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What is made of a Weighted Blanket - Weighted Blankets Canada

Material is a critical part of a weighted blanket Whether you want to purchase a blanket online, in a retail store, or make your own blanket. Find out what is made of a blanket is important. The key point is to find out what to fill into the blanket.

Whether you want to purchase a blanket online, in a retail store, or make your own blanket. Find out what is made of a blanket is important. The key point is to find out what to fill into the blanket.

You are not going to fill in with some concrete or stainless steel, aren't you? Just kidding. The most common material to fill into the blanket is a plastic pallet, glass beads, and sand......

Let's take a close look at the material we've mentioned above:

Plastic Pallet:

Virgin plastic pellet has contained some chemicals. Polypropelene is the most pallet applied to the blanket.

Polypropelene can also apply to yarn and textile - commonly used in the clothing industry. Manufacturers need to pick the suppliers really carefully - making sure the pallets are non-toxic. Due to the price varies in raw material, some manufacturer might use polyethene to fill in the blanket as well.

Glass Beads:

The glass beads might be the best material for filling your blanket. Those beads are tiny, very similar to sand. The sewing needs to be perfect, otherwise, the beads will leak out.

How tiny it is - imagines you are pulling a bag of sugar into your coffee.

glass_beads_for_weighted_blanket_Canada_medium Sand:

Too tiny, we are not going to talk about it in this article - hard to dry, and easy to leak.

What should I do, how can I choose the right weighted blanket?

The most economical way to fill in the blanket is plastic pallet. Toxic is its disadvantage.

But don't worry about it too much. Most weighted blankets are made in China, if the manufacturers need to export these products, they must at least have Certificate: SGS - to prove the material is safe, FDA, and CE.

Some manufacturers want to leave consumers peace of mind, they will ask more testing/inspection organizations to test the raw material and production line - ZnL Weighted Blanket Canada - checked by OEKO (The OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide is an online directory for certified products, manufacturers and brands); and Mosen.

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