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All About TomTom Updates and Errors.

Know about TomTom GPS Devices and its works and features with support service.

TomTom is a Dutch-based company that has created various navigation products to provide correct routes via satellites. It is well known for navigation and traffic information. Apart from GPS devices, they have successfully designed some other products like watches, camera, location-based products. Tomtom has a feature to operate and manage from a single place only. There is a need to perform TomTom Update regularly to keep oneself updated with the changes that the manufacturer keeps on doing to optimize device experience. Catch some of the interesting features of TomTom GPS Device-


Some Advanced Features of TomTom

TomTom has integrated some interesting features for an optimized driving experience-

Live Alerts- With the use of radar alerts you can choose the rush free route and drive with confidence.

Danger Zone- Danger Zone is an exclusive feature integrated to make the rider aware of the risk zones in real time.

Navigation Voice- You can easily customize your GPS device by choosing the preferred voice from voice library.

TomTom Go App- Easily download the application of TomTom on your mobile and enjoy GPS latest options.

TomTom Adventure- Ponder the best trails near you and get ready for your new hike.

To avail these features along with the latest information about route changes, outlet, shortcuts, traffic details you should Update TomTom GPS. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the entire process of TomTom update. But before that don’t you want to know what is an update required for? Well before starting with the process, we will give an insight into it.

What is the role of Updating TomTom GPS device?

Using Tomtom device helps you to move without easily and reach the destination on time without wasting time. At regular intervals, new roadways and highways are being constructed. Now, your device will have the old route details which will be of no use. Updates of your GPS device will involve the map updates with all the current or latest routes corresponding to newly built roads. Having a GPS device up-to-date can help you to know the new speed limits.

How to have TomTom GPS Update?

TomTom offers new cards quarterly. To make use of it’s necessary to install MyDrive Connect or TomTom Home on your personal computer and then connect your GPS via USB Cable. Follow the below steps to have an update-

• The user needs to download MyDrive Connect on their PC.

• You need to verify that your system is compatible and match the requirements before downloading process of MyDrive Connect.

• Make sure you have the latest version of the software.

• Now, using your common browser visit tomtom.com for downloading the app.

• Navigate to MyDrive Connect and click on Download option.

• Wait to finish the download process and then click “Run”

• Thereafter, you need to click “Yes” giving confirmation and then click “Install”.

• Follow on-screen prompts to complete the process.

• Lastly, click “Close” to end the process.

Go through these process step by step and get the latest feature updates.


Issues you may face during Tomtom Update Process

While following these steps you may face several issues which can become a hurdle. The most common issues that the users have reported worldwide are mentioned below:

• Error: tomtom updates free download not working

• How to download tomtom map update free

• How to quickly fix issues related to free tomtom updates 2019

• Download tomtom xl update on Windows

• Unable to fix issues related to free tomtom updates 2019

• Issues with the tomtom n14644 update

• How to resolve problems with the tomtom GPS Updates

• What is the process to download tomtom home

The issues mentioned above occurs rarely. These issues can be easily rectified and don’t require hardcore knowledge. In order to make the device experience better and better, there is a proper support team at the disposal of the users 24*7 to provide instant support round the clock.

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