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Digital taxi app solution for entrepreneurs to startup a taxi app

Booking a taxi to reach destinations have become a daily routine for people living in big cities. The adaption of smart phones had bring in a digital solution for taxi business. Learn more here.


Booking a taxi to reach destinations has become a daily routine for people living in big cities. It was long ago when people struggled to get a taxi and now you know the convenience that modern technology offered us. This level of evolution took place due to the integration of mobile apps in businesses. Though this modern solution has been beneficial for both end-user and business owners, it is creating a drastic effect on the business that hasn’t turned digital.

Thus, it created a situation for entrepreneurs to either onboard modern technology or to face failures. It was reported that traditional businesses can easily benefit if they choose modern solutions. And for creating such an app, you don’t have to overthink and create a high-end app like your competitor rather involve in executing new technologies by acquiring an Uber clone app.

Here, we will discuss the issues faced by the taxi business as well as the solutions to make it a better resource for your customers.

Issues faced by taxi businesses

Since the app utilizes GPS service to detect locations and to hail a ride, there is no need for the rider to head streets and take up the ride. This technology integration comforted people and also has dreadfully declined the revenue of traditional businesses. Thus, to remain competitive among these giants, it has become a need to become more accessible to keep the business running.

Mobile applications can help the taxi business to connect with its customers easily, if not the business will suffer and never have a chance to invite new customers. However, businesses functioning through mobile applications also face issues and become virtually useless due to a lack of strategic plannings.

But this doesn’t happen when it comes to AppDupe, being in the industry for a few long years we have kept records of obstacles that businesses face. We have analyzed those and have created easy solutions like Uber clone script which are effective as well as affordable to keep these traditional designs competitive in the market.

Modern solutions for traditional taxi business

As said earlier, you don’t have to spend much money to create a stylish app rather know the essentials that need to be integrated into the app. By building an Uber-like app and providing service with seamless operations, you can surely scale up in a short period.

Below we have discussed those essential features,

Payment processing

This is one of the ideal features that modern technology implemented into the taxi apps. This feature allowed riders to pay the accurate fare through payment gateways rather than struggling to pay in cash. This seemed lacking in traditional businesses. So, to make it feasible for customers you have to make this feature functional in the app.

Navigation or Geo-location

This is another remarkable feature that made the ride-hailing service to rocket up in the industry. It allowed people to book taxis irrespective of place and time. Also, it helped both driver and rider to track rides and locations in real-time. It was an advantage for drivers who is not familiar with locations and for riders who hates delays. Make sure to implement this since it certainly helps to increase the user experience of the app.

Promotion or Advertising

Whether it is Uber or Lyft, both grew their business in a short period through the means of promotion. As visibility increases, the growth of business increases. Thus, make sure to advertise your service to your target customers through either through webpages or applications. This can definitely act as a call to action to increase your service requests.

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Every year that comes, smartphone becomes better. Advanced technology makes the smartphone attractive, faster, effective and user-friendly. Each new smartphone has a new feature that provides the best interface and better user experience.

Let’s take a timed lap and think when smartphones come in a market. No sophisticated design, bulky, slow operating system, boring keypad, no camera, and no other features. And now the smartphone is a part of our life. For this improvement thanks to technology and competition among the brand that result is technology enhancement in the smartphone. Bulky phones are slim. The boring feature become attractive and so on.

But still, all of the things the main question is what’s new on a smartphone? What are the features of the smartphone? How attractive upcoming smartphone? What’s the special technology used in upcoming phones? Which concept upcoming phone has? Does upcoming smartphone work on artificial intelligence? And so…on. It’s the never-ending question list. Still new smartphone release.

In the upcoming year is the golden age of smartphones and technology. The upcoming smartphone best merger of human intelligence and technology. The upcoming phones work on 5g technology that adds excitement,

There are various smartphones in the market in 2020. All are the supreme brands they are capable of changing the trend of the coming phone.

Here is a list of the upcoming phone.

One plus 8 and 8T, iPhone 12, Moto razr V4, Samsung Galaxy S11, Nokia 10, xiaomi Note 11, Apple iPhone X fold.

Let’s discuss the most promising upcoming phone that is able to change the trend of smartphone:

1)Xiaomi mi 11:

Xiaomi is one of the fastest-growing smartphone company, it’s top-selling smartphone company in India. Xiaomi's phone has all the features at a less cost.

