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What You Need To Consider While Buying Automated soldering Equipment

It is important to consider aspects including size, design, configuration, handling, features and others while choosing the best soldering automation machine and equipment, which can provide for a more value-for-money deal that has long-lasting benefits.

The new soldering automation machine/equipment is a boon for the manufacturing industries as they provide for mass production while saving of cost and time. Lesser worker/operator fatigue, the absence of errors and faults, and high quality are other benefits of the automatic soldering machines available today. There are a good number of varieties of these automation products available in the market. When you have to invest in it, you should search for the most value-for-money options that provide for reliability, consistency, and also offer long-term sustainability of operations. Here are some tips that will help you buy the best-automated soldering equipment.

Available Space

The soldering automation machines and equipment are today available in a variety of sizes and they possess different features and capabilities of varying degrees. While you need the features, you should also be able to find a machine that fits into the amount of space you have available for the soldering operation and for placing the machine.

Design And Configuration

There can be instances in future when you would like to enhance or manipulate the configuration of the machine. For instance, you may be required to add fluxing, pre-heating or number of soldering stations. The modular machines are the more versatile solutions, cost more, but can also be better customized when required.

Size Requirement

From 1 meter to a few more, the soldering machines are available in different sizes and you can make the best buy keeping in mind the availability of space. Whether you require the pallets for holding printed circuit boards (PCBs) or whether you need panels of machines, are some other considerations to be analysed. You can use the panel of two or more machines to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your production processes. Make a decision after evaluating aspects including space availability and budget among others.

Maintenance And Service

The greater the degree of automation, the more maintenance and servicing a soldering machine would require. If you want the machine to operate fully on its own without any human intervention, you should be ready for more frequent care and maintenance.

Soldering Pots

The temperature-controlled and small pots/tanks having the flair tips and which are used for tinning the wires and for soldering the tips are termed as solder pots. While buying the automated soldering machine, you should also consider the number of solder pots that you actually require for your job/work. Automatic machines can have both lead-free and leaded solder and these have the minimum changeover time. Remember that you can always increase the throughput time and production output by having more than one soldering station.

Nozzles And Flux

The lesser the number of solder nozzles you require, the better the throughput time will be. This will be due to the lesser changeovers involved when you limit the number of solder nozzles that are to be used in a soldering work. The large nozzles can provide for fast soldering while the small ones can get in between the components rather easily.

Use of flux also impacts the throughput time. For the long processes, you may have to flux repeatedly at the later stages. In other cases, you only need to apply the flux at the start.

Handling Of The Assembly/PCBs

The new automatic soldering stations can be loaded and unloaded manually by the operators. You can also add the board stackers for a more efficient procedure when the automated soldering process runs for long time periods.

Other Features

Different soldering stations from different brands and companies can offer to you different features, and you should read the product description carefully to know what you need. For instance, the PCB fiducial recognition feature may or may not be required.

The leading suppliers can also customise the automated soldering machine so that it well suits your project and work. A wide range of automated soldering equipments including the hot air soldering station (from leading brands including Hakko) are available online at reasonable cost.

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