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3 & 5 Year Old Labs Save the Day and Me

In December 2010 I had a total knee replacement. The surgery was okay but the recovery left a lot to be desired. I was sent home after five day on oxygen with a walker. Rehab was done in the home by a visiting nurse. The walker and lengthy tubing were both a nuisance but I endured with a “can do attitude”. In my PJ’s and robe one day about a week after I returned home I decided I needed to vacuum the house. My husband was at work and I was on my own. I finished vacuuming several rooms when I began to feel funny, like I was going to faint. Everything started to go gray; that is all I remember. Sandi, the 3 year old Yellow Lab turned off the vacuum cleaner with her paw and Sunny, our 5 year old rescue Yellow Lab stood pressed against the walker, determined to keep me upright even though the world was spinning faster and faster. Sandi positioned herself on the other side of the walker and pressed against it too. Like Lassie saving her master, the girls marched me straight down the hall into my bedroom where they deposited me on the bed.

When my husband arrived home several hours later, discovering me in bed, he wanted to know why the walker was haphazardly thrown against the foot of the bed. I said I didn’t know. He wondered aloud why I was in bed with a dog on each side of me like life guards. I said I didn’t remember how I ended up there.

To me Sandi and Sunny were my Angels that day. They demonstrated their love and concern having no training on how to handle the situation. Their natural instincts kicked in to save me from a fall.

Myrna Lou Goldbaum is a Master Palmist and Author of 4 books. She has always had Labs for pets. When she conducts palm readings in the house both dogs remain in the room with every guest to protect her. They greet each guest and escort them from the front door down the hall to the den/office. When their session is over both dogs stretch and then politely escort the person back down the hall to the front door.

Myrna Lou Goldbaum

573 Park Estates Sq.

Venice FL 34293 941-412-4916

Master Palmist

Award-Winning Author

Soul Mate Specialist


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The love for flying starts at a time when most of us are young. It can start by simply getting excited whenever a plane flies overhead, or reading about them and developing more of an interest in aviation. The concept of flying ignites such a passion in some people that they want to pursue their dreams and become pilots. From there, it is only a matter of time before you start taking the first steps towards looking into a commercial airline pilot school and obtaining a pilot licence.

The road can be long and there are a lot of steps you need to take, so to give you a better insight, this guide is what an average pilot goes through before working for an airline.

Flight training usually begins with studying an RPL (Recreational Pilot Licence), which entails flight theory, learning the basic controls, simulation and aircraft training and the first live experience you will ever get in a cockpit. What follows depends on what you want to get out of flying, whether it is for pleasure or as a profession. The CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) course is for students wanting to get paid for their flying services and the PPL (Private Pilot Licence) course is for students wanting to fly for fun.

Some airlines now offer cadetship roles that have no minimum hourly requirement, but it is still a good idea to gain a reasonable level of aviation experience and knowledge before applying. For standard entry into an airline pilot role, there are required flight hours and experience that need to be obtained before you can successfully pilot a big commercial airliner.

A good way to earn those hours and the necessary experience is by becoming a flight instructor. This way you get to sharpen and refresh your skills and at the same time you also get to impart valuable knowledge to a fellow enthusiast. It is also possible to obtain work as a charter pilot, and this can give you a great opportunity to travel and see some fantastic places in the country whilst gaining the needed experience and flight hours.

When you are at the required level to consider airline pilot jobs, it is highly advisable to enrol in an Airline Interview Coaching Session or a Cadet Pilot Interview Workshop. These give you an in-depth look at what airlines are looking for, giving you a huge advantage over other applicants in what can be a very competitive recruitment process. The topics the courses cover can include technical assessments, flight control systems training, the various stages of the airline interview process and much more.

Once you are selected by an airline, the job role and lifestyle is extremely rewarding. You will visit a lot of places all over the world and get to enjoy the sights and sounds of different countries. Almost anyone who has been an airline pilot would recommend it as a career in a heartbeat! When looking for a commercial airline pilot school, Learn to Fly has a range of courses designed for students looking to fly for fun or professionally. Browse their website for all the information you need to pick a course that is right for you today!

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