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Struggle to pen down my thoughts

My personal account of trying to lead by example. On Creating Vigyaa platform, I believe as the leader I should be a user of my own platform as well. I should be able to write my own articles. Else how will I get into the minds of my users and thus provide effective solutions. This article is about my struggle to find the words to be printed here.


Writing (or typing to be more literal), comes from a very different part of the brain I presume. I can talk for hours about topics that interest me. But when I am to type there is something close to stage fright that I confront. I know what I am going to say here is going to be printed in so many screens and I will be judged. 

There are some consoling factors sure. I know I can edit and re-edit here to make it PERFECT. I will probably have my close friends and family also review it before I hit the 'publish' button. 

But this strive for perfection is also an endless loop. Or it can be for me. I end up writing something as it pours out of my heart. At this stage I am not thinking structure or flow or angles. I am typing what ever comes to mind. Many a times it may be unnecessary rambling that may not make much sense to the readers. But at this stage I am not concerned about that. Once I have sufficient words printed on my screen, I feel excited that I am almost turning into a pro-author. Maybe day dream about me authoring a book too before I conclude the piece that I started on. 

Before I push the link or file to my friends and family I would review the article a few times. During this process I would either realise what I have written does not make any sense and thus drop the article there itself. Or I would go ahead and pass it on to few close confidante that may not be too harsh on me. 

Now I am anxious as I wait on reply from my friendly reviewers. I would probably pink them a SMS also to say something like 'hey! just sent you a mail check out and let me know what you think'. Obviously no one is sitting at the other end, waiting to receive my mails to reply promptly. So lets say 2 days pass. Now the steam is lost. I am somewhat happy that I wrote something and hope that other will have positive things to say. The first reply comes with a '👍' and a single word saying 'Neat'. Ouch!! Is that good? Does this person actually likes what I have written or she is just being polite? 

Many such projects are sitting in my digital grave yard in my hard drive. 

The problem is, I think, that I am thinking way to hard. The best speeches are not the ones that are carefully written. The best conversations are not the ones that are well scripted. The best articles or speeches come naturally. I think there are few key ingredients. Below I will attempt to make a list of such ingredients that lead to a great piece. 

  1. Practice: lets face it. My first article is probably going to be crapy. So the idea should be to keep writing. Every time you write something you will teach yourself what you like and what you don't. How you like to put a point across? go write into it or build the context first. Your image of your readers will also evolve as you keep clicking the keypad. So just keep'em coming. 
  2. Feedback: There is going to 3 types of feedback. The good, the bad and the indifferent. You want to use the good to keep yourself motivated to write some more. You want to take the negative and just note them and move on. You can't be harping to much on the negatives. As long as you acknowledge them, with practice you will overcome them. As for the indifferent, well be indifferent to them. At least all of them would have given you a count of readers :). 
  3. Instincts: When one talks of the subject they know about they are naturally at their best. So don't try to hard. Thinking of angles and structures while you type can only confuse you. Say what you want to say and the way it is coming to you. I assure you, you are 70% there with just that. 
  4. Authenticity: Don't try to be more than you are. Be honest. Readers relate to the confusion if stated. But if you try to cover up your confusion, it will show as sloppiness to your readers. Don't write about what you don't know. Unless the angle of your story is what you don know about the topic. summerise I have written this piece as it came to me. And it is published without any back and forth. No friendly review. Hope you like it. 



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