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Tips to Keep your Cell Phone Safe without Spending a Dime on Insurance

When you lose your cell phone you not only lose the device but your identity also get stolen, and you even get to lose all the important information and data stored on your mobile.

The moment you get a new cell phone, one more thing other than happiness occupies your mind, i.e. how you are going to keep it safe and fine without having to pay hefty amounts in getting your cell phone insured. Here are easy and most affordable ways to keep your mobile phone safe and secured. Simply follow them to ensure long life of your phone.


Safeguard from Water Damage

Water is one of the greatest enemies of all the electronic gadgets and devices and mobile phones are no different. Once you let water enter the internal part of your mobile and it’s gone forever. Best is to be protective toward your phone and avoid its contact with water. One cheapest possible way is to always carry a plastic bag with you, so that whenever you notice the possibility of water coming in contact with your phone, say it rains suddenly, you can safely place your phone in the plastic bag.

Protecting your Phone if Dropped in Water

Sometimes you get a bit careless and your cell phone meets with silly accidents. Talking on the phone near a swimming pool can be one of them which may result in dropping of your phone into the water. In such situations most people make the mistake of rushing to some cell phone service centre without trying to remove the battery from the phone and drying it out. So, if such a thing ever happens, remove the battery and try to dry your phone using a towel, hair dryer or by directly placing the phone in the sunlight before you actually take the phone to a service centre.

Keep your Phone Safe from Scratching & Cracks

If your phone gets cracks or scratches, it gets ugly and getting it fixed means changing the body which is indeed a costly affair. So, the best way to handle it is to stop the cracks or scratches from damaging your phone. And for this, all you got to do is use some good mobile phone case. This will keep your cell phone safe for a long time.

What if you lose your Phone?

You must be wondering how can a lost phone be gotten back without insurance, isn’t it? Well, this will require you to install anti theft software on your cell phone. There are plenty many advanced applications available on the market and they come quite cheaper compared to an insurance plan. These help you in locating where your phone is and if your phone has been stolen, it helps in locating the thief too.

You stay in touch of your lost phone and know what’s happening on it even being physically away from it. This also helps you in keeping your data on the phone safe. And help the police in catching thief red handed.

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