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Classic Trend for Co-working Spaces in 2019

Co-working Spaces have been present there for more than 10 years now, and the Co-working exploration developments tell that it is going to develop beyond what anyone can expect. In this article which is about Co-working Trends 2019, we recommend some modern changes that will change the Co-working idea to make it even better.

Co-working Trends for the Year 2019

Scroll through for the latest trends of Co-working and get ready for the future.


The Co-working Trends of 2019 advise that space owners are more concentrated on technology. Back then, various space owners had to assist managers for day time and then for the night time to support coworkers who would pop in anytime. Technology has reached a place where there will be no requirement to hire any manager for taking care of the Co-working space. Booking systems, access cards, Co-working space management software, attendance system, automated invoices, time trackers, etc. all have become so modern that you only need to watch your revenue at the weekend or maybe at the month end. All human interference and annoyances have been growing up.

Several Locations

According to the Co-working trends, people like to choose a space that has more than 1 location in a city since they get a chance to work at any location. Everyday businessmen or travelers like to opt for Co-working spaces that have located in multi-city. If you have a Co-working space, then the time has come to grow it and branch it out. If you don’t have space, then you should definitely become a part of some Co-working passport programs which permits the holder of the card to use a designated number of hours at any sharing Co-working space.

Space Design

The Co-working spaces have been so much popular because of their interiors. Their design is so well made and executed that a person will fall in love with space at first sight. But research on Co-working Trends recommends that this is growing better with each day passing. We have a lot of new Co-working spaces that are opening up on this earth every day, and the space design is also getting better day by day.

Bean bags, sitting desks, standing desks, sofas, couch are all normal. Moreover, we know that almost every shared office spaces help the coworkers to participate in recreational activities in their office space. A sports room with football, table tennis, chess board are all things belongs to the past. The Co-working space design has grown in a much brilliant way.

Additional Out of Box Services

As per the Co-working trends of 2019, shared office spaces have begun to give several additional facilities to their coworkers just like a big corporate company provides its employees. Few ongoing trends for Co-working spaces include babysitting, a chartered accountant for your startup, getting an office space ready to have pets, bank tie-ups for a loan, business account, etc.

If a Co-working space doesn’t include these basics things and does not go the extra mile for its customers, then it may start to lose out customers to newly opened spaces.

Niche Co-working Spaces

There are various cities present in the world that have over 100 Co-working spaces, and most of them are fully engaged. The trends of niche Co-working has already been introduced and will undoubtedly develop more. Niche Co-working means that you will have to target a particular section. If we’d had to elucidate it with an example, then imagine – a Co-working space for artists, only for females, for coders and developers. for an example fined a "Co-working space in Saket" especially for writers, photographers and so on.

Such Co-working spaces are made to attract only that particular segment and have all the facilities that a professional in that field might require. Since Co-working is all about creating a community, as per modern trends, these niche Co-working spaces have made quite strong groups.

Connection to Nature

Trends advise that Co-working spaces are tending towards greenery. A space that has plenty of plants, flowers, and well preserved green walls are more eye-catching to coworkers. Co-working trends of 2019 suggest that new concepts have also started to consist of an artificial waterfall, beaches, stones like structures and other things that portray nature within the space.

Community, Culture & Classes

People join the Co-working spaces to work but according to recent trends in Co-working culture, much more workspace is required. From yoga classes to meditation and from weekly lunch to events all are becoming a portion of the Co-working concept. These activities are non-compulsory and often occur over the weekend but the best thing is that they go up to the long list of assistance that your Co-working space provides to you.

The Corporate Shift

Earlier Co-working spaces were made for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs or small businesses but nowadays even corporate businesses are exploring Co-working spaces for their employees. This change is done for the betterment as it is generating more trust in Co-working spaces. One Co-working trend to look out for in 2019 is to change your Co-working space from normal to corporate friendly. You should be able to modify it and differentiate between open area, small private offices, and lounge area.

Digital Marketing

Last but not least. The major Co-working trend that is growing up very rapidly is digital marketing. No matter how well space has been made, no matter what is the position of the space, your space will not entice coworkers until and unless you spread it to the world. As search trends for Co-working spaces on search engines are increasing as well as the efforts of the digital marketing company in Delhi.

Owners and managers now appreciate that a single person who enters the space is a long-term customer. No matter the acquisition value of a coworker, it pays off in the long run. If you are still not running ads on social media and search engines, you need to begin doing it.

Moreover, participating in a photo shoot of your Co-working space or getting a professional video will always be a great investment.

Co-working trends may differ from place to place and even from time to time. The above mentioned 10 trends are the ones that direct the Co-working culture for the year 2019 and make it future ready. To be successful and offer something different to your clients, you require to up the game in a principled way. One way to stay in the circle is to keep following such trends on Co-working Mag.

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