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Tips to Escape in a Fire Emergency

Fire like emergencies can happen any time at any place. Fires usually break out in the places that are not safe and where no preventive measures are taken.

Fire like emergencies can happen any time at any place. Fires usually break out in the places that are not safe and where no preventive measures are taken. No building is completely safe from emergencies. Therefore we all need to be prepared for fire like emergencies and know the process to escape from such situations.

Every individual working in an office or staying at home should know the life-saving tips to escape from emergencies. The fires escape tips helps you to save your own life and the life of others. This post shares some of the best life-saving tips for fire like situations.

Install fire alarms in every area

There should be fire alarms in every area of the house, in every room and even in the outdoor areas like patio or verandah. Many people living in Melbourne have installed fire alarms in their homes. The fire alarms give a loud beep as soon as they detect any smoke in the area. If you don’t have fire alarms in your home then buy some good quality fire alarms and install them in every area of your house.

Get the fire extinguishers

Nothing can stop afire better than a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguishers come in handy in case of sudden fires when you least expect them. It is difficult to extinguish the fires using water and other things. Most commercial buildings have fire extinguishers, but most homes don’t have them. It is essential for every homeowner to have fire extinguishers at their house. People who don’t have a fire extinguisher should install them in their homes as well as vehicles.

Create a fire escape plan

Many companies in Melbourne have a fire escape plan to deal with the fire like situations. But most households don’t have a fire escape plan Melbourne. People don’t think that their family needs such a program. It is essential for every family to create a fire evacuation plan and practice it every six months. It is best to consult a fire safety professional to help you create a fire escape plan.

Conduct a drill class

Participating in a fire escape drill helps you and your family members to practice the process of a fire evacuation. Training allows you to learn how to deal with the real fire situations and what actions to take to save yourself and others.

What to do in case of a fire?

Stay calm - The most important thing to remember in case of fire is to stay calm and avoid panic. People who panic easily find it difficult to escape from such situations. If you have a fire evacuation plan and have practised it, you don’t need to panic. Instead stay calm and follow the rules or evacuation. Staying calm enables you to escape and help others to get out of the situation.

Call a firefighting service

The first step in the fire like situations is to call a firefighting service and then follow your fire escape plan. As soon as you know about the fire ask your family members to evacuate the house as quickly as possible using the safe routes. Never use a path that has fire or flames.

Stay low

Try to stay low on the floor in the situations of fire. Staying low protects you from the poisonous smoke that is harmful to your body. Kneel down can crawl to escape from a room full of smoke.

Cover your nose

Remember to cover your nose in case of fire situations. Covering your nose will prevent the smoke from entering your body. Use a damp towel or cloth to cover your nose. Also, cover the faces of kids while moving through the smoke filed areas.

Use stair and avoid elevators

Always use the stairs in fire breakouts and avoid the elevators. In case an elevator stops working or catches fire, there would be no way to escape the situation. Therefore, it is best to use the stairs as you are free to move or change the route.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Sometimes people are not able to escape early, and their clothes catch fire. In such a situation the person should stop everything and drop on the floor. The person should cover his face with hands and start rolling on the floor. Doing this would extinguish the fire on his clothes. Then stand and escape the situation using the safest route. If a person suffers burns, then he should immediately contact a physician for medical aid.

Final Words

Fires are dangerous to life and property, but a proper fire evacuation plan Melbourne can help any family to get out the situation safely. Following the fire escape tips in this post can help any individual or group to save their life and help others in such emergencies.

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