After the huge success of Mi note 10 Xiaomi release mi 11. We can expect it has an Adreno 760 and QUALCOMM snapdragon 875 with 12 GB RAM. It is available in 128.256/512 GB internal storage. We can expect strong support of the 5G network and powerful 5000mah battery.

2) Samsung Galaxy S15:

Samsung is the most popular and expensive smartphone brand. We can expect something new from Samsung. And Samsung never let us down.

In the coming phone, it has a full bezel display. So, it’s enhanced the user experience. And one more thing forgets your traditional earphone and prepared for used wireless.

3) Apple iPhone X fold:

The king of the smartphone is here, apple is luxury and always experiment in his smartphone. Apple is one of the brands that change the trend of the smartphone. As an example, in application-wise Siri, and appearance-wise notch in iPhone x.

Now, Apple is preparing for a foldable smartphone. There is not much details reveal about the phone but in a source, apple used his best-notch hardware in this foldable phone. The pricing is going to really high.

Foldable technology is new in the market and very fewer resources for this.

The estimated price of the iPhone X fold is $2k.

4) One plus 8 and 8T:

One plus comes with the pair. It’s the successor of a one plus 7 and 7T. One plus is one of the best competitors of the Apple iPhone. One plus is also recognizing as value for money smartphones all over the world.

One plus 8 has many features but the most important features are the support of the 5G network. The initial design released it has a stunning curved screen and fewer bezels compare to one plus 7.

5) Nokia 10:

It’s one of the most awaited devices for Nokia fans. Nokia 10 is packed with 5G technology. Some of the rumors that Nokia 10 comes with the in-display fingerprint scanner.

It’s going to be water resistance and dust resistance. It has a support of 4K video recording in 1080 pixels.

All the information and device features are the initial stages. Maybe there are some changes in the final product. But we know It’s something better than earlier.

The smartphone market is evolving at a rapid pace, and there is and will always be something held in the wings. Do you think that you have your hands on the latest smartphone model now? Then in a week or who knows in a day, your opinion will change. Because of the heavy competition in the market, smartphone companies are bringing in more and more models at affordable prices. Now you are going to see some of the new smartphones that you have to lookout for before this year ends.

OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T pro is the most anticipated one in new smartphones coming soon. Apart from OnePlus branding, this phone has some of the best features in the market that makes it stand out from the rest. OnePlus is known for releasing new devices within months gap and now this mobile is going to hit the market pretty soon. Camera, 90 Hz liquid crystal crisp display, and Snapdragon 855+ are some of the standing out features of OnePlus 7T Pro.

RealMe X2 Pro

RealMe has garnered a big market already with its affordable and amazing specific mobiles. Now the company is coming with RealMe X2 Pro, a mobile with premium features. RealMe has already started touting it as a budget premium phone, and with the features that it is offering, there is no harm in calling it premium.

Vivo U3

This is another budget smartphone from Chinese company Vivo. The company is putting in a lot of effort to enter the budget segment and compete with brands like RealMe and Xiaomi. It started offering mobiles at affordable prices with some interesting features. It is rumored that this phone will have a 6.5-inch display.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Xiaomi is already ruling the mid-range market in India, and the company has released a lot of phones this year, from Redmi 7A to the flagship killer K20. Now, the company is planning to bring another mid-range budget phone into the market. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is coming with 6.4 inches screen and sporting four cameras in the back and a 13 MP front facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy S11

You may get to see this mobile until early 2020. This mobile is likely to come with 5G, and the punch hole camera in this device is much smaller, just like the one present in Samsung Note 10. Samsung Galaxy series has attracted a lot of people and is one of the best selling devices in that price range. This mobile is going to be the first 5G handset from Samsung, and the one thing that we have to wait about is whether it will work on all bands or not.

Motorola Moto Razr

Yes, Moto Razr is back into the game, and now it is coming with some interesting features like folding phone. Motorola is planning to launch its folding phone into the market this December (if rumors are to be believed). This mobile has a dual display, and according to the leaked images surfaced online, this mobile is going to bring in a new trend into the smartphone market. It is stylish and smart.

So, these are just sme of the mobiles from renowned brands that will be released by the end of this year or in the first half of next year. Every brand is trying to stand out from the competition and is offering some of the best features for its users. These are the new smartphones coming soon, and if you are looking to buy them, we have given you a list of phones with varied price ranges, so pick the one that matches your budget. 

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