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Features you should watch for in an HR Software

A cloud-based HR platform allows companies to create, manage, and maintain a centralized database that could be obtained at any time from anywhere. Cloud solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and free from software update and installation troubles.

No matter whatever your company does, it depends on an essential component for proper functioning: Human Resources. As it is well understood across organizations that the success of a company depends on its workforce.

HR professionals cannot accomplish excellent workforce management without some help. Traditional HR practices and legacy HRMS software aren’t of much help as they have become a thing of past both in terms of solving the purpose as well as in terms of productivity enhancement. Whether an organization is preparing to scale up or move into a new market, it will require more than just a good plan. It needs human resources appropriately aligned with the company’s vision.

Useful HR software plays a crucial role in making HR staff more prolific and efficient than ever. However, in a fast-changing business environment, HR leaders don’t have much time to recognize the perfect HR software.


Companies can no longer do with in-premise siloed databases. The new-age workplace has developed. It calls for an omnichannel, always an easy solution to perform HR operations on-the-go.

A cloud-based HR platform allows companies to create, manage, and maintain a centralized database that could be obtained at any time from anywhere. Cloud solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and free from software update and installation troubles.

Software estimates and rankings can be generic, vague, or even rigged. Making acquirement decisions based on these incomplete observations can lead to unpleasant consequences. To recognize potential HR software, HR leaders need to check whether or not the solution includes the desirable set of features that regulate with the company’s objectives.

Here are five features an HR software must have:

To help HR leaders in their search, we’ve arranged a list of must-have features of an HR software based on the skills offered by market leaders in this space.


Statistics say that about 22 percent of employees hired leave their jobs in the first 45 days. The statistics say it all; the hiring method tops the list in the field of human resources. Including a useful Recruitment Module in your HR Software, which can provide support for creating a database of the talent who will add to the organizations progress. The recruitment module helps in formulating advertisements, controls applications, administers documents, etc. The module saves time, guarantees that there is no duplication of the same process and also provides the following features.

Application Sorting System.

Simple entry of the details with many kinds of forms.

The integrated workflow management system.


Most new hires find it frightening to interact with the management, which can bequeath a new employee in confusion about the new company. This module helps familiarize staff and new hires with all onboarding obligations and allows new employees to find all the essential employer and organization information on one platform. Here are some of the top benefits that the Onboarding feature provides:

Automated performance of significant details to new hires.

Configurable Onboarding Templates.

Digital offer letters.

Performance Management

Monitoring the performance of each employee when it comes to overall efficiency is essential. Companies should have a system that carries the specific performance data of every employee. The Performance Management feature gives monitoring functionality and also includes the following features:

Controls all the reviews and feedback to the system.

Guides for creating and filling forms.

Gives necessary notifications to employees.

Produces a selective review system for the individual.

Attendance and Leave Tracking

An essential perspective of managing human resources is following employee schedules and time-off management. This module has an immediate impact on the organization’s bottom line. Optimizing attendance and leave tracking will support ineffective workforce management.

A compelling HR management software will help HR leaders view, track, monitor, and achieve the schedule of all employees in a particular interface. An automated leave management feature will reduce complexities, combine seamlessly with payroll and organization’s calendar.

Employee Movement process

Employee movement is the central function of every HR Management software. This feature will help in outlining, managing, and analyzing human resources that traverse across multiple departments and locations in a global workforce.

In entry-level HR management systems, this module might appear like a small database for supporting documentation like employee data (personal and professional), roles, duties, employment history, and compensation details.

Employees that leave the company should be send-off with a method to ensure that no problem is faced at a succeeding stage. All organizations follow a code of conduct and a transparent process as far as employee termination is involved. The management of employee method checklist, generation of the source of the process, tracking the whole process, status change, etc., are initiated by the HR software and executed correctly.

Darwinbox: The Perfect Partner to Your HR Software

If your desired HR software lacks proper skills, like employee engagement, attendance tracking, leave management etc..then darwinbox is the right fit for you. But, if it is a fundamental yet straightforward option like employee self-service tool, then you require to find a powerful yet customizable solution like Darwinbox that integrates with the desired product to connect significant process gaps.

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