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Know the best time to travel to Europe

Plan your Europe Tour Packages & Holidays and make your europe trip memorable.

For those who aren’t making the trip for a festival or a Christmas, these dates will give you excellent weather for a portion of the cost.

Holidaymakers with an affinity for warm, sunny days and streets that aren’t packed to the hilt with tourists, take note: these months will provide you with all that and more when you travel to Europe.

The best opportunity to travel to Europe is

March to June and September to October. For best accommodation, you can opt TravTips which gives you the best experience.


Spring and autumn allow warm to hot days and are simply outside of the top holiday periods, ie, the European summer and also Christmas break. Being the shoulder months, they give fewer crowds and also less expensive flights and accommodation.


Europe experiences four seasons. Summers are mild to hot with countries such as Spain, Greece, and Italy enjoying some of the greatest temperatures of 30℃+. Winters are very cold and can be harsh in some of the northernmost nations such as Russia, Belarus, and the Baltics. Europe is a favorite destination for holidaymakers worldwide, particularly through the summer, so unless you’re visiting a summer festival, it’s best to steer clear throughout the months July and August.


Weather and prices

The excellent time to visit, weatherwise: July and August provide the good weather, however, to avoid the summer breakers, travel throughout the shoulder months of May and June and September and October.

The cheapest time to visit: Hunt for flight contracts during the low-season months of March to June and also September month to October.

The good time to visit Europe for…

To avoid crowds: Summer and winter are the active months of the year for Europe so you'll find traveling in spring or autumn less crowded.

On a budget: Hunt for flights and hotel deals at the end of the season, from August to September or during winter (except the time of Christmas and also New Year's holiday week).

Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe can be traveled all year round as it holds warm to hot summers and snow-filled winters. As winters can be severe, you might like to visit in shoulder months when outdoor activities like hiking are open.

Central Europe: Central Europe can be attended all year round and, associated with Eastern Europe, it has hot summers and snow-filled winters. Spring and autumn are perfect months to visit as they give pleasant weather. For central Europe, visiting go for Thomas cook airlines in Dubai.


Mediterranean: Peak period is when the resorts in the Mediterranean start their doors to visitors. To avoid paying peak prices, travel throughout the beginning or end of the season.

Northern Europe: The excellent time to visit Europe's north relies on your travel intention. During summer, you'll experience long days and the midnight sun in particular destinations. During winter, you'll have a few small hours of sunlight each day, but you'll also possibly have a white Christmas and may even watch the Northern Lights in specific locations. For the usual sightseeing, spring and autumn feature mild to warm temperatures and are suitable for outdoor activities. Book your European tour from Dubai right away!

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