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How Accurate Are Analytical Balances And Precision Balances

Analytical balance is a class of balance which is designed to measure small mass in the sub milligram range. It has some special appeal of its own and this has its own features and characteristics. Electronic analytical scales measure the force needed to counter the mass being measured rather than using actual masses.


Analytical balance is a class of balance which is designed to measure small mass in the sub milligram range. It has some special appeal of its own and this has its own features and characteristics. Electronic analytical scales measure the force needed to counter the mass being measured rather than using actual masses.

Single pan mechanical substitution balance maintains consistent response throughout the useful capacity is achieved by maintaining a constant load on the Analytical and Precision Balances beam by subtracting the mass on the same side of the beam to which the sample is added.

ACCURACY OF ANALYTICAL BALANCE EXAMPLE- Measurement uncertainty check the measurement of doubt shall be carried out by utilizing 10 mg weight. Put the external weight of 10 mg on the pan as well as note the 10 measurements. Now the calculation will come like this - Measurement of uncertainty = standard deviation *2 divided by actual mass value

Any precision balancing company maintains 32 balancing machines of various part weight capabilities both horizontal and vertical axis so the right machine is always available to accommodate customer needs. In case of single piece or production quantities, we have the capability to single plane or two plane balance parts as light as a fraction of an ounce and as heavy as 50000 pounds. Combining the capability with our extensively experienced team of engineers and technicians creates truly unique balancing services. This is why precision balance is very important measurement for any company.

ACCURACY OF PRECISION BALANCE EXAMPLE- A calibration interval is determined by the contracts you have given to the customers. Being able to guarantee that you are providing your customers with 100% accurate product weights is hugely important and will strengthen relationships and build trust and confidence in your service delivery which makes regular assessment of your weighting equipment all the more vital.

There have some tips by which you can understand that these two balances are accurate and have some special appeal of their own. Like-

CALIBRATE THE SCALE TO SUIT THE LOCATION- The effect of gravity on the sample varies with geographic locations. This calibration may be done on site with the help of calibration weight or by activating the calibration program.

MAGNETIC EFFECTS- The magnetic field in the sample can be generated force fields that have an effect on the weighting pan and chamber. This is recommended that you perform demagnetization prior to weighting.

TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE- When you are weighing dry and non conductive samples that are likely to cause weighing errors. This electromagnetic field between the balance and the items can lead to distortion of the weight results.

CONSIDER THE LOCATION- Last but not the least that you must have to place the balance on a solid level surface and the location should have minimal exposure to humidity, vibration and temperature which often lead to inaccurate readings by either affecting the sample or balance.

Source: https://globallabsupply.blogspot.com/2019/05/how-accurate-are-analytical-balances.html

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