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Essential Tips to Get Well on Black Friday

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to find expressive discounts on products that we need or even "dating" for a long time. However, it is necessary to be careful when making purchases online, especially on dates like this, with the variety of sites and products available. Black Friday Free is the place where you will find perfect guide for black friday and its deals

The Zoom, website and price comparator app has separated some tips for consumers who want to have a good buying experience on Black Friday. When searching for the best deals, we can not forget essential items, such as checking the suitability of the store and if the discount really is relevant. So check out the tips below so you do not fall into snares.

Is the discount shown really relevant?

The first step is for the consumer to decide before the date the products they want to buy and search all the information about these items. Planning is key. Some products have lower discounts than others, so it's worth reflecting on which ones are the most attractive for the moment and also choosing something that meets your need.

Zoom accompanies the lowest price the products have practiced in the past six months with the Price History tool. So during Black Friday, it's easy to know what's really at a relevant discount. In addition, it is important to pay attention to offers that are extremely different from the average price practiced by the market.




Choose the best form of payment

The consumer must take into account that, because of discounts, the products may have different amounts if paid in cash or installments. If you choose credit, even with interest, it may be worth it, so that the purchase does not weigh in the budget, especially when it is a product with a higher value. For the boleto bancário, it is generally not possible to pay in installments.

Stay tuned for delivery details

Before closing the purchase, carefully read the field on the website where the delivery period is, especially if you want to anticipate your Christmas purchases. On Black Friday it is very common that the deadlines are longer and may exceed 30 days. It is also important to check the value of freight, which is not usually included in the offer. Depending on the amount, it may be that the discount does not pay for freight for your region.

Shop at trusted stores

It is important to check if the store has armored data. When providing your personal information, be aware of the design of a padlock that appears in the left corner of the place where you type the site name, and verify that the address begins with SSL . This means that the page has an SSL certificate, which ensures that the data that travels through it is encrypted. Also, if your site does not bring an SSL validated by Google, it will display the "Unsafe" message right next to the address bar. If you view an e-commerce with this alert, go away.

Another important tip is to check the name of the store on complaint sites or even in consumer protection agencies such as Procon. At Zoom, for example, the stores undergo a curation to ensure they are reliable.

Know your rights when making any kind of purchase

If you regret the purchase, the consumer protection law guarantees that the product can be returned within 7 days from the receipt of the product. In this case, repentance need not be related to the functioning of the product. This return guarantees the immediate reimbursement of the updated value of the order, including freight costs. Decree 7962/13 directs shopkeepers to show clearly and visibly which means of communication are available to the consumer to exercise their right of repentance.

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