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Why Copper Bus Bar Is Important?

Copper bus bars reduce system costs, improve reliability, increase capacitance, and eliminate wiring errors.

Copper bus bars reduce system costs, improve reliability, increase capacitance, and eliminate wiring errors. They also lower inductance and improve capacitance. Plus, the physical structure of copper bus bars offers unique features in the mechanical design. For example, entire power distribution subsystems can also act as structural members of a total system. Multilayer copper busbar extends structural integrity that wiring methods just can’t match.

Copper Bus Bars Reduce System Costs

A laminated copper bus bar will decrease manufacturing costs by reducing assembly time as well as internal material handling costs. Various conductors are terminated at customer designated locations to defeat the guesswork usually associated with an assembly containing procedures. A reduced parts count will reduce orders, material handling, and inventory costs.

Copper Bus Bars Fabrication Allows Flexibility

Fabricated copper busbars fit your particular needs and are customized for maximum efficiency.

Copper Bus Bars Enhance Reliability

Laminated copper bus bars can assist your organization build quality into methods. The reduction of wiring errors results in fewer reworks, lower service costs, and lower quality costs.


Layered Copper Bus Bars Increase Capacitance

Enhanced capacitance results in decreasing specific impedance. This will eventually lead to greater effective signal destruction and noise elimination. Following the dielectrics thin and using dielectrics with a significant relative K factor will increase capacitance.

Copper Bus Bars Eliminate Wiring Errors

By substituting a standard cable harness with copper bus bars, the opportunity for miss-wirings is eliminated. Wiring fittings have high failure rates relative to copper bus bars, which have none essentially. These difficulties are very costly to repair. Adding copper bus bars to your systems is current insurance.

Copper Bus Bars Lower Inductance

Any conductor conducting current will develop an electromagnetic field. The utility of thin parallel conductors with a thin dielectric laminated together minimizes the impact of inductance on electrical circuits. Magnetic flux cancellation is maximized when acting potentials are laminated together. Laminated bus bars have been invented to reduce the proximity impact in many semiconductor applications as well as applications that include high electromagnetic resistance (EMI) such as SiC or GaN high-frequency circuits.

Copper Bus Bars Lower Impedance

Improving the capacitance and reducing the inductance is a particular factor in eliminating noise. Following the dielectric thickness to a minimum will achieve the highly aspired low impedance.

Bus Bars Provide Denser Packaging

The use of broad, thin conductors laminated together led to reduced space requirements. Laminated copper bus bars have supported decrease total system size and cost.

Copper Bus Bars Produce Wider Variety of Interconnection Methods

The flexibility of copper bus bars has allotted an infinite number of interconnection methods to choose from. Bushings, embossments, and fast on tabs are most generally utilized. Wire harnesses, solderable connectors, and pressed-in fittings are also integrated into the device, making a copper busbar compatible with virtually any type of interface.


Copper Bus Bars Advance Thermal Characteristics

The wide, thin conductors are desirable to conceding better airflow in systems. As package sizes decrease, the cost of transferring heat from systems is greatly increased. A copper bus bar not only decreases the overall size of the system package required, but it can also increase airflow with its sleek design. Copper is also in flat plate solar collector.

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