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Six Benefits Of Riding A Cycle

Riding a Cycle is a sport for all audiences. You can achieve a high performance, or simply get the pleasure of exercising or enjoy family moderately. The limits of this activity are those that put who practice it. Not to mention that it is a sustainable means of transport, comfortable and muna good way to have fun.

For any case, practitioner or not, April 19 is a good day to take the Cycle home and shop around. A healthy way to commemorate World Bicycle Day. And on the occasion of this celebration a team of personal trainers of Sport Zone wants to raise awareness among the population (of all ages) of all the benefits that this sport brings. If you have not already started to ride a Cycle, this is the best time, for all the advantages it offers at Cycle Corner

1. Pedaling is a cardiovascular exercise. With one hour of Cycle a day you will burn about 500 calories. In fact, it is one of the best activities to burn fat and therefore fight against cholesterol, one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease in the Western world.


2. Riding a Cycle tones the muscles of the legs, such as the quadriceps or hamstrings. If you do not have much time to practice this sport, you can go to work or shopping with a Cycle ride.

3. The position of the back improves. And is that due to the posture, slightly leaning forward on the handlebar, we strengthen the muscles of the lower back of the spine, which improves the resistance of the base of our back and, in the long run, we decrease the possibility of having hernias Of course, make sure you maintain a correct position on your Cycle at all times.

4. Strengthens the knees, one of the joints that suffers most when playing sports. Thanks to the bicycle you strengthen the muscles that hold the knee, because in this exercise the knees do not support the weight of our entire body and, therefore, are not as punished as in other physical activities, it is about a low impact sport.

5. Exercise makes stress disappear. It is a sport that does not require a high concentration or a strategy, or think about the next steps, so on the Cycle you can dedicate that time for you, to think, to listen to music or simply to disconnect. On the Cycle you are the owner of your thoughts.

6. Your immune system will also notice the benefits. Like almost all physical activities, it favors the strengthening of our defense system. In addition, cardiovascular activity increases the segregation of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, which will make you have a pleasant feeling of satisfaction after exercise.

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