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How Can Be Male Infertility Treated?

Getting pregnant (conceiving) frequently takes a while. So if your partner doesn't get pregnant in the first few tries, it's vital not to stress.

Getting pregnant (conceiving) frequently takes a while. So if your partner doesn't get pregnant in the first few tries, it's vital not to stress. Few couples take two years or more to conceive. But, if your partner hasn't got pregnant following a time of regular sex and no contraception, this could be an indication of fertility issues.

Take a look at this information of infertility in men – you will see the options for male infertility treatments & medications.

Treatment for the male infertility:

Most treatments for male infertility should be recommended by an expert doctor of fertility. Your infertility treatments theme gives detailed data about medicines accessible for both male and female infertility, and when you can allude.


The Common issue is obstructive azoospermia, you'll have no sperm in your semen. This is frequently caused by a blockage in the tubes that take sperm from your testicles to your penis. If so, you might have the capacity to have surgery to remove the blockage and enhance your fertility. Look for male infertility treatment in Chennai at the affordable coat.


If you have varicoceles (swollen veins in your scrotum) and no other explanation for your infertility has been discovered, your doctor may suggest surgery. Surgery for varicoceles is thought to enhance nature of your sperm, however, there's no evidence that it will expand your possibility of having a child.


If this treatment is a possibility for you, your doctor will talk about this further with you. Take fertility test for men in Chennai consult with the doctor for the treatment which is necessary for your infertility.

Assisted reproduction:

If different medications haven't worked, or aren't fitting for you, your doctor may prescribe helped reproduction (helped origination). There are a few techniques for helped reproduction. The ones that will work best for you will rely on what's causing your infertility. Some of these strategies include utilizing sperm gave from someone else if you have an issue with sperm production. Look for the best doctor for the male infertility treatment in Chennai for the treatment.

In this Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) treatment procedure involves both the partner's, in this treatment doctors will place sperm (yours or from a donor) into your partner’s uterus around the time she ovulates. Your partner might be given a few solutions that trigger her ovaries to produce eggs. This might be prescribed if you experience difficulty in keeping up an erection and think that its difficult to have sex.

In vitro treatment (IVF) includes blending your partner’s eggs with sperm (yours or from a donor) in a research center. The point is to treat some of the eggs so they form into fetuses. At least one of the embryos would then be able to be moved into your partner’s uterus, ideally leading a pregnancy. The benefit of taking fertility test for men in Chennai will resolve the issue for you to overcome your problem.

Intracytoplasmic sperm infusion (ICSI) includes infusing individual eggs with sperm (as a rule from a donor) in a research facility to treat them. This might be prescribed if you don't make any sperm, your sperm count if less or your sperm are the wrong shapes.

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The causes of the structural and postural kyphosis disorder are different. It is effortless to understand the reason for the postural kyphosis, as there is only one cause. Postural Kyphosis is only because of the posture defect. If you start practising, standing and sitting with correct posture, you not only avail the reason but the healing too.

While, if the concern is to know about the Structural Kyphosis Disorder, then the causes for the same can be numerous. Depending on the purpose, the treatment process of kyphosis also vary. It may be surgical or non-surgical.

Well, with the vast experience and knowledge of the surgeons, one can avail the best options for Kyphosis Surgery in India if you do not recover without surgery.

To know more about the causes of structural kyphosis continue to go through the article.

Most Common Causes of the Structural Kyphosis Spinal Disorder:

Here is the list of all the known causes of the structural error in a patient.

● Congenital Disorder:

Congenital disability or most commonly referred to as a birth-defect, is the leading cause of kyphosis. The patient suffering from this form of spinal disorder, have either some of the parts of the spine missing or the spine is not thoroughly developed. The vertebrae in such cases do not stand straight, after the overall development of the spinal cord resulting in the rounded back.

● Degenerative Conditions:

Our body starts to wear and tear after a specific period. There exist several neurodegenerative diseases that finally result in kyphosis. Here is a list of a few:

○ Osteoporosis is a medical condition that leads to weakening of the spinal bones. The weak bones result in the compression of the vertebrae, and the final consequence is the spinal fractures. It is one of the most severe cases of secondary kyphosis.

○ Disc Degeneration is yet another cause of the degenerative reasons for the kyphosis. It is mostly observed in aged patients. The discs come in continuous contact with one another and start to collapse. Finally, you get to see the hinged back.

○ Arthritis, in any part of the body, is not acceptable, and it can lead to severe health issues. Arthritis, in the spine, can lead to a severe imbalance of the spinal cord. It ends in one of the most unwanted and uncomfortable postures that is kyphosis. Most of the times, the curve of kyphosis of this structural disorder is quite high. It can be corrected in 90% of the cases only through spine surgery.

Some other conditions that lead to structural kyphosis include:

● Spinal tumour

● Infection

● Endocrine disorders

● Muscular Dystrophy

● Polio

● Connective tissue disorders

● Neurofibromatosis

● Paget's Disease, etc

Depending on the cause, diagnosis reports, age, and the overall health condition of the patient, the neuro and spine surgeon recommends for a customised treatment option.

Now, based on the procedure of the treatment Kyphosis Treatment Cost in India also vary. However, here you get to receive the treatment that gives you satisfactory results. Also, you can be assured about the availability of treatment at a minimum possible cost. 

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