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In today’s world marketing is not an easy task? Right? For growing your business

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We all know the necessity of changing a dust collector’s filter cartridges and baghouse filters regularly. We as well know that even if we have a trusted dust collector bags supplier Puratex, supplying us with such cartridges or bags at a lower rate, changing them before they are damaged will only cost us more and consume lots of time that could be used to complete other vital tasks. As well, letting damaged filters stay unchanged for long puts the lives of the workers at risk. That is true since they will not only be exposed to hazardous dust but also the risk of explosions and fire outbreaks.

Also, the longer a damaged filter is left unchanged, the harder the production of compressed air for running the system, which makes the energy costs to sprout up. The dust collection unit’s bearings and fans will be stressed, which will also affect the overall performance of the unit. Discover the major reasons you should contact your dust collector bags supplier Puratex to get new bags for your dust collector.

Damaged Filters

When the filters are damaged, your dust collector will release extreme dust via the exhaust or have it piled up in the clean-air plenums. In some instances, a damaged filter will cause the differential pressure to drop. And that simply explains why you should monitor the differential pressure level each day. A broken bag sensor will greatly help make that possible and with minimal effort.

A dust collector’s filter can suffer damages owing to a whole lot of issues, including but not limited to explosions and fires. Excess heat and moisture will as well damage filter bags, especially the ones made of aramid or polyester through hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction involving the reaction of water and the fibers used in making filter bags. The reaction is usually quite perilous and can make the filter bags to lose their dimensional stability as well as fail to efficiently collect dust.

Blinding of Filters

The main reason dust collector filters are changed is because of filter binding. Filter binding in simple terms means a filter that has exhausted its estimated lifespan. Filter bags that have reached this stage of life are usually depth-loaded and will always attract dust faster. The worst thing about such bags is that periodic cleaning cycles would not remove all the accumulated dust.

When new, filter bags have a lower differential pressure as they do not only accumulate dust slowly but also take less time to clean. As for filter bags that have been used for some time, they will have a higher differential pressure. The usage life of different bags from different manufacturers varies, with some having longer lifespans. There are many factors that affect the durability of different filter bags, though. They include the kind of dust the bags are designed to handle, the operating conditions, and the chemical/moisture composition of the gas stream. When buying filter bags, you should not make the same mistake almost all other buyers have made, which is not considering the filter change frequency of your selected system. Have a chat with a dust collection specialist to let you know what works best for different needs so you can finally discover and choose the perfect choice for your unique needs.

The Wrong Filter Media

The third reason you would want to change your dust collector filter bags is when the filter or media used is wrong. It is quite absurd how some people will quickly buy any filter bags they find in the market without considering if they are appropriate for the specific applications. When an improperly sized third-party filter bag is used, the performance of your dust collector will be affected. If the filter media does not have a similar chemical rating or temperature rating for the specific application, the performance will be affected, as well. And it will not take long for you to discover such issues.

In most instances, it will be dust coming from the stack or telltale readings coming from the collector’s particulate monitoring system. For the most outstanding results, you should consider getting the services of a professional to help you replace your filter bags. There are as well tons of professional and innovative videos that will enlighten you on the best way to install different types of filter bags. You must keep in mind that there are three main types of filters, including top load industrial cloth filter bag, envelope bag, and side bag/bottom load removal industrial cloth filter bags.

Working with a qualified and dedicated team of a filter bag specialist on matters designing and maintaining dust collection systems will save you a great deal. Make sure the company you are hiring has a long-established reputation and experience providing such kind of services unless you are ready for the least expected surprises.

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