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Sunknowledge: Profitable Approach to Prior Authorization for Imaging Center

So get a tailor-made effective prior authorization solution for imaging center with the help of PriorAuth ONLINE expert.

In case of imaging service, there is no role a provider should play in prior authorization process still sometimes imaging centers do get involved in obtaining prior authorization process. Even though the actual burden is on the referring physicians, said by Brigette LaBar who serves on the board of directors of the Radiology Business Management Association.

Handling a prior authorization involves a lot of stress and skilled resources which are the main reason health care provider are outsourcing prior authorization services.

Sunknowledge Service Inc an outsourcing decade-old organization with 100% HIPAA Compliant real-time eligibility and benefit heck. A 99.9 % accuracy rate and operational transparency Sunknowledge has specialized prior authorization services known as ‘PriorAuth Online'. 'PriorAuth Online' offer a complete prior authorization process for an imaging center, genomic lab etc starting from authorization request, approval and follow up. We have a track record of an instant 80% reduction in current operational cost with 97% collection rate even in aging account with 100% prior authorization submission on the same day itself.


Prior Authorization for Imaging Centers

 Steps Sunknowledge follow for Prior authorization process:

• Name, date of birth, insurance details of Patient/subscriber

• Servicing provider information details (LAB)

• Ordering provider information details

• Place of Service

• Procedure / CPT codes

• Diagnosis codes

• The estimated date range for Pre-authorization

Our works do not end here our team also deals with payers contact requirements with

• Determine the process for prior authorization request submission, i.e. portal, fax, phone, etc.

• Contact for UM/Pre-Authorization department

• Fax to send medical notes

• Expected turn-around time

• Limitations/exceptions (if any)

Sunknowledge benefits:

So get a tailor-made effective prior authorization for imaging centers with the help of Sunknowledge expert. An unmatchable productive metric and more than 100 clientele list, including Medtronic, we will help you with customized reporting daily/weekly/monthly according to your requirement. Thus available Sunknowledge facilities for your prior authorization process for imaging center and get streamline operation for a profitable revenue generation. For more information call our expert over a 'no commitment call'.

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