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Best way to lose Weight

In this article, I teach you, how to lose weight fast in an easy way.

Yes, you read it right. What your metabolism needs to stay active is not to put yourself in "restrictive mode," the more you deprive it of food, the more it will withhold whatever little it gives you. YES.




Some Important Step to Lose Weight

Prepare five meals a day that starts with a good breakfast, two healthy snacks, a smart meal (depending on the physical activity you will do later) and a light dinner. Each digestion spends energy, so if you control the rations, your body will begin to burn more calories. DO NOT DO. You skip meals, the only thing you will get is to accumulate hunger, slow down your metabolism and increase the rebound effect if your diet.

The nutritionists do not fail to emphasize the importance of the first meal of the day, which is what initiates the metabolism, gives it energy and helps regulate the appetite of food. Of everything. 

Your breakfast should contain healthy carbohydrates (bread, cereals or whole grain crackers and better organic, without added sugars or fats); natural juice or fresh fruit (better at the beginning to improve digestion); dairy or vegetable products without fat (if you have lactose intolerance or want to reduce calories even more), coffee or green tea (your first dose of antioxidants); 

Some Healthy Proteins

healthy proteins for weight loss (Iberian ham, turkey, egg) to take away your hunger; some healthy fat (virgin olive oil!) and something sweet if you feel like it a lot (it's the best time to take it, you have all day to burn it), like jam without added sugar.

In addition to helping you stay active and consume energy metabolism, it is the only way to control your appetite and not be hungry with food or dinner for boiled egg diet. Of course, this should be a healthy snack. Psychologically, it will be an "avalanche" of endorphins to be able to eat when you are hungry. 

YES. Natural nuts, unroasted, such as nuts, cashews, almonds or sunflower seeds; a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of red fruits (second portion of antioxidants); a skimmed yogurt; an inflated rice pancake; A can of natural tuna or low fat sausages; a couple of oatmeal cookies or a couple of ounces of dark chocolate if you have a sweet attack.

Best Step for Weight Lose

The legumes, cereals, bread or whole wheat pasta are not to blame for their extra kilos. Their enemies are industrial sweets, sliced ​​bread, salty snacks (stay away from the work machine), sugary cereals and refined foods. 

This type of fast-digesting carbohydrates is those that control your GI, that is, your glycemic index or insulin level in your blood. YES. Always take hydrates at breakfast and eat them at noon (a plate of pasta, rice or legumes) if you are going to exercise in the afternoon. 

Take legumes at least three times a week (your fiber is excellent for your intestines and you are hungry for hours) and the rest of the best hydrates, since they are slowly poured into the bloodstream, do not produce insulin spikes and do not accumulate in them. The form of fat as the refined ones. DO NOT DO. To carbohydrates at night. Everything that comes packaged and looks like fast food, forgets it.

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