or she among the handicapped, the elderly, the mentally disabled, or children not yet born, has value. As an aside, for the same reason I oppose abortion and euthanasia. All life at any stage has infinite value and eternal value. Value is to be accorded to all, not due to their apparent superior intellect, or talents, not because of their superior financial status, and not because they are the ruling of dominant class, sex, or race. Those who think themselves so much better are likely so due to environment, opportunity, or current fashion. The baseball player or rock star is paid millions while Mother Teresa earned little or nothing for all her service to the outcasts, unwanted, underprivileged and poor. She saw value in all not because of what they have but because of what they are.

Jesus Christ, for me God incarnate in human form and for others perhaps a great teacher, forgave the criminals beside him at the moment of his death. He points the way to truth. It is the way of advanced civilization, the way of all the great religions, and teachers, the way of Tao, Confucius, and the Talmut. However disheveled, unattractive, and apparently abominable, there is value in all. I say again that Jesus for me as God is the sole mediator and way to understand what I say here but the teachers I mention here also provide guidance in this respect.

A society that sees no value in life itself—even in murderers—falls short of that respect and devotion to life in all its forms that must govern any enlightened society. It is not the outside of a man or woman I see, but the inside, the inner light. This inner light may be found in all, even the weak and the seemingly unattractive, and yes, even in criminals. Any civilization of society that chooses to exterminate any of its members for facial reasons of justice, vengeance, or deterrence falls short of the measure of an enlightened civilization. Five thousand years or so have passed since the Code of Hammurabi. If we have not grown up from it, let us at least grow away from it. English common law once executed pickpockets. That is no longer so. If we are to avoid the stigma of barbarism, let us once and for all cease what can be said to amount to no less than murder in the name of justice. Let us acknowledge that we do not raise ourselves and our society by placing no value on a life. This is the way beyond the Holocaust, beyond the Cambodian Genocide, and beyond Genghis Khan. Let us take that step.

Let me add something here. I oppose abortion and euthanasia for the reasons I have given here. But the lives of the unborn and those approaching death may not be equated with the death penalty imposed on one who has grossly violated our legal system and taken the life of another. The death penalty does take a life through the operation of our legal system but it is not the life of an innocent or the dying elderly that have had say in the decision taken to take away their lives. This is the point of distinction and it must be considered and heard in this present discussion. There is a question whether the life of an innocent or dying elder with no ability or chance to have a say or defend themselves is the same as the imposition of the death penalty after a find of guilt. It is clear they are not to be totally equated.

This essay is taken, with modifications and changes, from my essay in the book “Select Legal Topics: Civil, Criminal, Federal, Evidentiary, Procedural, and Labor,” Chapter 50 p.162, entitled Why I Am Opposed to the Death Penalty, published by University Press of America.

A law firm marketing strategy needs to be calibrated constantly in order to align it with changing client requirements. Most attorneys do the right thing by choosing a goal for their plan. They also identify the key performance indicators for measuring the success of their strategy. However, most of them fail to consider the dominant trends that influence online marketing for law firms. These swings are key indicators of audience behavior and ignoring them can be costly. In this article, we are listing some major factors that are expected to affect the legal online marketing field. Attorneys must understand which way the wind is blowing in the digital promotional environment and shift their sails accordingly.

1. Increasing Trust In Local Results

The increased use of mobile devices led to a boost in local searches. More and more people are looking for products or services in their geographical location. Such users are looking for solutions on the go and are ideal for conversions. Google is displaying a 3-pack of local business listings just above the organic results on SERPs. The number of people making a selection based on local search results is steadily growing. This year attorneys must intensify their efforts to target clients in their geographical location. They must ensure that their NAP- name, address, and phone number is the same on all digital avenues. They must also target local search keywords and optimize their content accordingly. It will also be pertinent to include the practice area along with the location in the title and meta description of the relevant landing page.

2. Better Click-through Rates In Featured Snippets

A lot of people are asking questions instead of typing short phrases in the search box. This has been made possible by the emergence of voice search. As compared to other people, legal searchers are more likely to ask questions. The featured snippets shown on top of search results provide a brief answer to their query. In case they find it useful, they click to visit the website which posted the content. The click-through rates of featured snippets especially when people are looking for services are increasing. These brief replies provide an excellent opportunity for legal practitioners to position themselves as a knowledgeable authority in their practice area. They must find out the kind of queries being posted by their prospective clients and create informative and optimized content. This will help them appear prominently in front of relevant audiences.

