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Media server software free – Try now

This article including the best media server software, which is free and has achieved higher review and rating. So let's check and become familier with it.

If you are puzzled about to pick media server software. So in this blog post, I have suggested you a free media software who is accountable for delivering the best output among available others alternative. The best part of this entertain software is – With suggested server software do not have any dispute which can create any kinds of conflict to the users,


You are looking to download and install such kinds of software in your android phone, windows, MAC, and in own another device, which is more liable to deliver most of all entertaining stuff on a single platform.

This suggests media software, I have individually checked out the review and ratings which is outstanding. And the most important aspect this suggested software is being used from my <a href="#" class="more-info-link" rel="dofollow"

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return false;" style>site</a> before a long time.

Though sticking with the software can deliver you the best user experience. 

Highlight – Media server software

• Remote access control.

• Unlimited storage space.

• Easy to use and comes with jukebox functionality.

• It is a highly flexible and scalable web interface.

• Offers search and index functionality.

• Multiple languages support including the subtitle.

• Well, support users interface theme.

• Include sports, movies, videos, audio, ratio, and game.

Above I have included you some more significant points which help you to make a proper understanding of the server software.

So now let’s check about the software.

Madsonic – Media server software

Madsonic is one of the best media server software which is more flexible and secure web-based media server.

This suggested software developed on Java which helps to deploy on Linux, Windows, MAC, and more. This media software is absolutely free of cast available.

Moreover here you have free opportunity to manage 100000 files in your music collection without any limitation which makes it different from other <a href="">media server software</a>.

How to install Madsonic media software

To install the Madsonic, I have suggested you every step which is important. Make sure below which step process I have suggested you below do not skip any single because all the recommended step is most important.

• Very first go to install java in your system.

• After installing the java go to download Madsonic and install from a shared link.

• Now go to launch Madsonic by clicking the icon and set up login id and password.

• Very next after setting up the admin id and password you will reach on the next page of Getting startup.

• Here click on the change administration password, make sure choose strong id and password and go to save it.

• Next, go to setup media folders, and make sure here locate your audio and video location and save.

• Now go to shift home page of Madsonic and choose a setting section and select your preferred languages, and on the same windows, you will get many more options, check as per your requirement.

“Note some of the points I have not included in point section, which you can follow in the image section.”

Video to install Madsonic

To make proper understanding I have included Youtube video which can help you more to install Madsonic. In this video, I have covered every significant point which can help you more to make a better understanding about the Madsonic.

So if required follow the Youtube video.

Wrap Up - Media server software free

In this blog post, I have covered most of the significant point including the youtube video and step process. This suggested software I have been using from so long time, which has delivered a faster satisfactory result.

In comparison with other media software, Madsonic is simple to install.

While following the blog post if you reach any difficulty so connect with the below comment box section to get proper revert.

Keep connected with us to get a more relevant update.

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