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What is Sodium Ethoxide? Properties Of It?

The chemical white to yellowish powder that melts in polar solvents such as ethanol is called Sodium Ethoxide. It commonly used as a strong base.

The chemical white to yellowish powder that melts in polar solvents such as ethanol is called Sodium Ethoxide. It commonly used as a strong base. Well, it also called as Sodium ethylate it is a type of alkoxide salt, non-toxic which can come in both in solution with ethanol as well as powder form.

Sodium ethoxide is very dangerous to human health when in contact with the eyes and skin. By exposing your skin toward these chemicals, the risk will occur like injuries and inflammations. Moreover, the compound while contact with eyes that may lead to blind sometime. So you need to be careful with that chemicals. In some cases, this chemical may lead to death.

If you contact physically with this chemical you need to take adequate care should be taken to avoid any severe health troubles. If the eyes come in contact with sodium ethoxide, you need to wash quickly with clean water for several minutes, and a doctor is to be advised to be on the safe side.

Breathing this chemical fumes might cause severe breathing problems. The patient, in this case, should be quickly taken to a zone of fresh air and tight clothes if any should loosen. When this happens, you need to receive oxygen or artificial respiration to get back to the normal stage.


Sodium Ethoxide Preparation:

Sodium ethoxide, also called as Sodium ethylate, is a kind of non-toxic, alkoxide salt which can appear in both powders and even in solution form with ethanol.

The chemical formula for Sodium ethoxide is C2H5ONA.

An alcoholic solvent of sodium ethoxide is taken by regularly including thin pieces of metallic sodium more than supreme ethanol. Synthesis of Sodium ethoxide can be done by chemically reacting sodium hydroxide or sodium metal with ethyl alcohol. Well, this chemical helps to create Sodium ethoxide in a liquid form.

A reaction between anhydrous ethanol and sodium hydroxide gives us Sodium ethoxide combined with water. We can then remove the water by using a drying agent, and it will leave us with Sodium ethoxide having higher purity.

Chemical Properties:

Formula Weight - 68.05

Density - 0.868

Flash Point - 20°(68°F)

Formula - C2H5NaO

Storage & Sensitivity - Moisture Sensitive. Air Sensitive. Ambient temperatures.

Refractive Index - 1.3875

Solubility - Miscible with alcohol.

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