3. Google Remains The Search Engine Market Leader

Google remains the undisputed market leader in search engines. Globally, it has captured over 90% of the total market share. Other search engines like Yahoo and Bing have just about 2% each of the market share. These two entities fare a little better in the US where Yahoo has cornered about 8% and Bing around 5% of the total market. These figures indicate that Google dominates the search engine domain. All law firm marketing strategies, therefore, must be crafted to align with Google's updates and recommendations. Attorneys must implement the best practices suggested by the search giant and shun techniques which it considers black hat. However, they must also find out if a specific search engine is preferred by their target audience or is popular in their location. It will be sensible to optimize your website for an entity which is used by potential clients.

4. Consumption Of Video Content Is Increasing At A Rapid Pace

Do you know which is the most popular website in the world after Google? According to Alexa, it is the video-sharing network YouTube. A study says that mobile video consumption is rising by 100% every year. Another by HubSpot suggests that about 55% of people watch online clips every day. Legal professionals simply cannot afford to ignore these statistics. Their digital promotional plan will be incomplete without a video marketing strategy. They must create short clips about the topics their audience is interested in. These videos must be published on multiple digital platforms apart from their own website. They can post the clips on social media and video-based platforms like YouTube. In fact, many experts consider YouTube to be the second largest search engine in the world. Add a title and description to each video and do not forget to optimize them with keywords.

5. LinkedIn Is An Effective Platform For Networking

Referrals are the most productive source of new clients for all kinds of lawyers. In the real world, lawyers ask their existing clients as well as network with other professionals to find new clients. This tactic can be applied in the digital landscape as well. LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals. Attorneys must use it to build relationships not just with potential clients but also with other legal practitioners. They must search for professionals in their practice areas in their geographical location as well as other areas and add them to their account. They can also network with people in related professions. For instance, corporate lawyers can add chartered accountants to their accounts.

6. People Are More Inclined To Choose Domain Experts

Position yourself as a thought leader in your domain as people want to hire experts rather than a general adviser. For instance, a DUI lawyer has better chances of getting hired than a firm offering multiple services one of which happens to be DUI. This is because the potential client feels that the former will focus better on her case. Even law firm owners who are active in multiple practice fields must position themselves as a thought leader in one specific area before promoting other fields.


Attorneys need to be creative while promoting their practice. The ideas discussed here will help them create an effective law firm marketing for this year.

About Author

Sophia is an experienced Online Marketer & Web developer by profession who provides Custom Law Firm Website Design service at ConroyCreativeCounsel Ltd. She has a passion of creative and technical writing and always lookout for learning something new.


Many Australians at some stage have experienced an injury at work, either in the form of physical, psychological or emotional setbacks. Injuries not only have detrimental impacts to individuals that have suffered as a result, but also affect their network, including family, friends and colleagues. With a direct correlation between overall health and wellbeing, stresses can range from financial implications to social welfare. For this reason, if employees feel the least bit affected by their current working conditions, it is essential to understand they have rights and entitlements. One of the most common types of work-related injuries, that can often go amiss, is psychological health and safety.

Examples of Causes of Psychological Injury

Depending on the work type, load or location, there are a number of variables that contribute to an employees’ overall experience in the workplace. Examples include:

High demand vs. low demand jobs

In each of the instances, the workload, or lack thereof can effect the emotional wellbeing of individuals. For instance, having too much work can lead to stress-related matters, through feelings of being overwhelmed, or subject to strict time constraints. On the contrary however, doing too little or engaging in repetitive tasks, can contribute to feelings of not being stimulated, or even needed, which can have detrimental impacts.

Organisational structure or injustice

Being in an organisation where individuals feel like they are being treated unfairly, or in environments where there is little to no consideration of employees is also mentally harmful. For organisational structures, it is important to incorporate collaborative and fair structures, rather than strict hierarchical organisations with little to no communication. If employees feel they are being treated unfairly, it could impact their performance, their wellbeing and their psychological health.

Traumatic events

If employees have been victim to an event, such as a workplace hazard or robbery, it can lead to long-term mental implications. Workplace incidents that make employees feel like they are at harm, being threatened, or in an unsafe environment pose great harm to mental wellbeing. In addition, the effect of traumatic events, if not treated, can also be dangerous to a person’s psychological health.

Psychological health can at times be overlooked, as the signs and symptoms are not as visible as physical factors. They do however place many long-term stresses and impacts on individuals and must be treated. If employees feel they are victim to psychological injury as a result of work-related matters, they too have rights. Our team of workers compensation lawyers can work with individuals to ensure a seamless process. Most importantly, the main objective of a workers compensation lawyer is the overall health and wellbeing of individuals. This means eliminating the legal stress of complex cases, while they focus on their health. Read more at

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