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When Should Public Notarial Services Be Hired?

Legal Service


Notaries are not only legal professionals but also officials by State delegation. This means that when accessing public notary services, you will be going to a legal professional whose function is to guarantee the legal security of the parties in a contract and other legal processes.

Therefore, when you want to give maximum validity and security to a contract, it must be done through a public document; that is, with public notary services. A notary will ensure that both parties to the contract fully understand what they are signing, know the consequences and do so in accordance with the law.

Thus, the contracting parties will reduce, to a large extent, the probability of having to enter into litigation in the event that in the future a problem arises between them. On the other hand, if this happened, the resolution would be much simpler, because there would be a valid contract before the law to which to refer as a reference.

With public notary services you will obtain advice to establish in the contract the clauses that determine your agreements with the other party, by means of an adequate wording for the contract and own legal language. In other words, a notary will help you translate your intentions into the contract and draft it according to the legislation of Puerto Rico.

When do you need public notary services?

Whenever you are going to sign a contract and need someone to give public faith to him, you must have a notary. Generally, it is made with the most important contracts throughout the life of people, such as:

Purchase of real estate


Mortgage loans


Marriage contract

Secure home


How much does a notary cost?

The prices of notaries are established by Act No. 75 of July 2, 1987, as amended, so you should not worry about seeking the best rate when choosing a professional to provide these services. On the contrary, we recommend that you choose the best possible professional, with extensive experience in the exercise of the notary, and that you have perfect knowledge of the legislation.

If you need more information about prices or any other issue related to public notary services , call us. In the Legal and Notarial Study Lcdo. Juan Carlos Ortiz Arocho will be happy to assist you.. Click for more info:-



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Actually, a legal representation from right people makes case easier to the clients. In this vast domain, folks can get relative field attorney to handle all type of issues. In most of the countries, people may not aware of the act and laws.

What you need to as a part of a case

Functioning with a defense attorney is your best chance at receiving an optimistic outcome in court. Give proper information for the entire successive note of your case. Do not suppress any information, because that could harm your case. Hiring a lawyer is not a cup of coffee; you need to get the right one after analyzing many attorneys. Captivating an energetic role in your case is best. This will give assured results in many ways if the attorney needs more documents cooperates to get that in your case details.


Attorney service for insurance

Insurance defense is termed as a legal representation which offers in the case related to insurance. The Louisiana Insurance Defense Lawyers work for law firms that offer insurance companies legal help or may work like staff attorneys for the insurance company itself.

When it comes to effective role of an attorney, in insurance companies he/she act as to defend policyholders from claims made against them. Attorneys are also used by insurers to determine whether the types of contracts and business practices while insurance company is involved in complying with regulations. With this reason respective country law first and foremost governs insurance system, insurers may find that what is considered legal in one state may not be considered legal in another. For example, insurance grace periods may vary from state to state, so insurers must be certain that they do not cease coverage on delinquent contracts before they are allowed to.

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With the passage of time and technology and advanced system, accidents are reported frequently at the spot. An accident is often occurred due to the negligence of the management or either mistake of the customer.

If you ever get involved in the accident at the bargain store then you should need to record and report the event as early as possible to remain eligible for making the compensation claim. This will help you to write down the detail event else other people will provide false details.

The fact is that more proofs you have for the event then it is easier for you to get the compensation for your injuries.

Things to consider when bargain store accident occurs

Companies have to follow the guidelines of the government and report the incident, injuries and dangerous to record details of the event. It is legally required law and help the health agencies to avoid these type of accidents in the future.

There are plenty of cases available that become a reason for the injury and all are associated with the bargain store. If you ever become the victim of injury then you need to report any fatality, injury as a result of a bargain store. You get injury either working at the store and surviving for over 3 days must be accounted in 10 days, any poor health condition linked to the workplace environment and any injury that happens due to the removal of harmful material or avoided injury.

There is a time limitation for accounting these injuries. The more critical the injury, the sooner it must be accounted. Employee's fatality or big injury has to be accounted right away with a submission of a printed report in 10 days. A similar condition applies when any visitor visits the store. Any health consequences caused due to work cannot be reported right away and for this reason generally, a time limit of 3 years is provided.

The fact is that these injuries should need to report the health agency whether it is the place of work, office, retail store or either bargain store. If you got an injury then you could either talk with the Incident Contact Contester or advise you about your case.

Health and safety supervisory should be accounted for your injury in a case; the accident happened in a hospital or rest home, heavy industrial area, building work sites, and so on. As a result, HSE deal with accident reports from high-level production areas.

The health and safety supervisory should be accounted for your injury in case, your place of accident, a reason of accident and timing of the accident. These all things are noted in the HSE as they only deal with this accident. You should need to write the correct information while filling the form and avoid less significant anything as it may decrease the amount of compensation.

So, you should need to act in a wise manner and fill out the right information to make the claim for your injuries. You should engage Personal Injury Blackburn Solicitor with your case to get compensation as early as possible to support you.

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