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What is the difference between passport and visa?

A passport which was used to identify a person, when they are traveling to another country, whereas visa is official permission granted by the country’s agent to enter and reside in the state.

Traveling outside of the nation can be an exciting, even life-changing, experience loaded with new sights, adventures, and tastes. Before you jet off anywhere, you'll require to obtain the necessary travel documents, namely a passport and a visa, in some cases. As both are essential for traveling to many nations, it is easy to get the two doubtful.

However, they are extremely different, distinct documents -- one certifying your citizenship and the other allowing you permission to enter a foreign country. Know what is that both which you require and the difference between them.


Passport is the most prominent that is one of the essential official documents, which one should hold for international traveling. It is issued by the authority to the citizens of the country, on their request. It also helps as identification evidence, as it certifies the identification and citizenship of the owner.

On the other hand, Visa is not a separate document but approval on the passport, authorizing a person to enter and stay in a country for a critical period. If you have any problems in getting the visa or passport, you can take the advice of Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi who provides you a visa in less time.

Types Of Passports:

1. Ordinary passport: An ordinary passport will be in navy blue color and is given for frequent travel or business trips.

2. Diplomatic passport: This is the passport which is in maroon in color. It is published only to Indian diplomats, diplomatic heralds or top-ranking government administrators.

3. Official passport: Aside from the navy blue and maroon passports, the Indian government also publishes a white-cover passport to individuals who come to agencies of the Indian government on official business.

Types of Visa:

There are some essential types of visa that every country grants its visitors, but the particular categories of visa differ from nation to nation. The general categories of visa are the following.

1. Tourist visa: A country allows a tourist visa to a visitor for touristic travel purposes only.

2. Transit visa: A transit visa is distributed to a person if he or she is traveling through a particular country and not staying there. A transit visa is usually valid for five days or less (depends on the country that serves as a transit point) and is granted if a person is passing through a second country to travel the third destination.


3. Business visa: Businessmen who wish to visit a country for commercial activities are granted a business visa.

4. Temporary worker visa: This kind of visa is for workers who are temporarily employed in a foreign country. For, example if you want to go for New Zealand you can get it with New Zealand Work Visa.

5. Student visa: Mostly, this will be given to a student who wants to study in a foreign country.


To sum up, a passport which was used to identify a person, when they are traveling to another country, whereas visa is official permission granted by the country’s agent to enter and reside in the state. If you go without those two documents, no person can go on a trip abroad.

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