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7 Reasons for Digital Marketing Failure in Start-ups

Knowing these reasons is very important if you also own a start-up or are planning to open one.

It had been observed worldwide that start-ups usually fail in their digital marketing campaigns. The percenExpect Everything from the Outsourcing Agencytage of these failing start-ups is between 80-90% according to various surveys. Many of these start-ups don’t even know the real reason behind their failing attempts.

Although, we all know that start-ups usually have small teams, fewer funds and less-experienced leaders which can be the common causes of digital marketing failure. But, we have taken the help of many digital marketing consultants to know the actual root causes of these failures.

Knowing these reasons is very important if you also own a start-up or planning to open one. Yes, if you will know these common mistakes, then you can amend them or avoid them in case you haven’t started any digital marketing efforts for your start-up yet.

So, let’s have a look at the 7 reasons for digital marketing failure in start-ups.

1. Expect Everything from the Outsourcing Agency:

Outsourcing agencies and digital marketing consultants are very helpful in sky-rocketing the digital marketing efforts of any company. But, the main problem with start-ups is that they expect everything from these outsourcing agencies.

Yes, they can plan strategies for you; they can even implement these strategies and check the results. But, at the end of the day, these agencies have to look out the digital marketing campaigns of hundreds of clients. So, the company also have to get involved in the process.

They also have to play a role in keeping a check, asking questions about the plans and providing feedback to the hired agency. Start-ups usually don’t play this role properly. In addition, they hire cheap agencies due to the lack of funds which also becomes a reason for their digital marketing failure.

2. Hire Less-Experienced Employees:

Newly open start-ups usually don’t have a good budget due to which they can’t afford highly experienced employees. However, less experienced people can also do wonders with the right training and guidance. But, the senior members of start-ups remain busy in settling the business or dealing with bigger issues.

Due to this, they don’t have enough time to guide new people. They just give the tasks to their employees and these employees perform the tasks as per their knowledge and experience; which can be lacking.

3. Desire Results without having a Vision:

Start-ups do social media and digital marketing just because it’s the talk of the town. Most of them only think about the results that it can give without focusing on the objectives. Yes, struggle and proper planning is the main part of achieving success in any field.

So, for the success of digital marketing, you have to focus on your plan, your objectives and the vision instead of just the results which you want. Without the objectives and any proper vision, no one can get the desired results. So, start-ups just keep launching campaigns and spending money on it without having any good vision or planning.

4. Ignore the Importance of Content:

You will find many companies who think that content can be written by anyone. Yes, according to them, any employee knowing a little bit of English can write articles, blogs, captions and other pieces of content. Well, most of the companies who don’t value quality content are the start-ups.

They underestimate the value of quality content in the success of any campaign. Due to which, they either give the task of content creation to anyone in their company who is not a writer or hire writers at very cheap rates. This poor quality content becomes another reason for the failure of the digital marketing campaigns of start-ups.

5. Don’t Invest in Latest Digital Marketing Technologies:

Companies who do in-house marketing have to use the latest tools, software and other technologies to create good campaigns. Most of the softwares are not free, and some of these have free versions, but these versions aren’t that much effective.

Start-ups don’t invest in the premium or paid tools; which is another reason for their failure. Without proper tools and software, no employee can provide the best results. After all, nothing is possible without the help of the right technology in today’s time.

6. Expect Fast Success:

Expecting results within a few days is yet another mistake of start-ups. Digital marketing requires enough time and efforts to blossom properly, just like any other field of marketing. Companies spend years to establish their reputation and build a strong fan base on various social media platforms.

You can’t expect to get lots of likes, comments, followers and customers within a few days of starting your social media accounts and posting the content. You have to wait patiently and keep giving your 100% without expecting the results for at least half a year or so.

Having unrealistic expectations frustrates the employees as well. These start-ups often blame their employees and consider them inefficient for the tasks. But, these tasks take their time; no matter whoever performs them. So, these companies stop their efforts in the mid or divert their focus elsewhere due to this lack of patience.

7. Have Wrong Measures of Success:

Every company defines digital marketing success in different terms. Start-ups usually have poor measures of defining this form of success. They think that getting a huge amount of views, likes, comments or high website traffic is the only sign of the success of digital marketing campaigns.

Well, that’s not the case. Suppose that you are getting more views, likes and website visits than your competitors, but the number of client conversion is still low as compared to them. There is no benefit of the high number of views if the final conversions are not good. So, these start-ups always have wrong measures due to which they can’t set the right goals and achieve success.

Thus, if you own a start-up, then you should avoid these mistakes in order to achieve success in your digital marketing strategies. Good luck! 

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