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Reasons Your Retail Conversion Rate is Low


A great retail conversion rate is an aspiration to all the sellers across the world. But, the definition of ‘great’ is pretty subjective and will vary for each business. However, the definition of a ‘bad conversion’ rate will rope in very common views. Retailers, time and again, have been trying hard to keep their sales above a set benchmark to remain profitable. Though, competition, customer demographics, purchase power, and options for products in every category have sparked-off a race amongst the retailers to ‘grab’ the customers. At present, it does not initially matter about the price-point, quality or even customer support to the businesses. The foremost obstacle is to acquire and retain the customers who will generate revenue for the business. Boosting the retail conversion rate comes just after it.

Let us see what might be the major reasons behind a low retail conversion rate.

No Idea about the Customer Profile

If a business does not ‘precisely’ know to whom it is marketing and selling to, it is bound to hit this low sales point eventually. There is no point in catering to an audience that is not really yours! As a business, you will need to invest in robust Retail Conversion Solutions that will drive the correct audience engagement for a boosted ROI.

No Loyalty Program

Having nothing to offer personally to the customers to give them additional value is another pitfall for the retailers. Tailored loyalty programs not only help retailers grab more new customers, but also turn them into long-term paying customers. With the right Retail Conversion Solutions, this shall come easy for your business.

No Insights into Customer Behavior

Customer behavior is another aspect that retail businesses must be aware about. What do your customers like? What is their age group? What are their spending habits? What are their interests? Do they shop from your rivals? Do they expect more from you? Are they satisfied with you? Such and many more questions must be answered before a business can take-off its retail conversion rate. Retail conversion solutions often come with behavioral analytics to study the patterns of the target audience, and give crucial information that can be leveraged to drive winning decisions.

What other lesser known reasons do you think can hinder the sales? Let us know in the comments below!

Linda Hudson is a #Digital #Marketing & #blogger. She likes to share posts related to latest fashion, amazing shopping and technology.

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